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Don’t get me wrong, I like Lego too, I like the modular nature of it, I like the way you can take small units and combine them together to make bigger, more complex things.
So I said to my son that I would get him a little unit of drawers so he can keep the Lego in that and he can organise it by colour and type.
I like the way the blocks snap easily together and I like the distinct colours each block has.

Tables, Packages, Sequences, Objects, Javascript, Style Sheets, HTML all have separate and distinct functions. This seemed to make some sense to him since he could then easily find pieces and build bigger and better Lego creations in a short time. One day the light bulb will appear above his head and when it does I’ll take a photograph of his room and post back here.

No structure, no organisation, things in places where they shouldn’t be, basically a mess.

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