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What follows is a kind of Un-FAQ that lists common but mistaken ideas many people in the West have about Buddhism.
In the Maha-nidana Sutta, the Buddha taught that it was incorrect to say that the self is finite, but it is also incorrect to say that the self is infinite. If you define reincarnation as the transmigration of a soul into a new body after the old body dies, then no, the Buddha did not teach a doctrine of reincarnation.
Some schools of Buddhism do insist on vegetarianism, and I believe all schools encourage it. The earliest Buddhists scriptures suggest the historical Buddha himself was not a vegetarian. That said, karma is a strong force that can result in a generally happy life or a generally miserable one.
People imagine that "getting enlightened" is like flipping a happy switch, and that one goes from being ignorant and miserable to being blissful and serene in one big technicolor Ah HAH! Even though Buddhism does not require belief in God, most schools of Buddhism are highly mystical, which puts it outside the bounds of simple philosophy. The historical Buddha is considered to have been a human being who realized enlightenment through his own efforts.
At the basis of attachment is a self-other dichotomy -- a self to attach, and an other to attach to. But Buddhism teaches the self-other dichotomy is an illusion, and that ultimately nothing is separate. The other important tourist places associated with Buddhist circuit are: Sanchi, Vaishali, Nalanda, Amravati and Nagargunakonda.
I didn’t know what Tiger had done to offend Heaven (the Celestials in the East, the Golf Gods in the West), but I knew it had to be something big. On November 9th, 2009, I emailed several friends predicting Tiger’s downfall. Because the monks do the real spiritual practices –- teaching people about the Buddha Path, teaching people how to meditate, and taking care of the temple facilities — they don’t work to earn money.
Tiger cannot clean his bad karma, but he can dissolve it, especially if his associates practice right livelihood.
Theravada Buddhism teaches that the way to accumulate the greatest amount of Boon is through meditation, Bhavana. When a person does not practice the 5 Precepts all the bad things they have done get regurgitated when they try to go within and meditate.
As a Green Beret, Earl trained Tiger in mental warfare so he could dominate and succeed in the ultra-competitive Western golf arena.
When Tiger plays the game from its natural place he connects Earth and Heaven in full circulation, he connects with his ancestor energy, his Earth consciousness and historical roots to play the way he was born to. For Tiger, living with ethics, morality, honesty, and righteousness, will instill the virtue and spiritual power to do great things.
Peter Andraes has fused golf with yogic, meditative, healing and martial arts – Golf Qi-Gong -- since age 9. Whilst this site leans more toward Christianity than other religions, we do include several references to Buddhism, since there are many similarities. This page does no more than link and cross-reference to other pages on the site that refer to the Christian use of similar symbols and rituals. Buddhists don't pray to the Creator, but they do have devotional meditation practices which could be compared to praying. As with adherents of perhaps most religions, Buddhists place candles in front of images to represent the light of the Buddha's teachings. The Mokugyo is a wooden carving of a fish, which symbolizes well-being, happiness and freedom.
The Tomoe is a symbol of three commas or teardrops, chasing one another round a circle, and used by Buddhists in meditation.
The Lotus has a beautiful contemplative shape and is used in many religions, including Buddhism.

