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The free guided meditations are an introduction to the rich world of meditation that can be explored and experienced on how to meditate through downloads, silent retreats and dynamic encounters.
Our aim is to support you in your search for an efficient programme that can be integrated into your life without making unreasonable demands upon your belief systems or lifestyle.
If you feel isolated, dissatisfied, confused, if your life feels meaningless or without direction, balance, harmony or happiness, then meditation in all its rich variety may help you more profoundly than you can imagine. Low energy is best addressed through learning how to support the body’s natural recharging mechanism – the parasympathetic nervous system. Confusion and lack of clarity, particularly in our ordinary decision making process is one of the main targets of meditation.
The best place to practice meditation is often where you feel most comfortably relaxed and undisturbed. If you are really going to be serious about incorporating meditation into your life, you should first consider what type of meditation you would like to do.
I like mindfulness because of the easy transition from doing the formal meditation practice and bringing mindfulness into your daily routine.
Before I start teaching someone how to meditate in my Meditation for Health Program, I first have the students set their goals.
Again, keeping along the line of preparing for a continued meditation practice, it is essential to prepare for meditation. I'm available for phone or video consultation to give you advice on meditation, lifestyle and law of attraction.
This Kundalini energy cleanses the individual’s chakras – or spiritual energy centres – and leaves the person in a profoundly peaceful and relaxed state. Find a place in your home where you can sit comfortably without being disturbed, preferably somewhere that you can use regularly. If you are meditating for the first time you may find it difficult to sit still or take your attention inside as you close your eyes, but do not worry, this will improve with practice. After a few moments we may feel tingling, cool or heat on our fingers or a slow ripple of movement along the spine as the Kundalini starts to rise from the base of the spine to the top of the head. After a few minutes we may notice that while we are sitting more peacefully, thoughts are still flowing through our minds.
We should really try and meditate at least once a day and preferably twice – once in the morning to set us up for the day and once in the evening to help us sleep more soundly.
Very nicely explain about the mediation and very help full not only for bigginers also for the those who in sahajayoga.
Kundalini should protect you from seeing those, but I can’t speak with certainty, I have never seen any myself.
Meditation can be an effective form of stress reduction and has the potential to improve quality of life and decrease health care costs. If you have little or no experience with meditation, "Our Online Meditation Course" will get you up and started quickly and easily. Share your success storiesWrite your success stories and let others know how you benefit from Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Transcendental meditation [TM] involves the use of a sound or mantra and is practiced for 15–20 minutes twice per day. The TM method was delivered by Maharishi Mahesh yogi between the late 1950s and his death in 2008. Exclusively sitting, a standardised methodology is said to be used by all teachers of the method. Sufi’s are mystics from an area that has reached as far as Southern France, Eastern Spain, North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. Sufi philosophy and practice is perhaps the most prominent of what we refer to as interactive meditation on how do i meditate: practices that involve participation rather than withdrawal. Sufis are often described as ecstatic mystics, yet functionally a modern Sufi will not abandon common sense nor his or her responsibilities towards family. Sufis are often refered to as Islamist mystics and it is true that the very great majority of Sufi orders function in Islamic countries and have Muslim followers.
However, the esoteric nature of the collective practices of Sufism concern wisdom beyond boundaries and without alignment to a single creed or methodology.
The Transcendental Meditation (TM) method was delivered by Maharishi Mahesh yogi between the late 1950’s and to his death in 2008.
Zen Meditation is perhaps one of the most used words arising out of the meditation practices of India. As many of you know I frequently write  about receiving your answers by sitting within the silence in meditation to receive guidance and illumination to that which you are seeking to find. What is most important to remember is that answers are received when those listening are ready. When you truly trust that all will be as it needs to be, you will trust that all answers will be revealed when the time is ready.
Many of the most impressive people throughout history have placed high value on meditation, even in modern times. Perhaps the most common misconception about meditation is that it’s difficult and that you need some kind of superhuman mind control to be able to do it correctly. There are a million ways to meditate, but I’ll give you a very simple meditation with some ideas you can use to make your first times more fulfilling. The morning is a great time to meditate because your mind is not yet full of thousands of thoughts and to-do’s from the day.
When I achieve this state, it’s very difficult (at least for me) to remain awake, so it takes a conscious effort not to fall asleep. Asking how do i meditate and pursuing the answer can be a big step towards coming into synchronous balance: where you are, where people close to you are, where the world is.
If you seek a high impact experience, our ‘encounters’ (coming soon) will give you that experience with the strategy and material. As twenty first century people, we find it harder to recognise how we can come into balance with what is already around us. Your innate natural intelligence is the doorway to significant balance – you already have it, it is already functioning but obstructed. If you progress through the free guided audios and onto the first three meditations of the second series, you will have a very good foundation for establishing the remedy against dissatisfaction. If you follow the guided audios, there is a good chance that your parasympathetic nervous system will begin to come online during your meditation practice.
