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With something like a dozen different political parties fighting for supremacy in Israel, there is very little that Israelis ever agree about, but one thing they know for certain is that Obama hates Jews and has a soft spot for Islamics, even for the demented likes of the Ayatollah Khamenei. The question that leaps to mind is why was Dick Durbin one of the few senators, along with such shady conspirators as Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer and Robert Byrd, who voted against confirming Condoleezza Rice as the first black female Secretary of State? Now, granted, guys like Tarantino, Spielberg and Baldwin, know as much about comedy as I do about space travel. Then, for good measure, we have to listen to Barack Obama and Eric Holder pretend that the Ferguson Police Department is a greater menace than ISIS and Iran put together, a conclusion based on the fact that the arrests and traffic stops of blacks exceed their statistical presence, while neglecting to acknowledge that blacks commit crimes and driving violations far in excess of their actual numbers.
Speaking of Ferguson, I never believed for a second that the creep who shot the two cops was aiming at them. The sad truth is that most secular Jews are not only disconnected from the religion of their ancestors, but also divorced from reality. Is it that everyone, including the editorial board of the NY Times, the paper that broke the email scandal, is part of that vast right-wing conspiracy that she initially complained about when Bill’s bilious sex life first came to light?
Hillary, like Paris Hilton, Nancy Pelosi and Kim Kardashian, is one of those females who is famous for nothing. As someone who had been playing competitive football throughout high school, college and several seasons in the pros, Casey pooh-poohed the very notion. Still, my better nature compels me to suggest that if you ever see me sitting alone at a party, you just keep walking.
It is revolting that Obama is doing everything in his power to bring about a two state solution by forcing Israel to divide itself into two parts, one part of which would be indefensible against terrorist attacks, with the other part led by Arabs and Muslims dedicated to completing Hitler’s attempt to eradicate Jews from the face of the earth. Although he is the vilest resident of the White House America has ever been saddled with, Obama won two terms because he is the first black president. I happen to be great at giving advice to people, especially if I can make jokes about their troubles. By any measure, this adds up to so much more than critical mass that if someone who had been in a coma for the past quarter century had awakened to this laundry list of crimes and misdemeanors, he would be legitimately shocked to learn that not only are the transgressors not in Leavenworth, but one of them is likely to run for president 20 months from now, and will receive upwards of 65 million votes. The fact that either of these two creeps can appear in public without having to ring a little bell and announce their presence by uttering “Unclean! Because I have the unnatural ability to see the humor in the midst of disaster, I must confess I managed to get a few laughs out of Hillary’s attempt to justify her position.
Some people have scoffed at the notion that fully 50% of Hillary’s email as Secretary of State was of a personal nature, but not I. The good news for the Clintons is that even if Hillary continues to freefall in the polls, they can still run Chelsea, who is already 35 years old, in 2016. To Hillary’s credit, although she is only two years younger than her husband, Bill is looking old and downright fragile, while she continues to look like a Sherman tank in a pant suit. Just in case you are unaware that madmen are leading our nation, keep in mind that Obama and Kerry have over the years made more hateful comments about Bibi Netanyahu and Israel than they have about Iran and its Supreme Leader.
But, then, what can you expect from those who turn a blind eye to the part that Iran has played in killing and maiming American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and who continue to regard Iran, not as a mortal enemy, but, reminiscent of Neville Chamberlin blundering around at Munich, as a golden opportunity.

