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If you want to quit smoking without any form of medication,consider quitting cold turkey.This presentation reveals all you need to know to quit smoking cold turkey.
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Discover the effectiveness of cold turkey quit smoking and why it might be your best option to cease smoking. IntroductionFresh facts indicate that cold turkey quitting is the most effective way to stop smoking.
United States Smoking Cessation PolicyThe policy at the moment emphasizes the use of pharmaceutical cessation aids (such as Zyban, Chantix and NRTs) as well as quitlines through which telephone coaching can be conducted to help smokers quit. Research Disagrees With PolicyExisting medical procedures, as well as government recommendation for quit smoking, are based on the idea that all smokers should be treated with pharmaceutical aids.But this recent research disagrees with the policy.
Research Advocates for a Policy Shift(2)The research, led by professor of family and preventive medicine, John P. Research Advocates for a Policy Shift(3)The study focused on the efficacy of the nicotine gum, the patch as well as pharmaceutical drugs, and concluded that they have not been successful for real-life quitting. American Cancer Society Gives Cold Turkey Quitting a PassMarkAn American Cancer Society report in 2003 found that over 91.4% of long-term ex-smokers quit smoking unassisted (cold turkey). American Cancer Societys Amazing Turn-aroundIt is therefore amazing that in the same report, the American Cancer Society approves the use of NRT even though the report reveals that NRT is not as effective as cold turkey cessation. Australian Study on Cold Turkey QuittingEarlier, an Australian study, published in the May 2006 issue of Addictive Behaviors, inferred that cold turkey quitting has the highest success rate.The survey analyzed smoking patients of 1,000 family practice physicians and discovered that winning cold turkey quitters accounted for 1,942 of 2,207 ex-smokers, a massive 88% of all success stories. Australian Study on Cold Turkey Quitting(2)During this study, numerous stop smoking methods were compared and all NRT therapies attained less than 10% effectiveness and had the highest rate of relapse.
Cold Turkey Quitting Doesnt Get to Be CelebratedBut this cheery news about cold turkey quitting doesn’t get celebrated in the news as much as NRT. Truth Will PrevailFor a long time, researches have made us believe going the NRT route is the most effective way to stop smoking but recent researches are countering that. Putting Cold Turkey Quitting in Bad LightJanuary 2012, one of the campaigns meant to put cold turkey quitting in the bad light was launched by Pfizer Incorporated. Putting Cold Turkey Quitting in Bad Light(2)To send out its message loud and clear, Pfizer partnered with local NHS Stop Smoking Services to do a national road show and teamed with Actress and Loose Women presenter, Lisa Maxwell who went on the air- waves to talk about her own experience of quitting smoking.
More Researches Counters Pfizers ClaimThis Pfizer revelation came after researchers at Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and the University of Massachusetts Boston published a report to the effect that Nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) are not effective in helping smokers quit in the long run, even when combined with stop smoking counseling. Australian Professor Gives Cold Turkey Quitting another PassmarkIn the same vein, an Australian Broadcasting Corporation report quotes Professor Simon Chapman, director of research at the School of Public Health at Sydney Medical School, as saying, “Cold turkey is the way that people don’t like talking about but it’s overwhelmingly the most popular and successful way that most people quit smoking.