Beginning to gently direct the mind and intent and continuing to do so with increasing ease has a positive effect on decision making.

If you are relaxed you are better able to meditate, if you are progressing in your meditation you more than likely relaxed.
It can help to improve your physical health, it can relieve you of stress and anxiety, it can help improve your mood, and so much more. In the Meditation for Health Program, I use both mindfulness and qigong because I find them to be complimentary styles.
When you are mindful, you are consciously aware of the moment, in a non-reactive, non-judgmental and open-hearted way.
In order to be successful at anything, including self-healing with meditation, it is important to define your goals.
Some people find that beginning the day in a state of peace and silence makes the whole day go better.
Again many literary works dealing with Yoga describe this subtle road map; this is knowledge which has been available for thousands of years, not merely a few centuries! Various additional techniques of meditation, designed to make it easier for the practitioner to attain this state of thoughtless awareness, are taught as part of the classes. It is simply a matter of allocating a few minutes every day when we can sit quietly, do nothing and experience the power of pure introspection. It helps if we try and ignore these sensations to start with, since we are trying to achieve a state of thoughtlessness, where we are not dragged along with our thoughts but simply watch them float into and out of our consciousness.
This is quite natural and we shouldn’t think that the meditation isn’t working simply because of this continued thinking.
You can learn how to meditate with different meditation techniques and improve your meditation skills with our 10-part free Online Meditation Course. I had attended public programe of Sri Mataji in Calcutta, India in the year 1992 and since than i am praticing Sahaja Yoga meditation and love doing it.
Very best is to attend a collective center where they will tell you exactly what to do, free of charge. Meditation involves achieving a state of 'thoughtless awareness' in which the excessive stress producing activity of the mind is neutralized without reducing alertness and effectiveness. With easy-to-follow instructions, meditation teacher Jyotish Novak demystifies meditation—presenting the essential techniques so that you can quickly grasp them. The TM technique and TM movement were introduced in India in the mid-1950s by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
It is essentially a mantra based method aligned with the vedic philosophy of boundless awareness.
The ultimate aim of TM can be associated with many of the meditation techniques and philosophies, as such it is a very good example of how any meditation doorway can lead to profound realisation.
The benefits are that if the method is adhered to completely, the rational mind will eventually surrender to the indefinable.
Sufis travel deep into the secrets of their heart in order to merge with their divine nature. The name Sufi is recent, only having been used as a collective reference for about 150 years. While Islam may provide the doorway, once passed there is nothing that need be held on to in terms of practice or function.
Many of you now sit within this quiet space and still feel that your answers are not clear or that you’re unsure of what direction to take.
Even though you might think you are 100 percent ready to know what it is you need to do, how to accomplish it and when it should be done…we don’t always know this timing.
In doing this work, you are able to be at peace until the timing and space is just right for your answer to be revealed. In my research I've found that there are some great benefits to meditating to sounds that produce alpha brainwaves.
I have other posts on this site that list ten different ways to meditate…and one of them was to certain sounds!!
The truth is, more people than you know meditate regularly, especially the successful ones. Think Steve Jobs, Paul McCartney, Oprah Winfrey, and perhaps even most of the rest of them.
The evening is a great time to meditate because your mind is full of thousands of thoughts and to-do’s from a full day of wakefulness.
That’s ok, although it would be better to try to stay awake and ride the border of sleep and wakefulness. The cool thing is that this state, as well as different, deeper states that follow, is ideal for coming up with creative ideas, advice for yourself from your higher self, from guides, Jesus, Allah, or whatever you believe in.
You can be doing anything that doesn’t require a lot of conscious thought, such as eating, driving (generally), walking, whatever.
Gradually, if you follow the programmes that we offer – either on line courses, how to meditate, downloadable meditations, discourses, videos, retreats or encounters, you will find that you have all the resources you need. Undertaking any of the how to i meditate retreats is the most direct way to reduce your feelings of isolation. You will see that on the second series of guided audios there is increasing attention paid to meditations on the physical body. The more you abandon yourself to the guided meditation and allow the process to happen naturally, the deeper you will feel nourished. It provides a very good introduction to how we might approach our emotions and their links with other body systems.
More and more people are turning to meditation to find direction and meaning in their lives.
While it may seem simple to be able to just give you instructions on how to meditate, I feel that if you really want to incorporate meditation into your life, then there are some important aspects you may want to consider. With all that meditation can do for you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, it is my belief that meditation should be a part of everyone's daily routine. The ancient energy medicine system of Qigong has many aspects of mindfulness meditation, although not traditionally looked at in this way. This is beneficial because it allows for the "disconnect" between the "true you" and your thoughts.
A clear goal is an instruction for your mind to attract the situations, people and resources that align with your highest vision. Some people can easily recognize when they are releasing and shifting, while others need more guidance in how to deal with these situations.