Some lists of Buddhist symbols often include the Yin‑Yang, but this is normally associated with Taoism rather than Buddhism. And they believe in reincarnation, and if something bad happens to you it's because of something you did in a past life. In this sutra, the Buddha taught us not to hold on to views about whether the self is this or that. According to this doctrine, it is the energy or conditioning created by one life that is reborn into another, not a soul. The first order of monks begged for their food, and the rule was that if a monk was given meat, he was required to eat it unless he knew that the animal was slaughtered specifically to feed monks. If a terrible flood wipes out a community, don't assume karma somehow brought about a flood or that the people in the community deserved to be punished for something. The iconic image of the Buddha and other enlightened beings are objects of devotion and reverence, but not as gods.
The first was Tiger missing a short uphill birdie putt on the 72nd hole to force a playoff at the 2009 Barclay’s.
And Thai Buddhists know that the more Boon you have the more healthy, wealthy, happy, and lucky your life will be. So when people give money to the temples, this allows the monks to do the real spiritual practices, which helps Buddhism to flourish.
These 5 Precepts are the strict moral code of behavior for lay people – like the 10 Commandments in the West. Practicing The 5 Precepts is like adding the sweetest and purest crystal clear spring water (Boon) to a glass filled with salt (Bop, bad karma). The practice of meditation develops the skills of energy circulation and energy cultivation. But Western golf has been corrupted by its focus on winning at all costs and by measuring success by the amount of victories, and prize money won. This author of Ye Ming Zhu: Past, Present, and Future, and The Secret of the Inner-Swing, was honored in 2008 as World Qi-Gong Sports Master of the Year.
This information in this 7 part series is a brief overview of content derived from my first two books – The Secret of the Inner-Swing, and The Tao of Golf. Although I would disagree on some of the finer details, I think you did an awesome job explaining it. It rotates, as does the Suavastika, sometimes mis-named the 'Buddhist Cross' (see Dharma and Cross).
As Buddhism spread through Asia and the rest of the world, different styles developed and evolved, according to the period and the culture.
We fall into the idea that we individuals are component parts of a One Thing, or that our individual self is false an only an infinite self-that-is-everything is true. It can mean ordinary suffering, but it can also refer to anything that is temporary, incomplete, or conditioned by other things. And now, despite flashes of brilliance, Tiger no longer sustains play the Zone, or goes low. Thai Buddhists know that we spend our Boon through the process of living our daily life, and they know we must continually replenish and re-accumulate Boon. The monks, by maintaining the connection between Heaven, Earth and Humanity, do all the heavy lifting. Eventually the salt (Bop, bad karma) will dissolve and the glass (his life) will only be filled with the sweetest and purest crystal clear spring water (Boon).
Meditation teaches you how to draw energy in, how to circulate it, exchange and intermingle it with nature and the Cosmos.
And if the mind can’t be stilled, Nirvana can’t be achieved, and Boon can’t be accumulated.

You can change the course of your life right now by changing your volitional acts and self-destructive patterns. It is a significant archaeological site and also renowned for the Mahabodhi Temple, which houses a 50 metre high pyramidal spire and an image of the Buddha. A correct understanding of Boon, and the value of moral behavior and daily meditation from a Theravadic perspective may help Tiger regain his inner peace, redeem his life, restore his reputation, and regain the magical ability to play and live in the Zone. In Thailand, one example of Dana (merit making activity) is seen everywhere in the country at dawn as barefooted, saffron-robed monks and novices walk down every soi, street, road and thoroughfare reverently gathering alms. People make merit by offering food, cash donations, flowers, incense, robes, and medical supplies for the monks. Sarnath near Varanasi is an important center of the Buddhist world where he delivered his first sermon and set in motion the wheel of law, the Dharmachakra.
They also know that Boon is transferred with us as we move from life, to life, to life though the process of reincarnation. Larger merit making ceremonies are held to allow people to give alms to up to ten thousand monks.
The monks also teach us that following The 5 Precepts (Sila) draws us to Nirvana (Enlightenment), and that the way to Nirvana is through meditation. Golf is a Spiritual Game, not a Mental Game. The real game is about creating inner peace and healing by experiencing the fullness of our Creative Spiritual Nature.
Buddhism germinated in Sarnath .Nalanda is the famous education center of Buddhism where the Chinese scholar and traveller Hiuen Tsang stayed in the 7th century to study Buddhism. His final round collapse at the 2009 Tour Championship raised more concerns, but Tiger’s meltdown at Sheshan Golf confirmed it. The monks teach us no one is perfect, and the things we have done that are wrong were done out of ignorance. If we break any of these 5 Precepts we create inner turbulence rather than inner peace, so we can’t meditate. Daily meditation creates the strongest and greatest amount of Boon. And if we can accumulate enough Boon, then we can perform all manner of miracles and wonders.
For Tiger, the way to make it better is to forget the things he has done wrong and to create a new life by giving to others selflessly, and judiciously keeping the 5 Precepts.
So, for Tiger to redeem his life, restore his reputation, regain his ability to play in the Zone, get his Mojo back, and reclaim his Heavenly Mandate, then he must replenishing his Boon. Meditation allows the mind to abide in its natural state of tranquility, silence, and stillness. People kneel in long lines stretching many city blocks, as barefoot monks pass by, one by one, briefly stopping to allow offerings to be placed in their alms bowls.
Lay people who do Buddhist spiritual practice have 8 Precepts. The monks teach us that Sila (following the 5 Precepts) attracts to us health, luck, happiness, material wealth, and all types of good fortune.
The monks teach that each Precept we follow and adhere to is considered 20% of truly being human. If, for example, we lie, engage in adultery (sexual misconduct) and intoxication (with alcohol or drugs) –- as Tiger has done — we are only 40% human and create a huge amount of negative merit, Bop. Rather than accumulate Boon (spiritual capital) in our luck account, we deplete it and become spiritually bankrupt.
If this happens our health, fortunes, prosperity, and happiness will be negatively affected and diminished.

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