Cold Turkey IS the Way to GoChapman’s assertions are supported by a Cancer Institute Australia survey presented October 2010 at the Asia Pacific Conference on Tobacco or Health. Quit Smoking Is Not HardSo, the next time you hear “quitting smoking is the hardest thing I ever did,” ask yourself who’s saying it? Try Quitting Cold Turkey Today!!!But in reality, good old-fashioned willpower and determination could be your best and most effective option. As the New York Times reported this March, there’s a lucky 20 percent of the population that possess a mutation that lowers the presence of fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH) in the body, an enzyme that in turn reduces the level of anandamide, the so-called "bliss" molecule, in the brain.Anandamide is a chemical that is expressed in the endocannabinoid system of our brain, which is involved in aspects of our lives like appetite, memory, and mood. Her published work has studied those attempting to quit, and sure enough, there was an association between success and her Mister Big finding — one that may explain why some people are able to quit cold turkey. When you’ve been a smoker for a period of time, the thought of  quitting smoking cold turkey is very scary. Essentially, your body starts to panic because it feels as if something crucial is missing. The answer is, of course you will go through withdrawal symptoms, but the duration of the withdrawal will be much shorter, if you quit smoking cold turkey rather than stretch. The fact is that when you try to wean off cigarettes, you are simply obeying your bodies response of panic and anger when your nicotine levels get low. When you quit smoking cold turkey, you deplete your level of nicotine  quickly and once and for all, and once that is done the body will no longer need or want it. Once this is done and you are able to cope with the quit smoking withdrawal symptoms, then the only thing holding you back is the mental habits that are much easier to break than the physical need. My name is Cameron Kellett and on the 10th of August 2011, I ended my twenty year addiction to nicotine by stopping smoking. Whilst it is my intent the information contained within this website be as accurate as possible, it can not be guaranteed. Consultation with a health physician (Doctor) prior to, and during, any quit smoking attempt is recommended.
Some disagree with its abrupt cessation nature saying because smoking is an addiction; you can’t just stop one day. As a result, when smokers drop off cigarettes, their bodies experience nicotine withdrawal symptoms such as touchiness, sleeplessness, and dejection, which can last between 2 – 4months.
And this is coming straight from experts who conducted a landmark study first published online as a Review in the January 3, 2012 edition of the Annual Review of Public Health. The two leading quitline coaching and counseling service providers are the American Cancer Society as well as Free & Clear. Without mincing words, the study stated that despite the general use of quitlines, pharmaceutical drugs and NRT, smoking cessation rates have not improved.

Pierce, analyzed studies of nicotine and tobacco dependence carried out in the last 2 decades.
Despite the fact that these drugs and aids are successful in clinical trials, the report says the results do not show an increase in the rate of successful quitters.
The ‘almighty’ pharmaceutical industry would have us believe NRT doubles our chances of quitting. We have said it several times that quitting smoking is not hard if you reprogram your mind (by changing the way you think about cigarettes),prepare by reading up all you can about smoking cessation,choose a quit date,have a plan to counter nicotine withdrawal symptoms,especially for the first 72 hours after your last cigarette(when it’s most severe) and just drop off cigarettes. It was tagged “Don’t Go Cold Turkey” campaign and was meant to encourage smokers to seek help from healthcare professionals and get pharmaceutical aid(like NRT, Chantix or Zyban) before quitting smoking. It’s a company that is after huge profits and free cold turkey quitting can’t offer them that, so, why should they promote it above NRT, Chantix or Zyban?
This is a bunch of lies as cold turkey quitting is the most effective and productive method of quitting. Pierce-led research on the Quitlines and Nicotine Replacement for Smoking Cessation lends credence to that fact.But, Pfizer, in its research,to launch the “Don’t Go Cold Turkey” campaign claims cold turkey quitting accounts for just 3% of successful ex- smokers after 12 months. Michael Siegel, a Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health, blogs about another study that finds cold turkey quitting more ef ,but concludes otherwise.So,who is fooling who? Mindfulness and meditation practices often overlap, but they have two distinct definitions. Anandamide may help boost our sense of contentment, which addictive drugs like marijuana and nicotine tweak artificially. All rights reserved.Medical Daily is for informational purposes and should not be considered medical advice, diagnosis or treatment recommendation. Quitting smoking is both a mental and a physical war, but for the most part, what stops us is the suffering from the physical aspects. It’s basically a mental habit, until you start to get low in the blood, then your body goes into overdrive to make an emergency.
In addition, the fact is that you are much more likely to actually quit for good, if you quit smoking cold turkey. They posit that you have to gradually reduce your level of cigarette intake until you no longer feel the urge to smoke. Simply walking in the mornings can relieve stress and over a couple of months, you can graduate to jogging and then running. It goes ahead to say that quitting cold turkey is still the most effective way to stop smoking.