You get access to most chapter of the online course material, if you sign up for the self-guided or 10 week course.

Some people find the best time is in the evening, where the soothing effects help take them into deep and nourishing sleep. These include simple mantras and hand movements which encourage the cleansing activity in the chakras.
By doing this, over time we will notice that our meditation becomes more effective and the benefits more tangible.
Now whether you see them in dreams or with your necked eye, you have to clear the back of your head, in the occipital bone area with a candle. How to Meditate has helped thousands to establish a regular meditation routine since it was first published in 1989. The TM technique has been enormously popular especially in the USA where many high profile celebrities and well known personages have publicised their adherence to the method. What is questionable is whether this indefinable is a definitive source or an approximation of the fundamental essence of all mind and phenomena. For example a practitioner is as likely to be silently repeating a zikr or prayer under the breath as he or she is to be making a basket or making efforts to be a good and fair teacher of mathematics. A realised Sufi mystic, like a realised being, is a pure representation of the divine and there is no need for creed or regulation. When that happens, many lose heart and do not continue with this daily practice to receive.
If you don’t meditate already, starting the practice will make your life better, guaranteed. No time is better than any other (although it’s generally easier to achieve a deep meditative state in the early morning soon after rising), no method is better than any other. When you approach this stage, it becomes possible for your mind to remain awake, but your body to fall asleep. I’m certain that Tiger Woods, in his prime, achieved a deep meditative state on the golf course, which allowed him to play rounds of golf more impressive than anyone in the history of the game.
We lend you our experience, you make use of your attention, your consciousness and your determination.
If the metaphor appeals to you and you wish to explore more deeply the practical applications of this metaphor in and during meditation the short retreat ‘horse carriage and driver’ will provide the foundation for a lifelong remedy.
Present moment awareness and silent awareness are two methods that can provide incredible results. If everyone were to meditate on a regular basis, the world would be a much more peaceful place.
It can be correlated to mindfulness because as you exercise, you become consciously aware of the interplay of your movement, breath and your thoughts. It removes ambiguity from your awareness and makes sure that what you get is what you really want.
In my program, we explore these topics and you are guided on the tools to use to help you in dealing with old emotional energies that are resurfacing. And many people meditate both morning and evening and include some cleansing techniques with the evening meditation. It helps to have a lighted candle in place in front of your position, alongside a small photograph of Shri Mataji or chart of the subtle system. In fact it will take quite a bit of practice before we are likely to notice a significant slowing of the flow of thoughts,  but we will experience the benefits of our meditations long before that time. This newly revised edition includes a bonus chapter on scientific studies showing the benefits of meditation, plus all-new photographs and illustrations.
It doesn’t necessarily have to have a purpose, although you can certainly set a purpose for each meditation if you like. All of this is fundamental to getting the most enjoyment out of your short time here on Earth. A really significant introduction on how to meditate to remove feelings of disconnectedness is provided in the long weekend retreats ‘stop step back’ ‘just be still’ and the walking meditation retreats. The deepest and most complete introduction to dealing with being energetically drained is to undertake the 10 day retreat ‘eight bodies of being’ (coming soon) which works specifically on the nervous system’s connection with the breath and body rhythms. If you can get as far as sustaining you will have covered sufficient ground to make a really strong foundation.
The results of meditation will be different for everyone, depending on your goals, but it will change everyone for the better. When you do the moving meditations, you can feel the energy within you and the energy of the universe. Even if you choose not to join the program, at least you get a chance to explore and consider some serious questions you should ask before beginning a serious meditation practice. If the indefinable to which we surrender is still tangible and subject to investigation it does not provide the same level of complete efficiency. On how do i meditate you will find resources and opportunities to experience and practice meditation in many different forms such as walking, while exercising, lying down, standing  and during interaction.
Placing your attention on a specific target allows you to affirm and visualize your success, and block out unnecessary interference. They need to fully experience the grieving process in order to be at the healing place where they love themselves unconditionally and are able to extend that to a potential love in their life. When you catch yourself thinking, just notice that you are thinking about something, notice your thoughts, and return to focusing only on your breathing, even if you have to return your focus every two seconds. You can receive true, amazing guidance that will help you navigate this world to get the most out of it. The three week home studies course is designed to help us better understand the reasons we feel isolated and provides some of the remedies as well as providing guidance and supervision through the course.
For a really serious seeker who wishes to make a thorough investigation of how to better find your direction and the meaning so many of us seek, prepare for the ten day retreat eight bodies of being (coming soon). When you incorporate the mind and breath, you bring your awareness inward and you learn to do it in a mindful way.
One of our key phrases on how do i meditate is that meditation helps you participate in life. Again, while not traditionally defined as a mindfulness meditation, Qigong practice has many mindfulness aspects to it.

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