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Then take this Fashion Quiz to help you decide, What your next runway collection should be and check out what's the best sewing machine where you can start sewing your vision to life! All the weeks of sleepless nights slaving over intricate beadwork and delicate embroidery pays off when you become the only fashion designer to the stars!
The Brother M3034D sewing machine may just very well be a celebrity fashion designer's best friend. The who's who of the metro will soon be donning your own brand of edgy urban chic and street fashion wear!
The Brother JS-1410 is the perfect sewing machine for budding designers and aspiring fashion entrepreneurs! All those crisp lines, clean hems, and fancy needlework require a steady and reliable sewing machine.
Chronicles the lifestyle and events in the Philippines from the perspective of a Filipina mom struggling to balance career and family. A blog consists of snippets, thoughts, reviews, samplings and giveaways, for anything from clothing to food to products to hotels, stores, restaurants and all in between. To help you on the road to your travel dreams, the team at Contiki has a little something for you.
This entry was posted in This is Life, Travel and tagged Contiki, giveaway, sponsored, travel, win. I got a sailing and cruise traveller – funny that I actually met my hubby on the Spirit of NZ!
My partner and I have two very different travel styles, but we seem to be travel well together!
My mum has been telling me lately that I should go on a contiki, now that I’m single and ready to explore the world!

That kind of makes me think of things like Eat, Pray, Love, where she lives in each place for a while!
Equipped with your trusted sewing machine and a keen eye for high fashion, get ready to set the runway ablaze with your fabulous creations! Celebrities and A-listers alike will fall in line and beg you to design their evening gown for the next and hottest fashion gala in the metro. This impressive couturier's companion features a whopping 4-thread overlocker for easy threading, fast and simple lower looper threading system, instant rolled hem, and differential feed for perfect seams on virtually any fabric type!
Magazine editors and fashion stylists will knock on your door and practically sleep at your doorstep just to have the opportunity to have you and your collection grace the covers of all the glossies! This handy dandy equipment has 14 built-in stitches, 4-step automatic buttonhole, top load bobbin, LED sewing light, and comes with instructional DVD for fast and easy sewing lessons. Contact me using the contact form below for restaurant reviews, media launches, special events, product sample reviews or just to say hi.
I am aching to head out and explore more of the world, itching to go on the next adventure.
Swimming and soaking up the sun, great food and things that allow me to relax and unwind (bring on the massages and meandering walks through beautiful scenery please!) from my busy life, that’s my ideal getaway. Pop over and do the quiz to find out your travel style, then come back here and let me know your result. I want to see and do it all (and share it on social media hehe) but I also want time to myself. Sun worshipping, food indulging and people watching are your holiday holy trinity, and boy do you know how to do them well. I love travelling alone though – it’s so out of my comfort zone and I think I discover things that I might not if I am with other people!

The quiz totally got me – high energy traveller who should go on an european horizon trip, sounds right up my alley. It gave me a recommendation for a tour Ive been looking at recently, oh take me back to Europe! At just Php 21,995.00, you instantly get your money back with your first commissioned evening gown!
This impressive piece of modern equipment has a built-in needle threader, quick set bobbin, 1-step buttonhole, manual stitch length and stitch width control, and whopping 27 built-in stitches! I really do want to travel pretty much everywhere – the tough part is deciding where to go first! I’ll pop you in the draw to win a prize based on your travel style – it could be anything from a winery tour on Waiheke for two, a pamper session at Servilles or a glamping trip for up to 5 people in the Bay of Plenty (plus five other travel style prizes).
A trip to the Greek Islands is on my bucket list, particularly Skiathos with its secluded beaches and yummy Mediterranean food! This stunning piece of machinery features an LCD display, centralized control panel, automatic needle threader, quick set bobbin, LED sewing light, 7-point feed, and 135 built-in stitches that includes letters.
This will give you a taste of the extra little morsels of goodness that Contiki treats their travellers to.
Please enter via the widget below – by entering this giveaway you agree that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions as detailed in the widget. I thought I would be an “Easy Pace” traveller because I like to really take it easy on holiday, and I was right!

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