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The way we pay today %u2030i??i?? and tomorrow %u2030i??i?? and the brands driving our digital future.
The stumbling blocks that some of our Most Innovative Companies have faced on their journeys to success and what they learned along the way. Using California's rooftops, parking lots, and other developed land, the state could power itself up to five times over. Solar plants keep getting bigger: The new Topaz Solar Farm, in a remote part of southern California, sprawls over an area about a third of the size of Manhattan.
The study looks at California, because the state is aggressively increasing renewable energy, and finds that by using land that's already developed, like rooftops and parking lots, solar power could provide the state with three to five times as much energy as it uses. The study maps out developed areas that are best suited for either photovoltaic panels or concentrated solar power (CSP). By building in and near cities, we could also add new solar power more quickly, because remote plants require new transmission lines.
Remote solar farms also lose power as it is transmitted over long distances, so it's not as efficient. As the sprawling solar plants are built, they not only alter habitat for wildlife, but also cause carbon emissions as soil is disturbed.
Hernandez says this type of study could easily be done in other places, like Arizona, where large, remote solar farms are also becoming common.
Dr Libby Weaver is one of Australasia’s leading nutritional biochemists, an eight-time number one bestselling author and an international speaker. In all my years working with people on an individual level or in a group, regardless of their age, sex or current health status there is often one thing that unifies people’s health and wellness goals – energy and the desire for more. Food is essential to nourish our bodies providing vital nutrients and minerals to drive the thousands of biochemical reactions in the body; it also supplies us with energy. The best place to get B vitamins is from our food, when vitamins are obtained through food they are easily absorbed and utilised because you are also consuming co-nutrients that assist with the uptake and absorption. Fighting infections is a sure fire way to zap energy – especially chronic low-grade infections.
The old adage you are what you eat isn’t quite correct; you are what you eat, absorb and assimilate.
Muscle building or resistance exercise is incredibly important especially for women as they age. Consider this as an analogy, we all know that our computer or smart phone slows down and burns more battery, the more programs we have open. How many times across a day, a week, a month, a year, decades even, do tasks or situations open up, yet they are never resolved, finalised, or closed?
Work on closing what I call “open tabs”- these are tasks, emails or jobs that haven’t been resolved. Explore your immune system function – whether this is your susceptibility to viruses or infections, glandular fever or simply hayfever, anything that triggers your immune system can be fatiguing.
Stop sitting on energy – many adults spend most of their waking hours sitting, with studies showing that some spend an enormous 11 hours per day on their bottoms. Learn simple, powerful strategies to help liberate yourself from exhaustion and live a life with more energy with Dr Libby’s new book: From Exhausted to Energized. HealthPost are also giving you the chance to win 1 of 3 copies of Dr Libby’s new book, From Exhausted to Energized! HealthPost also stock a range of natural health products that may help you get the optimum amount of energy for your daily needs.
What are your biggest “energy vampires”, the things that seem to sap most of your energy? Friendly Reminder: The information on this website is intended for your general information. 1) Create healthy sleep routines for yourself – We might not be able to help the fact that we get up multiple times a night to feed babies or chase monsters from underneath beds, but we do have control over our other sleep routines. 4) Drink More – It sounds simple but getting enough water in your system really does do wonders for your energy levels throughout the day.
5) Exercise – Counterintuitive but exercising improves your overall health and often, gives you MORE energy! 8) Go Outside – Breathe some fresh air and enjoy some time in the sun can improve you mood and you energy!
Motherhood is a tiring job, but with these tips it just might become a little easier and you get more energy (even if your kids stop napping). What is your best trick for staying energetic through the long years of motherhood? In autumn and spring, mild temperatures make it easy to forget about your home’s energy efficiency. Homeowners have ways of beating the utility companies by taking steps to make their homes more energy efficient.
As if that weren’t enough, some countries offer extra financial incentives to their citizens for making their homes energy efficient. So how do you determine if your envelope needs sealing, and, if it does, what’s the best way to do it?
In the basement or crawlspace, inspect the area where the foundation of the house meets the bottom of the walls above.
