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The Korean Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) has recently revealed a new house-cleaning robot called ROMI. This is one of several household robots being introduced to South Korean homes this year in the preliminary stages of South Koreas larger goal to have a robot in every South Korean home by 2020. Check out more interesting categories: digg, Educational, Entertainment, Gadgets, Industrial, Misc, Robots. The robot itself uses a process called Microbial Electrolysis, which is a proven process that uses bacteria as a power source.

Another unique feature of the robot is the honeycomb flex wheels that give the robot the ability to climb up and down stairs and over obstacles. This bot is expected to make its official debut at the CES 2007 trade show later this month where more information will be available. The machine handles a table on which there is, and automatically returns to the charging point. The honeycomb structure is one of the strongest in nature, but when there is pressure, it has the ability to collapse and flex to help guide the robot up stairs.

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