To me, it just seems terribly unfair that Egypt winds up with a strong leader like el-Sisi calling the shots and we Americans end up with a big sissy. What she did was illegal, immoral, unethical and probably fattening, but probably no more so than the Clinton Foundation sucking in millions of dollars in foreign bribes while Hillary busied herself sightseeing on the taxpayers’ dime, lying about Benghazi and pushing the reset button with Russia.
When asked about Hillary’s using an unsecured email account, Obama, who had swapped countless communiques with Hillary, claimed he was unaware of the brewing scandal until he read about it in the newspaper. And, taking a page from the lunkheads in Ferguson, we now have a video of University of Oklahoma SAE fraternity members chanting some little ditty about lynching blacks. This in no way excuses the fact that young blacks are so screwed up they think it makes sense to take every opportunity to show their hatred of cops by confronting them verbally or physically. Frankly, listening to young blacks, who have been the recipients of everything from Operation Head Start to affirmative action and welfare payments all their lives, going on about being oppressed is getting really tiresome.
If I were a young black, it would humiliate me that Chinese coolies were not only imported to work laying railroad tracks in the 19th century and then sent to rot in San Francisco ghettos, but that, as recently as 70 years ago, Japanese Americans were uprooted from their homes and farms, and shipped off to concentration camps for the duration of WWII, but look at them all now! For exhibiting political courage in a venue where courage is as rare as a pork chop in Saudi Arabia , I am hereby willing, even eager, to trade the Democrats three Republicans -- say Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and Orrin Hatch -- for Menendez and a player to be named later.
Honduran human rights and environmental activist Berta Caceres was assassiniated in her home, March 3, 2016. Today we learned of the savage murder of Berta Caceres, the outstanding Indigenous people's leader from western Honduras. The radical Honduran a€?Los Neciosa€? news briefing reported that a representative of the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras, or COPINH communicated Berta's murder in the town of La Esperanza, in the Honduran department of IntibucA? at 1.00am this morning. We first got to know Berta in July 2009 at the time when President Manuel Zelaya was trying to re-enter Honduras from Nicaragua at the Las Manos frontier crossing. What was so striking about Berta was that despite all the tremendous difficulties she was always highly resourceful in finding ways around otherwise apparently intractable problems.
So today people in Honduras wake up to a tremendous loss, but Berta herself would say not an irreplaceable loss, a terribly bitter loss indeed, but above all an inspirational loss, despite everything. Nothing could be more true than in the case of Berta Caceres who, like Margarita Murillo, never ceased to demand justice for victims of injustice both in Honduras and elsewhere.
For Honduras, the question is how long this dark nightmare of repression, of wholesale murder of vulnerable people claiming basic rights, and the deliberately targeted campaign of selective murder of revolutionary leaders will go on.
All praise and honor to Berta Caceres and Margarita Murillo, true and steadfast women liberators of Latin America and the Caribbean! Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Al Gore, are displaying a dangerous lack of imagination.
Unclean!” as was the responsibility of lepers in an earlier day, says nearly as much about us as about them. Tom Cotton and 46 other Republicans sent a letter to Iran, letting the Ayatollah Khomeini know that a deal signed by Obama, but lacking the approval of Congress, wouldn’t be binding on the next president.
Robert Menendez’s relationship with Salomon Melgen, a wealthy Florida ophthalmologist, is entirely kosher.

For Honduras, the question is how long this dark nightmare of violence and repression will continue. For us then, trying to digest this dreadful news, we remembered the words of another beloved revolutionary woman leader of the Honduran popular movement, Margarita Murillo, murdered in August 2014. The COPINH spokesperson reported that Berta had received repeated death threats as well as constant judicial and administrative harassment ever since the 2009 military coup in Honduras. There is no doubt at all that the Honduran authorities are the ultimate authors of Berta's murder.
With her COPINH comrades Berta had trekked across the hill country of the southern Honduran department of El ParaA­so to reach Las Manos, braving attempts at repression by the Honduran police and army, including snipers posted along the border area who murdered several Honduran citizens at that time.
Another thing that was so impressive about her was the great affection and respect with which she was held both by her comrades in COPINH and all the other people we met in the days and weeks following the 2009 coup.
More especially, how long will this war on women leaders devoted to promoting true democracy in Central America continue. Berta was an internationally recognized leader of the regional drive for Indigenous people's rights and human rights in general, as well as a key leader in the complex and volatile Honduran popular movement.
The government of Juan Orlando Hernandez has acted consistently to destroy any semblance of State legitimacy, placing the country's security forces and its judicial and administrative authorities firmly at the service of the country's national business interests and international corporate interests. As part of the solidarity effort organized by the Nicaraguan government and local people around the Northern town of Ocotal in those days we were able to help Berta and her COPINH comrades with food and accommodation.
Subsequent to the events in Las Manos that year, we hosted Berta on one of her visits to Nicaragua when COPINH and other organizations were trying to coordinate solidarity work in the region to help the radical Honduran resistance sustain its positions within the complex situation developing in Honduras. Berta Caceres and Margarita Murillo were courageous women who devoted their whole lives to advancing the cause of rural workers and their families, indigenous peoples and all people ground down by the odious, murderous Honduran oligarchy supported by the government of the United States and its European Union allies.
We were short of food around then and could only offer Berta a 5.00am breakfast of porridge oats and black coffee, which she and her comrades graciously accepted despite our embarrassment. But more especially they advocated the true democracy that can only come with the genuine emancipation of women from all forms of cultural, social, economic and political repression. Dick Durbin would like, he is claiming the only explanation is that Senate Republicans are racists who are reluctant to see the first black woman installed as Attorney General.
People like that, people who don't stand on ceremony and drive directly to what needs to be done, people like that are truly exceptional, truly revolutionary. North American and European governments regularly spew out declarations in favor of the rights of women, the rights of Indigenous peoples and democracy and freedom in general. They consistently attack democratically elected governments in Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela.They will certainly emit ceremonious condemnations of the murder of Berta Caceres. In the end only the rural and urban working families of the region organized in their respective popular movements  will achieve their real liberation because only they are really going to defend their true interests.

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