You might think that those drafts you feel near your doors and windows are the biggest threats to your heating and cooling bill. So how do you fix all of the problems you’ve uncovered through your energy assessment?
The gaps around those pipes that lead outside can also be filled with foam, but be sure to first figure out what kind of pipes you’re dealing with.
You’ll also want to spray foam and insulate around any vents or ductwork in the attic roof. Homes in the UK are some of the least energy efficient in the world, according to the UK government.
The Green Deal loan scheme can help you pay for improvements on your home without having to pay all the costs in advance. You pay it off with the savings you make on your bills after the energy saving items have been installed. Under the Energy Company Obligation larger energy companies pay all or part of the cost of making efficiency improvements in your home. The Feed-in Tariff allows users to be paid for generating their own electricity through solar panels or a wind turbine. This is available if you live in England, Scotland and Wales but is not currently available in Northern Ireland. The Renewable Heat Premium Payment can help with the installation of renewable heating technologies in your home.
A Green Deal can help you make a wide range of energy-saving improvements such as heating, lighting, draught-proofing, double-glazing, insulation and renewable energy generation. If you are eligible for the Energy Company Obligation payments, this can run alongside the Green Deal.
The Renewable Heat Premium Payment offers a range of payments - for example you can get A?600 if you install a solar energy water heater or A?2,000 for a biomass boiler. You can benefit from the Green Deal if your home is not energy efficient and if it wasn't built or renovated in the last 3 years.
You will also qualify if your walls and loft are not insulated, you have an old boiler and no heating controls or you are interested in renewable heating or generating your own power - for example with solar panels. You can contact the Energy Saving Advice Service who can put you in touch with a Green Deal approved advisor to come to your property to see what improvements you can make and how much you could save on your energy bills. Alternatively you can find an approved assessor using the UK Government's search tool.
To be eligible for the Energy Company Obligation you must either be on certain benefits, live in a hard-to-treat home (e.g. If you are considering the Feed-in Tariff scheme, you can calculate how much money you could get from generating electricity though solar panels or wind turbines.
For the Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation you will need to get an assessment of your home or your circumstances.
Contact the Energy Saving Advice Service (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) or Home Energy Scotland to see how you and your property could benefit. If you live in a property and own the freehold, you will not need anyone else's agreement before you can have any work done.
Similarly, landlords will usually need the agreement of the tenant or leaseholder before they can have any work done. If you move into a property which has a previous Green Deal in place, the landlord or seller must show you a copy of the Energy Performance Certificate which will explain what improvements have been made and how much you'll need to repay through future energy bills. For the Renewable Heat Premium payment you have to apply for the funds via the Energy Saving Trust if you live in England, Wales and Scotland or if you live in Northern Ireland via the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment. After the installation is complete you'll need to send the voucher and paperwork to the Energy Saving Trust. Watch out for some rogue companies who appear to be making promises related to the Green Deal and other schemes in order mislead customers. You can check for yourself if the company is authorised and listed via the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body which manages the authorisation scheme.
The BBC Wales consumer programme X-Ray has had over 250 calls from customers who are unhappy with the service they've received from companies.

Many paid up thinking they would get a new boiler - but all they have had is an assessment. Are the contact details vague, such as a PO box, premium-rate number (starting '09') or mobile number? Does any of the correspondence you receive contain glaring grammatical or spelling mistakes? All authorised companies must carry the Green Deal quality mark and have a unique identification number. Energy Saving Trust is one example of an organisation that is certifying installers to carry out work through the Green Deal. Discuss what work is right for you and what finance options are available with your Green Deal provider. You can get quotes from as many providers as you like - you don't have to choose all, or any, of their recommendations.
If you are not satisfied with the way the sale or work that has been made, contact your local Trading Standards and they can investigate further.
Your improvement works should be covered by a guarantee - check your paperwork to find out if you're covered and how to complain.
