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The last few months I’ve become an expert at giving myself comfort and TLC as I move through new levels in life and business. What I’ve learned about myself is that I don’t want to manage my challenges, I want to master them. When I know myself, I feel more confident to handle what life throws at me, because even though I depend on others, at the end of the day I go to bed with myself.
Comfort comes in because I’m no longer a Samurai – my constitution isn’t built for harsh lessons or tough love like it used to be. What I’ve learned about myself is that mastery comes from an equal degree of hard-earned lessons AND self-love.
So I’ve spent the last decade cultivating how to bring myself relief, comfort, and peace because obstacles arise no matter how many times I think I’ve knocked it out of the park.
Heat: any kind of hot water, hot air (even a blow dryer on my hands), moving hot water like in a whirlpool, steam room.
If you’re going through pain right now, bring some relief to yourself by creating your own list of comfort; it will make you feel better. Whoever you are and where ever you may be you hold in your hands the happiness of more people than you can imagine. Melissa Megginson is resident Marketing Manager and Cat Lady at Tailwind, the leading Pinterest tool for brands.
Do those three thing it will make you feel better because there is always someone in the world who needs more help than you, make someones day better make them happy and you'll se you will instantly be happier yourself!
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We encourage users to report abusive images and help us moderate the content on We Heart It. My progress depends on my ability to know what makes me feel strong and safe and what brings me relief. Gut-level digging that’s required us to get into a new state of mind, to get courage, to break old habits and beliefs. When we give ourselves what we need (or at least know how), even at rock bottom, we realize our capacity to handle what life throws at us. In a recent trip to San Diego, instead of correcting mistakes and telling people they were late and I was busy, I didn’t fix or explain. I have an arsenal of books to help certain moments, but Women who Run with the Wolves, Start where you are and Journey to the Heart are classics. A few times when I’ve needed clarity, I stopped all phone, email, text, and it was very helpful. On any given day, there are 10 things to do with people you genuinely want to do them with. They can pick you up, make you think, bring you to tears and even make you feel invincible. Melissa specializes in content creation, social media, blogging, PR outreach and pretty much all things marketing. We found 22 of the best Pinterest quotes to…How To Use Pinterest To Make Money Blogging We all see the income numbers.
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I used to push a lot, but “hit life back harder” doesn’t do much for me in the middle of a storm anymore. Whatever the pain, we’re able to command resources, inspiration, and hope when we most need it. There’s nothing like a wise older women who knows how to touch and care for you in her bones. Are you pushing yourself to hit life back when you just need to love yourself up and then take on the world?
And one of the great things about working so closely to Pinterest are all of the amazing quotes we see users constantly pinning.
Or perhaps overjoyed…How to Share Instagram Images on Pinterest (and Vice Versa) Pinterest and Instagram. So, to help you on your journey through the week, here are 22 of our favorite Pinterest quotes.
Some are goofy, some are heartfelt, but all of them should be a reminder that you are awesome.

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