Millions of dollars are being spent daily to drum this into the minds of smokers and that is why you get to hear ‘it’s hard to quit’ most of the time. Now,tell me,why should they promote a method of smoking that is quick, without charge, secure and efficient when they can promote pharmaceutical aids to haul in billions of dollars in profits? Or actors in commercials for smoking cessation aids like the patch, nicotine gum, Chantix and Zyban?The assertion that it’s extremely tough to drop off cigarettes is widely believed and you’d be pardoned for thinking you cannot do it alone. Even more astoundingly, some of these quitters did it cold turkey — without any sort of external help.But what does the science say about these frosty birds?
Those with the mutated FAAH gene, and therefore more anandamide, are known to be less anxious, less fearful, and less likely to enjoy marijuana, which obviously contains exotic cannabinoids.And nicotine addiction, though also activating other unique parts of the brain, is tied to the endocannabinoid system as well. But it seems that worldwide, the majority of chippers are simply too poor to afford a daily cig. You need to have your normal cigarettes daily, so how the hell are you supposed to quit smoking cold turkey when you have to spend today and tomorrow, and even the next day. Basically making your body accustomed to having it in your bloodstream, it has become a part of your chemical makeup, so when the nicotine in the bloodstream begins to lessen, your body begins to react. Either way, your body tricks your mind into thinking it needs this substance, and therefore sends you out for a cigarette. Animal studies which inhibited FAAH have knocked out the pleasurable effects of nicotine use that promote addiction, as well as the temptation to seek out nicotine after its cessation. And at home, the growing stigma of smoking has similarly pressured these occasional users to only light up when socially acceptable, like when at a bar with friends or prowling the streets of Williamsburg at 3 in the morning."Most of the nondaily smokers are daily smokers who have cut back and they keep cutting back, and that’s as far as they can get," Dr.
The good thing is that there are many people who have successfully quit smoking using the cold turkey way.
Just why should they promote cold turkey quitting that makes no political campaign contributions? And can these quitters teach us, whether physically or through their genetics, how to follow in their footsteps?Cold Day In HellGetting to the bare bones of it all, the answer to "Should I try to quit smoking cold turkey?" is decidedly no. It’s for that reason the best method of quitting smoking is to never pick up that cigarette at all, and why efforts to limit or merely delay those first opportunities are still so crucial.
Under the HoodBehavior, Neuroscience & Your Brain A Strange Way To Make Yourself More Likeable Need a favor? As Medical Daily has reported before, the consensus in the scientific field of tobacco control has put the rate of quitting smoking for extended lengths of time cold turkey at a miniscule three to five percent.
In these brains, researchers believe that we might find the clues to nicotine addiction, as well as future remedies for the vast majority of those who can’t turn down a smoke.Dr.
To stop smoking of your own free will implies that you never felt the unconscious pull of lighting up, that you were never addicted.

Currently, a combination of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), prescription medication, and counseling is considered the gold standard in smoking cessation.But there’s an added wrinkle here. Laura Beirut, Alumni Endowed Professor of Psychiatry at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. But a false sense of bravado unfortunately doesn’t help your lungs recover any better from the excess tar and carcinogens dumped in it with every puff. Louis, has studied the genetics of smokers, hoping to find an explanation for why addiction happens. And it won’t give you the best chance of quitting.Needing help to stop smoking doesn’t make you any weaker an individual, but it may make you become a healthier one. And a Harvard study in 2012 found that the long-term relapse rates of former smokers was similar between those who quit cold turkey and those who relied on NRT, with or without behavioral interventions. You can’t even buy a pack of cigarettes without being reminded of the multitude of horrendous outcomes that will surface if you smoke.
InnovationTechnology & the Business of Medicine Surgical Tools Make Incisions So Small That You Won't Need Stitches Engineers from Brigham Young University were inspired by origami when they 3D-printed these miniature surgical tools. Their research uncovered a region on the 15th chromosome, the nicotinic receptor gene cluster, that may heavily affect someone’s degree of nicotine addiction, as well as the chances of developing illnesses related to smoking like lung cancer.