If a complaint or enquiry about the Green Deal cannot be resolved by the provider or supplier, you can contact the Energy Ombudsman Service. One of the most prominent challenges facing our education system is our inability to adapt to modern teaching methods, and embracing technology as we move further towards digitalization. Unfortunately there is not one single teaching method for all, but with the increasing availability of information - other challenges are presented. I tend to encourage the use of a mind maps in order to develop the cognitive processing of students.
Mind mapping is ideal for creating semantic relationships through the use of brainstorming; it creates structure to processes without dampening the creative flow. Mind mapping acts as a tool to help to reduce time and energy required to process information. Try to allow your mind to wonder around a particular topic, it really does not matter if your chain takes you to irrelevant relationships or not, the important aspect is that you are thinking out side of the box.
The second stage within the mind mapping process is convergent thinking, so this is where we rationalize our thoughts and ideas into coherent arguments patterns to present within a logical manner. This topic is very large and complex, but I hope that I have brought you some insight into the of world mind maps to develop your skills. James King the author of this article has been working independently with colleges in Santa Barbara of the past three years and is passionate about personal development. California has an area about the size of Massachusetts that is well-suited for PV panels, and an area about the size of Delaware that is a good match for CSP. She shares with us her valuable insights on something we would all love to know… how to get more energy. When you ask someone how he or she is these days the most common response I tend to hear is ‘tired, so tired’.
It has been estimated that up to 20% of women and 3% of men in New Zealand are iron deficient. There are a number of factors that can affect the ability to digest and absorb the nutrients from food including stress, caffeine and medications such as antibiotics. For example 23 open tabs of web pages, spreadsheets, documents and presentations, the photo editing, movie playing, music, software updates… our mind can feel very much the same. How many emails do you read that you don’t immediately reply to, and they hang in your mind and add to your task load of what’s not yet done? It’s as if we walk around each day with so many tabs open in our brains – like tabs sitting open on your computer, or phone. Those hours tend to be clocked up working at a desk job, commuting to and from work, watching television, or at the computer.
It is not a substitute for medical advice from a health care professional and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Making subtle changes like turning all electronics off for 30 minutes before bed to let your mind wind down can do a lot to promote healthier sleep habits and help you get better sleep. Eating some sort of protein first thing in the morning can help you feel a lot more energetic throughout the day. Train your body that you’ll be going to bed at a certain time and getting up at specific times too.
But when your air conditioner or furnace kicks in during summer and winter, the energy wasted heating and cooling your home becomes painfully obvious.
In the United States, residents can get up to a $500 tax credit on efficient doors, $200 on windows and as much as $2,000 on a solar water heater [source: USA Today]. The United States Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency’s joint Energy Star effort suggests you start by doing a simple inspection of your home. Look for gaps, and, like in the attic, look for spaces between the foundation and walls where pipes and ducts leave the basement.
With just a few items from a home improvement or local hardware store, you can seal your home’s envelope.
Twelve-ounce cans of this sealant are usually available for around $5, and can be found at any home improvement store. If your basement is unfinished, work will go a lot faster, since you have easy access to all of the gaps in the exterior. With this as a start, you can move onto other, more in-depth projects like changing out your doors and windows with energy-saving replacements. Both schemes can cover part or all of the cost of installing cavity wall or solid wall insulation or of a new energy-efficient boiler. Contact the Energy Saving Advice Line on 0300 123 1234 to find out if you are eligible for genuinely free help. With increasing access to information traditional teaching models are coming under increasing pressure to adapt or fail.
My objective when teaching is to engage students to think, analyze and critique ideas and concepts. Mind maps are a great way to develop blue sky thinking, which is so highly sought after within modern business. The fact that it allows one to develop ideas, concepts and explore new possibilities can produce quite radical and interesting results. They can reduce exhaustion and decrease the amount of memory required to produce relevant and coherent ideas.
If these spaces were fully plastered with solar tech, they could provide over 20,000 terawatt-hours of power every year.
And hence our reliance on caffeine and refined sugars or anything that gives us more energy increases. Thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2) and niacin (B3) are three B vitamins that are essential in the conversion of food to energy. Coupled with this increase in energy expenditure, when you’re not feeling well the tendency is to eat anything quick and easy but often with little or no nourishment, such as bread, pasta, or fried foods. What and how you eat are also critical to your ability to absorb nutrients and obtain energy from food.
