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There are always people who are in need of clothing and household accessories as well as toys.
A blog about productivity for the Internet entrepreneur.My goal is to help you focus on your passions by reducing or eliminating the time needed to maintain the mundane tasks in your life. If you already know how much you want to sell your item for, you might find it easier to simply post the item on a classifieds site. I recommend that you maintain a simple eCommerce store for all of the items you want to sell.
Magento with SiteGround – If you have some web development experience, you may want to have control at the code level.
For professionals in safety and healthcare fields, it can be tough to determine the line between extreme clutter and hoarding but when health and safety are at risk, local organizations are working together to help. The Prince Edward County Fire Department and the relatively new Hoarding Coalition hosted an information and training day last week for landlords, front-line workers, property supervisors and others who would support or interact with people living with hoarding.
Hoarding is acquiring and failing to dispose of a large number of items that appear to have little or no value. Hoarding also creates dangerous situations for firefighters and first responders during emergency situations, including structural failure, increased smoke and spread of fire.
Acting on complaints received at the fire department, Branscombe has worked with the Hoarding Coalition three times over the past year in the County. The Hoarding Coalition has grown to include personal support workers, social workers and other front-line people. Sandie Sidsworth, executive director of the Hastings and Prince Edward Branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association, was also a speaker at the training session.
First degree squalor: You are getting behind in tasks that you would normally manage, like laundry and dishes. Overwhelmed Caregivers, she said are most likely to accept help and downsize, and least likely to repeat the problem. Rescue hoarders, she said, often start with the best of intentions, but may believe they are the only ones capable or providing care. She told the session attendees there is no cure, only a reduction of items to focus on safety concerns and aftercare inclusive of everyone who lives in the home and those who give support. Sidsworth recommended professionals imagine themselves in the hoarding client’s shoes. The process was made a bit easier with the presentation of a $23,750 grant presented by Hastings Prince Edward MP Daryl Kramp at the end of the day’s training session.
It’s understandable that a tenant who has become a hoarder may be required to clean up the mess or face eviction.
If you are limiting your intervention to mentally handicapped individuals that is one matter but if what you have in mind goes beyond that you are interfering with the rights of others. Mike: It was a great presentation and perhaps if people were educated on what can be a serious occurance they would change their minds.

Laws have been created because of people who have died in their homes and building that they live in. And once you have decluttered these peoples’ living spaces how do you propose to prevent the problem from happening all over again.
This is a serious mental health issue!This is not a joke!!!And this issue needs more than just the Fire Department to deal with it. We are committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion, so we ask you to avoid personal attacks, and please keep your comments relevant and respectful.
There are a few things that you can do with the clothes, toys and other miscellaneous items in your home that will bring you money or help someone else.
Some flea markets have indoor space that you can rent on a monthly basis, but most of them have tables that you can rent outside once a week. Look in the phone book for shelters or organizations that help families get back on their feet.
Let the school know what you have, and the school can give you the names of the people who you can donate the items to. Then while you are trying to sell items individually via the methods described above (via a promotion), you can include a link to your virtual garage sale store.
Signs that you have reached second degree would include losing the use of normal household items like your bed, table, television or telephone, because the piles have expanded to cover the items up. She noted that often a change in circumstance has triggered the problem, or the problem has gradually developed.
The funds from New Horizons for Seniors will help the Canadian Mental Health Association work with low income seniors to provide them dumping and storage fees and for associated costs to help alleviate immediate threats of hoarding. A tenant does not own the property and the landlord has a right to expect it to be kept to certain standards. Would you like one of your family members living in a building with this going on and putting them at risk of dying? If you encounter a comment that is abusive, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report spam or abuse.
You could use storage units Dayton offers, or you could be creative with your unwanted items. This could be a shelter for women or a place that accepts donations to give to families with children. You can also give the items to the school and let the teachers give out the items to the children who need them. If you wanted to do that, call Clean House or be satisfied with having the world’s filthiest apartment. Little piles are starting to emerge and your disorganization is starting to affect your life and inconvenience you.
You start to develop new methods of moving around your house, as normal movement is impeded by your piles of stuff.

Essential household repairs may not be done, because you are too afraid to let a tradesperson see your house. By what right however can a homeowner be told what he or she can or cannot do inside his or her own house? Take a tablecloth to lay on the table so that your items do not get dirty, and keep small bags with you to put items in that people purchase. We’ll maybe not, but the point is that you have lots of stuff that other people want and will pay cash. Magento is open source and SiteGround will install it for you as part of their hosting package.
You need to draw the line between ill people who probably should not be living alone without supervision and those who clutter their homes with junk that they don’t need.
If you want to add a little variety, then take baked goods or canned drinks to sell at your table. In this post I will get your creative and motivational juices flowing by offering you some easy options to turn your junk into cash. A sign of first degree squalor could be that you might be embarrassed for other people to see your mess…but you would still let them in the house.
Is every house in the county going to be inspected from top to bottom to ensure that nothing about it constitutes a safety threat in some way? I can see the safety concerns for people of diminished capacity who may be living alone but beyond doing what is needed for them they should just butt out. What about all of the rusted out vehicles that clutter a lot of yards in the county and blight the landscape?
You can follow any of these tips to get the wheels in motion today from the comfort of your home and computer. The Hoarding Scale uses five levels of livability, 1 being functional and 5 being the highest degree of dysfunction.
Are you going to break down their doors and demand that they sober up and use nicotine patches? More and more we are being told what we can do on and with our own property and all for our own good or so we are told. It’s fine to protect those unable to make good decisions for themselves because of diminished mental capacity but leave the rest of us alone.

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