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Perfect healthy breakfast: hard boiled egg, slices of oranges, green grapes and multigrain toasted bread. January 31, 2013 by Tamara Mannelly Today I have a guest post lined up for you all from Tamara who blogs at Oh Lardy! I love a hearty, savory breakfast.  My usual go to is a mixture of veggies, eggs with pastured bacon or sausage.  Sometimes I pair this with a slice of sprouted wheat toast slathered with farm fresh butter!  Yum…my mouth is drooling just thinking about it!
So…I got to thinking, why not take all the flavors I love so much and throw them together into a breakfast casserole?  Could be a perfect meal when you have houseguests, for brunch or even for a simple dinner! Many people think of something rich and hearty like a breakfast casserole as an unhealthy way to start the day. While the sausage was sizzling, I chopped up half an onion and a red bell pepper.   When the sausage was finished cooking and out of the pot, I added the onions and pepper to the hot skillet and sauteed until medium soft. Then I added 2 large handfuls of baby spinach that I chopped roughly and cooked until wilted.  I then added the vegetables to the sausage in a bowl and mixed together.
I took 6 pastured eggs and mixed them with 2 cups of raw whole milk in a bowl.  I whisked together and seasoned with salt and pepper.
I popped this in the oven for 30 minutes and voila!  My husband devoured this and said it was one of the best breakfast items he had ever had! Heat 1 tbsp good fat in skillet and add sausage, saute until cooked, breaking up with a spoon. In a 9×13 pan (buttered on bottom and sides), scatter half the bread on the bottom of pan. Bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees.  If top starts to get too brown, cover with foil at the end. My Beauty Essentials!Filled with 35 DIY, Toxic Free Beauty Recipes That You Can Use Everyday. When it comes to having breakfast, considered by many the most important meal of the day, we usually go for cereal or other high sugar snacks that are actually unhealthy and contribute to getting us fat. Oatmeal might not be one’s favorite food, but if you cook it right, you can have some extremely spectacular results.
I promise that not all the breakfast ideas here revolve around eggs and how to cook them healthy, but this skinny onlette not only that it’s delicious and healthy, but also looks pretty nice. Gluten free, mouth watering looks and great taste – these are just a few of the key ingredients of this great breakfast or desert idea.
Chia might not be the first ingredient that crosses your mind when it comes to great recipes, but I promise you that you’ll love these seeds more every day.
Woa, despite the name of the breakfast idea that actually lists most ingredients and despite the fact that Quinoa can easily join Chia on the list of foods that we don’t normally eat, this is absolutely delicious! These things look like they could be just as well served during a healthy lunch, but if you really want to go wild and start the day with something different, try out this recipe and you won’t regret anything.

I never watch what I eat until now I’m a mom of two school-age kids, I do want them to have a good start in the morinng. And it’s lucky for you because now you get to have delicious healthy breakfast salad at home!
We're communication professionals turned health and happiness advocates, passionate entrepreneurs and health coaches. Here are several ideas for a delicious and easy-to-make healthy breakfast Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. Looking at what I had on hand, I decided to use peppers, onions, spinach, pastured Italian sausage, pastured eggs, raw cheese, raw milk and sprouted wheat bread! Sounds nourishing to me! She lives outside Chicago and is passionate about real food, exercise and general health and wellness. I do it most of the time without bread but sometimes I use stale matzos or sourdough if its been left out. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your costs will be the same but Homemade Mommy will receive a small commission. I am passionate about achieving vibrant health and am happy to share tips, techniques and recipes in my eBook, The Real Food Survival Guide for Busy Moms.
People say that healthy eating is not delicious and we’re here to prove them wrong with 10 healthy breakfast ideas that are really delicious. So if you agree, or if you are at least a little bit curious, check out our suggestions below and enjoy your new-found pleasure of serving a healthy, delicious breakfast!
Check out the recipe here for the oatmeal squares pictured above and you will quickly run out of fingers to lick.
It’s actually the first recipe that I tried from all those listed here and the one that served as inspiration for me to create this article. Bonus: you can serve this as a desert, if you still have room in your belly after a healthy meal.
I can guarantee personally that these recipes are delicious since I have tried them all and I can also guarantee that you won’t prepare them just once! Done for you meal plans, shopping lists, never before seen recipes, expert webinars and an #awesome private Facebook group to keep you accountable and on track! Place the cubes of pumpkin on to the tray and drizzle with macadamia oil, season with salt and pepper. Our site will inspire you with real food recipes, positive mindset advice and ways to find and follow your bliss!
This old saying clearly shows the wisdom of our antecedents and even today breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. She is also just started a Certified Health Coach program through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and cannot wait to get out there and help people learn more about nourishing food!!

Keep rotating these every weekdays I do feel like I’m running out of ideas!Enjoy your blog very much, particularly like your portion control.
But we thought, why pay $20 bucks for a Breakfast Salad when we can make our own and share the recipe with all you amazing Merrymakers?! We reckon it’s PERFECT for Boxing Day (nice and light after all that Christmas food!). If you eat this for brekky… you’ll be kicking your new years goals in the butt in no time! In addition to fruit many of them are made also with honey, maple syrup, green leafy vegetables, crushed ice, peanut butter or super foods like AFA algae, spirulina, chlorella, maca powder, poppy seed, goji berries, black seed (nigella sativa) and etc, adding extra nutritional value to it.Smoothies have many health benefits and their nutritional value mostly depends on the included fruits and greens, but all green leaves are rich source of chlorophyll which is well- known for its health benefits such as improving the digestion and assimilation, promoting formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells, alkalizing the body, detoxifying, to name just a few.
Place the eggs in to the water and bring to the boil again, turn down to simmer and cook the eggs for 6 minutes (this will make soft yolks, boil for longer if you'd like hard eggs).
Also, they are rich in fiber and that makes them a complete meal.You can find our recipe for a healthy breakfast smoothie hereOatmealOatmeal is an old-fashioned, nutritious meal with multiple health benefits. Oats are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are good for the cardiovascular health and for balancing the cholesterol levels. It has a unique, tangy taste and it can be consumed individually, as a spread in sandwiches, as a side dish or as a dip with fresh or steamed vegetables.
Hummus is good source of protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, manganese and folic acid. Due to its high fiber content it is good for lowering the high cholesterol and for weight loss diet.
And if you really don’t have time to prepare it, then eating a fresh fruit is always a good idea. You can choose fruit according to your preference from the opulent Nature’s Garden: bananas, apples, oranges, pears, strawberries, raspberries, apricots, peaches, etc.
Fresh fruits are rich with natural sugars and they can give you energy for the rest of the day.
Since 2010 I am a sales manager at Nutri Vita,Macedonia a store of natural supplements and healthy lifestyle appliances. I believe in the power of healthy food and its tremendous positive effects on the human body.
I am passionate about nutrition, cooking and trying new recipes which are good for the body, the soul and the spirit.
I am dedicated in promoting of the real unprocessed food and educating about its life-changing properties.

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