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You can build your own home, even if you’re not an expert carpenter, with the do it yourself home kits from FirstDay Cottage. If you would love to build your own home but have little construction experience, the post-and-beam house plan kits from FirstDay Cottage may be your solution. David Howard, an MIT-trained architect with a passion for owner-built homes, started FirstDay Cottage in 1995.
The FirstDay DIY home kit arrives on trucks carrying the structure, sheathing and decking, foam insulation, roofing and siding, windows and doors, building wrap, interior partitions, and kitchen cabinets.
To eliminate concerns about building codes, FirstDay cottages have been designed to be built anywhere.
In February of 2011 my grandparents 1820's house in Alstead, New Hampshire suffered an accidental fire.
UrbanClap is an online platform that helps you find the right service professionals for activities important to you. Whether you are looking to decorate your home, all grooming services like salon at home, make-up artist at home etc, get candid pictures on your wedding day, plan your kid's birthday party or get healthier, UrbanClap is the ultimate destination for all service needs. UrbanClap uses technology and smart processes to structure the highly unorganised services market in India. The objective was to create a large tech business to solve a primary customer need in India. Finding and hiring the right service professional can be really difficult on the consumer end. We wanted to eliminate the middleman from this process and, in the long term, hope we can build a nation of micro entrepreneurs.
UrbanClap uses technology to simplify the process of finding the right service professional. The objective of UrbanClap is to go a step further and enable users to find and hire the right professional for all their needs.
In essence, when choice is not a priority (example: Carpenters, plumbers) -- customers can go ahead and book a service on the app, and the professional will show up at the pre-appointed time. When choice and other factors come in, for instance in the case of wedding photographers, yoga instructors and make-up artists, then we match the customers' requirements with professionals who can fulfill these needs.
Our challenge is to stay as true to our vision and make sure quality is not compromised with growth.
To scale as a company, everyone needs to rapidly scale on their own, which requires a lot of effort to build the right core values, the right communication channels, the right messaging and the right company culture. Start Up India comes as a welcome initiative for all young companies which are focused on solving problems and creating a positive impact in the industries they are operating in.

The plan will play a major role in providing the necessary incubation for young Start Ups who may have the requisite talent and potential to create a disruptive product, but may lack the expertise and resources to deal with the stringent compliances and regulations with the ease that larger, well-established companies can. The reduction of regulatory burden while creating a single point of contact where Start Ups can come together, interact, and exchange knowledge so that we can build an environment where we work in synergy. Public private partnership which will see the setting up of incubators across the country, managed and operated by the private sector is a step in the right direction that will encourage a culture of innovative thinking and problem solving.
If there could be some improvements that could be made to the Start Up India plan, they might revolve around setting up and spreading awareness about a regulatory mechanism for disbursements of funds.
Once this mechanism is set up, more and more young Start Ups will avail the benefits of the plan. The Start Up India plan strengthens UrbanClap's mission of creating micro-entrepreneurs in the country.
In addition, the organisation of Start Up fests to provide a platform to spread innovation and spread awareness is an important factor which we hope will create greater awareness and help us to promote our Start Up at an international level and achieve the success that several successful global Start Ups have reached.How many people have you employed and how many more do you plan to hire this calendar year?
We are hiring across all major departments so, while it is important to possess the right background and qualifications, it's absolutely crucial that the people we hire are motivated go-getters who can align with the company's long-term goals, culture and values. These simple house plans come in five designs, ranging in size from 960 to 1,840 square feet, each for about $32 per square foot. The company estimates that two workers can build a small FirstDay Cottage in about 15 weekends.
Howard says that a conventional building such as this, when finished, will be valued at about $250,000 — instant equity! According to the company, the kits have been used to build houses in 37 states, and all have met code requirements. I am creating a list something like top 10 useful articles about home building and I think this article would be a good addition. It aspires to make hiring a service professional as easy and straightforward as buying a product from a top e-commerce marketplace. The local services industry in the country is really fragmented and needs to be built up brick by brick. On the other side, we realised that a lot of skilled professionals are unable to capitalise on their expertise simply because they could not market themselves and therefore chose to be employed with a larger aggregator. That is why we decided to launch a Start Up to solve both these problems by leveraging mobile technology.
Business model and unit economics: It is important is to prove that basic unit economics -- cost of acquisition, the cost of operations, revenue from transactions -- all need to add up to the positive.
Building a stable product which creates a real value proposition for the user is absolutely essential and it is important to figure this out before moving ahead to scale the product.

Start Ups have to be really careful of the kind of talent they bring in, and the tone and culture they set.
This will ensure that Start Ups can have the opportunity to solve impactful problems with innovative, cost effective solutions, without compromising on quality. In the coming year, we plan to increase the total strength of the workforce to 500.What are the skill sets you will be looking for in your employees? According to FirstDay, almost anyone with determination, a good work ethic, and the ability to operate a circular saw can build one!
What you won’t find on the trucks are the concrete for a foundation, plumbing and fixtures, electrical wiring and fixtures, heating or cooling systems, appliances, countertops, or paint. Plus, the plans have been designed to produce an energy-efficient home, minimizing your utility bills.
Should you need assistance, FirstDay employees are available throughout the building process for advice and support. We now have to only replicate the perfect model which we developed through trial and error. And for this, it is important to rely on the data, rather than trust hypotheses and hunches. The homeowners, with optional advice from FirstDay, must purchase their own appliances and hire their own foundation contractors, plumbers, and electricians.
He did have occassional help from his father and a couple of friends helped set the roof trusses, but otherwise he did all the carpentry himself. One of the best things about FirstDay is the ability to customize and tweak your plans as you go along.
I'm sorry to hear that the fellow below had a less than satisfactory experience, but I'm guessing it has more to do with his expectations going in than the product itself. The apprasial value, even in this depressed market, is about $220,000 and the total sq ft is 1626 (including the dining room that was an addition, i.e. We are conisdering adding on this year or next, and FirstDay will help us figure out how to integrate the design.

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