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The combination of yogurt without the fat, your favorite fruit or cereal is a great choice to start the day. If you must skip breakfast, drinking a fruit shake will do the trick for having load of energy. All you have to do is select the fruit, put it in a blender, add milk or yogurt (whatever you wish) and just in a few minutes you will have a power bomb in front of you. All you have to do is to do a combination of two fruits, get milk without fat and mash the fruits in the milk. Grains contain a large amount of fiber that will make you fuller and your energy will increase.
En este blog hemos hablado con frecuencia sobre la importancia del desayuno tanto en ninos como en adultos, sus beneficios han sido documentados ampliamente (?nuestras mamas tenian razon!). Si nos ponemos a reflexionar, muchos de los desayunos tipicos no contienen proteina (pan con cafe, cereal…); lo cual debemos corregir ya que la proteina nos ayuda a nutrir nuestros musculos y retrasar la sensacion de hambre hasta la hora de la comida.
El obstaculo mas comun que se nos presenta al momento de fomentar el habito del desayuno, son las prisas o falta de tiempo por las mananas. Opta por lo simple: En las mananas mas atareadas, prepara un licuado, un cereal integral con un platano o un sandwich de queso y pechuga de pavo con jugo de naranja. La clave sera en cuanto empeno pongas en el paso 4, ya que una vez que lo vuelvas un habito, se volvera cada vez mas facil hacerlo y tu cuerpo disfrutara de todos sus beneficios. Imagine walking into a fast-food restaurant with a menu sans greasy cheeseburgers, replaced by roasted chicken wraps and pork-and-sweet potato kabobs. Facebook Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn StumbleUpon Yummly Twitter Reddit Tumblr Flipboard Digg I am all for healthy living.
For March, the three dares will be; sharing a photo of a healthy breakfast, taking a nutrition quiz, and watching a video on nutrition labels.

Make healthy breakfast choices- here is my healthy green smoothie with blackberries, spinach, bananas, soy milk, flax seed, and chia. How Does Eating a Healthy Breakfast Affect the Way a Person's Body Works in the Morning? It is rich in vitamins and minerals and is prepared easily. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day from which we enter all the vitamins and minerals that we need for the whole day. El dia de hoy quiero compartirte 4 consejos practicos de la Academia de Nutricion y Dietetica en Estados Unidos (, 2012), para que armes un desayuno que tenga un impacto positivo en tu bienestar y el de tu familia. Al ser enteros tienen mas fibra y nutrimentos y se digieren lentamente para una energia mas duradera.
Deja limpia la licuadora o los electrodomesticos que vayas a utilizar en la preparacion del mismo.
EggsercisePara ti, consejos sobre nutricion, salud, informacion nutrimental, noticias, y mucho mas. Two former McDonald’s executives are brainstorming a new restaurant concept for a healthy and environmentally conscious alternative to fast food, tentatively called Stephanie’s. Her work has appeared in journals, including "JADA" and "Obesity Research," and in the textbook "Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease." She holds a Master of Science in nutrition from University of Vermont and completed her dietetic internship at Meredith College. Just blend together yogurt, low-fat milk or 100-percent fruit juice, and fresh or frozen fruit. Take them out the night before to thaw and warm in the microwave or toaster oven before you run out the door.
Las verduras pueden incluirse cortadas dentro de tu omelet o como un jugo para iniciar tu dia. With plans to open its doors in 2011, the restaurant is also toying with ideas of installing rooftop herb gardens, grass covered parking lots, biodegradable cutlery and electric powered car home delivery.

And you will feel better knowing that you started the day doing something healthful for yourself and your family. Make parfaits of yogurt, fresh berries and granola the night before for a grab-and-go option.
Smoothie ingredients can be combined in a container the night before and blended with a handheld blender in the morning.
Though health-conscious, Stephanie’s plans to maintain the fast food reputation of affordable, quick food.
Known as “fast-casual,” Stephanie’s will aim to give customers speedy service and a casual dining atmosphere. Breakfast burritos with scrambled eggs, pinto beans and salsa are a great start to your day. If you don't have time to make your own breakfast, choose something healthy from a coffee shop or cafe. The idea comes from former McDonald’s executives, Mike Roberts and Mike Donahue, who both recognize the need for Stephanie’s in today’s eco- and health-conscious world. Make extra crustless quiche for dinner and pop a serving in a tortilla with salsa for a quick breakfast burrito. Skip the doughnut and opt for a bran muffin, whole-grain bagel with low-fat cream cheese or a fruit and yogurt parfait.

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