Smoking is an enjoyable activity, and this is more important to the just-starting smoker than some far-off potential risk of lung cancer. The HillHealthcare, Policy & Governance STD Rates Spike As NYC Reduces Clinic Funding Community activists in New York City have become incensed in the wake of a report that shows free STD testing services have been chronically underfunded by the DOHMH since 2010. Smokers, by the very fact that they start smoking, are not particularly concerned about all the warnings and graphic images of blackened lungs and tumor-ridden corpses; which is why the pictorial warnings on cigarette packs in many countries have been largely useless.
It’s a public display that pleasure is more important to you than some far-off future risks. You feel like you’re coughing up hunks of lung every morning, and think “OK, maybe I should try to quit before I start growing tumors.” For those who’ve been trying to get smokers to quit, this is the opportunity they’ve been waiting for.
The reckless abandon must be gone now, and we can get them interested in some of the most experimentally-supported quitting approaches. The GrapevineBreaking News and Trends Many Moms Around The World Go Home Less Than A Day After Childbirth A mother’s stay in a healthcare facility following childbirth varies considerably, with many women leaving too soon to receive sufficient postnatal care. So they don’t really take the medicine very often: 70 percent of smokers trying to quit don’t use any medications, and almost 89 percent don’t bother with Chantix. Studies suggest that this assumption is basically correct: individual counseling improves quit-rates by about 40 percent, group therapy helps too, counseling in addition to medication outperforms usual care or less intensive behavioral support (increasing odds of quitting by about 82 percent) and even receiving brief advice or talking to a quit-line makes quitting more likely. Weird MedicineScience is Stranger Than Fiction 10 Most Disturbing Social Experiments Ever Conducted A look at the series of disturbing and famous social experiments conducted throughout the 20th century.
The previously-quoted study found that just 6 percent of smokers trying to quit used counseling – or, in more relevant terms, 94 percent didn’t bother with it. Other studies find slight differences, but still report that between 91 and 96 percent of smokers don’t use any form of counseling. Why? As a smoker, who has already made the decision to throw caution to the wind and start doing something unilaterally called the leading preventable cause of death in the world, would you really want to sit on a couch and whine about how you smoke to cope with stress? The reality is that most smokers try to quit “cold turkey,” with estimates usually suggesting that around two-thirds do so. The reasoning behind this is effectively what we’ve been discussing: smokers don’t really seem all that interested in using medical treatments or attending counseling to quit smoking. So, after our fictional smoker has experienced the disheartening failure in their attempt to quit cold turkey, he or she might decide to give the patch a try. Stick a band-aid-looking thing on your arm and be treated with a low dose of nicotine delivered too slowly. Although it’s used more than most other approaches, and the evidence does back it as a more effective method than cold turkey, the ultimate quit-rates are still very underwhelming: it only adds about 2 to 3 percent onto the basic cold turkey quit-rate of 3 to 5 percent, meaning that at least 92 percent of attempts result in failure. If bought over the counter, nicotine replacement therapy might be even worse than cold turkey quitting. What Now?
Does the smoker decide that – even though they gave into the conventional advice with the patch, but failed – it’s worth re-evaluating their attitude to medication or counseling? To the smoker, it looks like the best of both worlds: a smoking-like habit that provides nicotine and probably won’t kill you. For one, it’s clear that smokers don’t really care all that much about doing something even substantially risky, much less something that is possibly a little bit risky.
If there was a wonder-drug that guaranteed quitting smoking, but only 1 percent of smokers who tried to quit used it, since about half of smokers try to quit in any given year, it would only reduce the number of smokers by a pathetic 0.5 percent per year. Other research shows that the vast majority of vapers get started with the aim of quitting or reducing smoking, so it’s clear that this is already happening with vaping.
Some smokers won’t be like our fictional smoker: they will try medication and counseling, and many of them will successfully quit, and others will find the patch to be a life-saver.

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