By building muscle, using regular resistance training with your own body weight (yoga and pilates) or weights such as dumb bells, barbells and kettle bells, you’re actively supporting your posture, bone health and your ability to feel energised.
The more things we have open and unresolved, the bigger the drain on your mind power and energy, from all of these open loops. It’s as if you walk around each day with so many tabs open – like websites sitting open on your computer screen – that you never feel like you’ve got it all handled. More muscle means more energy-producing mitochondria in our cells – resulting in a higher metabolic rate, which assists with body fat management as well as energy production.
Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. We are doing our best to stop that (mostly true) stereotype and create more energy for ourselves! Even if you are not a big breakfast person you can try something easy like our breakfast balls or these high protein banana muffins. When your body knows your schedule you can get a lot more out of the few hours of sleep that you do have. So many gyms have awesome play areas for kids, so kiddos don’t have to be an obstacle in working out. It can hit your bottom line hard, especially due to the price spikes in electricity and gas during the most extreme months.
It turns out that the improvement that produces the most significant result is also the cheapest. This envelope consists of all the ceilings, floors, outer walls, windows and doors in your house.
Since most of the temperature exchange in a home takes place in the attic and basement, these are good places to begin. Also pay attention to the rim joists — the wood or concrete columns that support the floor above. Even better, with a little hustle, you could conceivably finish this energy-saving project over a weekend.

If you choose to replace your old insulation, insulate the attic side of the door or hatch as well. As in the attic, fill any large holes you find in the basement with expanding foam, and use caulk for smaller holes.
Anyone can search the internet and construct an argument, but how to develop that arguments and rationalize it to make a concise point, is another matter and skill altogether.
Mind maps not only increase ones understanding of various topics, but they allow people to explore several aspects, and develop logical intelligible insights.
The premise is that the mind map utilize both hemispheres of the brain to develop a more productive and well developed idea, and ultimately develop a logical conclusion.
Thinking out of the box using a mind map is fantastic method for classifying ideas, solving problems, making decisions and summarizing information (Beautemont 2010). Consequently, it helps to develop students cognitive abilities further than the typical linear thinking models. Take Dubner and Levitt for example; two economists who view the world of economics from a rather different standpoint.
The convergent thinking really helps to stylize the big picture within context of your work.
It's something that could be done in every state to identify places that will make solar energy more efficient.
Without sufficient B vitamin consumption energy conversion can be slow, leaving us feeling sluggish and tired.
This fatigue or exhaustion can affect everything from your ability to fight infections to your brain function. The immune system is in dire need of support in the form of nutrients when fighting any infection – it particularly loves vitamin C and zinc to name a few. Naturally you gain better energy reserves as your glycogen (glucose stores) increase, as well. Do not disregard medical advice or postpone consultation with your health care professional because of information that you have read on this website. Each of these recipes can be made ahead so grabbing that extra protein won’t add extra stress to your morning routine! This also helps you become more disciplined so you don’t end up staying up later than you intended to every night.
If you don’t have the budget for a gym membership, you can get so many free workouts on youtube! It’s probably not possible every day, but when you are able, never feel bad about squeezing one in. Simply by sealing this envelope, you can decrease your heating and cooling costs by an average of 20 percent [source: Energy Star].
Look for dirty spots, as well as frost-covered spots (if it’s winter) or wet spots (during summer). Apply foam around any exposed window sills, as well as around any duct work and pipes leading out of the basement.
This may also provide extra incentive to eventually finish your basement, and will give you a good first step toward completing the project later on. All of those idea and thoughts that you developed during the first, well it’s time to get them down on paper and develop attachments to them and develop the relationships to your topic or theme.
Some can also be found in quinoa, a gluten-free ‘grain’, which botanically is actually a seed.
Including a variety of fresh whole foods will help boost your consumption of these vitamins and minerals but it may also be beneficial to add a supplement, especially when you’re fighting an infection. When you eat foods that contain fibre such as fresh vegetables and lentils you help to slow the release of glucose into the blood – the result being your energy release is sustained.
