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Pray regularly for them– Look, you should already be doing this, but sometimes, we forget the importance of prayer. Give them a Gift– Look, depending on the size of your ministry and your budget, it determines what kind of gift you can give your leaders. Pay for them on youth trips– Now, once again, this is determined by your budget, but try to pay for your youth leaders if possible. Praise them– Do not down them, do not talk bad about them, and certainly do not criticize them. This entry was posted in Discouragement, Leadership, Small Group Ministry, Student Ministry, Youth Leaders, Youth Ministry, Youth Pastors and tagged Encouragement, Leadership, Small Group Leaders, Student Ministry, Youth Leaders, Youth Ministry, Youth Pastors. This post, written and first published in 2010, marks the point in my sustainably creative journey when I began to think about the concept of Important Work and to start to encourage myself and others to find ways to just do it!
It’s ironic that it took a diagnosis for a illness that is all about not having any energy to turn me into someone who does creative work!
There was no point in exhausting myself with planning and thinking about what I’d like to do, no point in waiting for inspiration.
I’ve learnt that far from needing hours of uninterrupted time, small snippets of time here and there are enough to get plenty of stuff accomplished.

About MichaelMichael is an artist, podcaster and tea drinker (not necessarily in that order!).
There seems to be a thread running through the internet recently about spending less of our limited time and energy online and devoting that to doing things in the real world. I do everything in tiny chunks of time and its INCREDIBLE how that mounts up into getting a ton of stuff done. Sure, many are humble and would never admit it, but deep down, everyone needs encouragement. For us, I have 25 youth leaders, but a fairly small budget which means, I cannot go overboard with my gifts that I try to give our leaders. Being ill taught me very quickly that I had definite (very restrictive!) limits and if I wanted to get even a tiny percentage of the stuff I thought of as my Important Work done, I just need to do it.
On the days that we have the energy but not the inclination to get down to some work, Steven Pressfield’s no-nonsense attitude to just doing the work is just what we need! My own book about learning to use whatever energy you have available, however limited it may be, to maintain a creative life (or even livelihood).
I wish that I could do more, but we have done gift cards, coffee mugs, candy, and thrown them big parties.

Many of them have their own families and a lot of bills, and struggle to afford the money to attend youth trips. Do not make them acquaintances, get to know them on a friendship level, not just a business level. Planning and thinking about all the things I’d love to do, but not doing any of them, made me feel like a failure. We forget that the ministry actually rises and falls on our youth leaders in many cases, not the youth pastor.
Let their students show them through recognition that they have the best small group leader. I do not think the size or amount you spend is important, it is the fact that you thought of them.
The youth leaders are the ones who are doing the hands on discipleship and relationship building in the youth ministry.

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