Begin by scheduling these reoccurring thoughts into your calendar so you can stop looping over them. Always read the label of any supplements or natural health products you purchase and use only as directed. Creating an invigorating morning routine for yourself can also get your day started on the right foot to give you more energy throughout the day.
And the European Union is in talks for reducing taxes associated with energy-efficient fixtures. It can be caused by not consuming enough iron rich foods, poor absorption of iron by the body, or loss of iron due to menstrual blood loss. It can be extremely beneficial to get an iron test to determine your iron status.
Real foods naturally contain more fibre, vitamins and minerals and thus provide better digestive system health as well as a slower release of energy. It’s not always easy to drink it, but it does amazing things for mom’s energy levels so it is worth it!
How Can I Get More Energy?MHLC May 17, 20140 7055  The Royal College of Psychiatrists claims that one in five people “feel unusually tired” at some point in their lives. Think of a piece of white bread when it’s cooked in a toaster, it burns readily – it does essentially the same in your body.
You want slow burning fuel – fat and protein are two slow burning fuels; complex carbohydrates such as kumara and quinoa are also slow burning fuels.
While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience.
Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so. It feels like wading through treacle, every task is achieved only by sheer resistance against the tide of sleepiness that threatens to engulf you, you feel so tired you could lie down in the street and fall asleep.
Tiredness like this has a number of different causes and hence a number of different remedies. Every ‘body’ is different.Eat for Energy What we eat is incredibly important for how we feel. Many of us reach for stimulants such as sugar, caffeine, nicotine, or carbohydrates when we’re tired. Eating like this makes our blood sugar levels fluctuate wildly giving us intense periods of tiredness after a brief lift.
If you ever try to give any of these stimulants up you will see firsthand how aggressively they can affect your energy levels. Eat lots of fruit, vegetables and lean protein and make sure you drink plenty of water.Energize with ExerciseI know that exercising is the last thing you feel like doing when your body feels like lead and your head like cotton wool.
Keep it up for three to six months and you will feel remarkably more energized.Consider Your LifestyleAlthough in some cases there are medical reasons for ongoing tiredness, in many people the lack of energy seems to be caused by the buildup of daily stresses and circumstances of lifestyle. Medical practitioners are often amazed by the numbers of people complaining of extreme fatigue who are regularly drinking alcohol. Discovering ways to lighten your load may help your energy levels increase, as will eliminating some of the features that you find most draining or depleting. Try to invest more time in the things that cause you to feel uplifted.Get Adequate SleepNearly a third of us in the Western world are suffering from sleep deprivation. Whether we want to or not, disciplining ourselves into a regular sleep routine will benefit us enormously.
This means going to bed and getting up at the same time each day, even when it’s the weekend. Don’t exercise within three hours of bedtime and have a period of time, pre-lights out, with no electronic devices. Some people find meditation practice to be beneficial too.Have a Medical CheckOccasionally, extreme tiredness can be caused by nutritional deficiency or a medical condition. Many nutritional deficiencies and medical conditions can be identified via simple blood tests. The most common deficiencies are a deficiency of Iron (otherwise known as Anemia), a Vitamin D deficiency, (particularly prevalent in countries where there is less natural sun) and a deficiency in Potassium. Medically, it is possible that extreme tiredness can be caused by an under or over active thyroid, conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder and diabetes.
Also common and worth researching is dietary requirements and supplements for the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands are responsible for the secretion of the stress hormone.  After prolonged periods of stress it is possible that they have become somewhat frazzled, which would result in feeling burnt out much of the time. Aside from literature which can be easily sourced, doctors and nutritionists may be able to assist you with this.
Through MHLC this continued into a current presentation of healthy lifestyle choices and how to implement them.
Ron also is a believer in collaborating with many experts in their respective fields to give the MHLC audience access to their questions and answers from specialists and professionals. Ron is committed to his own daily exercise with a combination of Yoga and weight bearing exercise.

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