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Depression is not merely the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain or the result of turbulent emotions. This blog has grown from its base in Ayurveda into a more expansive view of health, wellbeing and spirituality. So if you are interested in learning how to cook in a way that will balance your doshas and bring harmony to your life then this is probably the best place to start.
Tomorrow we will unfold ‘creation of mind and internal pathway of mind in the body called MANO VAHA STROTAS, (Channel of mind) stay tuned.
Categories: Ayur Spa, Ayurveda, Behavioral Medicine - ACHAR RASAYANA, Corporate Wellness, Detox your cells, Food for Mind, Home, Simplicity, We are Nature! In my profession and in my search to cure my own hair loss, I have run across literally hundreds of cultural remedies and philosophies. Alternative medicine has dominated different societies from all over the world for thousands of years.
It may surprise you, but most of these systems are alike in the methods and fundamental beliefs they use to achieve physical and mental health. In fact, anthropologists believe they all come from the same ancient knowledge that spread throughout the world as mankind spread from continent to continent. The ingredients used vary based on location and the religious implications varied based on the culture, but the end goal was always the same.
While I had heard about Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old Hindu medical system, I was far from being educated enough to answer questions about it and certainly not enough to incorporate it into the Hair Loss Black Book program. My favorite place for research, my local library, has quite large alternative medicine and cultural reference sections, but is lacking in the Ayurvedic specifics. There are lots of articles, studies, papers, and every other kind of resource available on mainline alternative medicine. Most of my main go-to resources, especially the one I most expected to help the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, were not very helpful. Hopkins and Mayo both noted the rising instances of their patients asking how to integrate it into their traditional treatment.
This is when I decided to find an expert I could actually talk to who wasn’t trying to sell me something. You might find it funny, but I turned to one of the oldest and best American resources for research… the phone book. Instead, I found what I was looking for in sunny Florida, with the co-founder and Senior Life Consultant of the former ElemenTells Wellness Clinic, Phillip Rangai. If you will bear with me (and I know this may be a longer post than you were ready to read, but worth it if you can make the time) I will try to teach you what I learned.
He taught me my first important lesson about Westernized Ayurvedic medicine right away when I referred to him as a vaidhya, the traditional name of an ayurvedic practitioner in India. Rangai told me even if he were to study for 20 years under a classically trained vaidhya (which are still quite rare outside of India), US and UK laws prevent him from prescribing medicine, drawing blood, performing any surgery, and doing many other activities because his training will not qualify for a medical license. People will still need and use modern medicine, so it is my job to make their results better. Despite its limitations here, Rangai said he and fellow practitioners stick to fundamental principles of the Ayurvedic lifestyle. Human life thrives within an environment comprised of 5 essential elements, earth, air, space, water, and fire. This means when you’re stressed with a difficult problem at work, you may need more Sattva.
The danger comes when one trait is so dominate (like 70%) it prevents you from channeling the other traits. These people are rather disgusting to the others around them which further isolate them, but they cannot get out of the hole they’ve sunk into. A waiter who doesn’t bring the check in a timely manner will infuriate and consume this person just as much as losing a million dollars would.
They are typically stubborn patients, but if I can get through to them they can become extremely passionate about healing. It is funny when I recommend my treatment to stop ‘chilling out’, I always get the strangest looks.

There are three energies that make up the constitution of the body: Kapha-water, Pitta-Fire, and Vayu-Wind. Those of us who have incorporated modern science into our tradition have accepted there is a logical correspondence to our body functions. We recognize Kapha as the fluids, such as mucus, sweat and blood, within the body which is unique to mammals. In my opinion, that doesn’t get the job done because the five elements of this world are not in every person’s home… also we all have life force energies in different proportions. My father and my grandfather taught me to never ignore those facts or I would fail to heal my patient. If you start making more energy than you use, it builds up in your body leading immediately to disease. They are sweaty, acne prone, and pale because their “Kapha is being burnt to a crisp by the acid of their Pitta.” The over-Kapha are easy to spot because they gain weight easily and can’t keep it off. They “go with the flow”, says Ranai but they frustrate others because they don’t seem to care passionately about anything and are unwilling to explore. Because their Vayu is being overridden, they often have a lower temperature, breathing issues while sleeping, and similar problems. The overactive Vayu makes it hard for them to concentrate and retain information, although they are often intelligent. Although Rangai is practicing Westernized Ayurveda, an admittedly limited form, he still has a whole arsenal of tools to help get your energy where it is supposed to be. This was a change of pace for me, because I believe in treating the root cause and not chasing symptoms.
Although he cannot perform surgery or prescribe medicines, Rangai believes he effectively treats symptoms. He recommends exercise to help with symptoms that require increased blood flow, lost weight, and fresh air.
Body scrubs and saunas clean out the pores and the sweat glands, flushing away toxins from the body’s largest organ.
Meditation is his primary tool, but he also encourages taking on new hobbies, getting outside whenever possible, and relying on loved ones for help. Simply Enter Your Email Address Below To Receive Your Free eBook: "Top 10 Reasons for Hair Loss"! Origin of Ayurveda: The origin of this system goes back to a far past, in which philosophy and medicine were not separated.
Mind-body medicine offers a common sense, yet totally ultra-modern perspective on depression.
There are recipes for pancakes, pasta, cakes, bread, salads, everything we western people eat on a regular basis.
I have been on a personal journey of transformation for several years now and have learnt that vast changes are possible if we are willing to embrace them.Life does not have to be hard, we are meant to be happy, to have healthy relationships, to enjoy what we do and to love ourselves and our lives. You can find endless volumes on treatments from the Chinese, Japanese, Native American, and even Homeopathy.
They marked the need for further study, but as of yet none had been published from trustworthy sources. That isn’t to say these are quality items, but there is no independent validation of their effectiveness or safety. Although he has studied several alternative therapies and has two Biology degrees, he is a fourth generation ayurvedic expert and teacher.
My grandfather, a real vaidhya, would have me kneeling for a day if he heard me refer to myself as a vaidhya!” Rangai went on to explain that a vaidhya is a true doctor in every sense of the word, but only in India. Ayurveda is a complete medical system when practiced correctly, but the limitations here in the States make it a complimentary therapy at best.
It takes a real jolt normally like a debilitating illness or the loss of someone important. My peers call it bile, but it is really all the enzymes… all the hormones, all the acids… and all the by products of every body function. We relate it to the oxygen that travels throughout our bodies and sparks tissue growth and healing.

I was expecting Rangai to start focusing on my favorite word-balance but this is when he surprised me. I know we are all unique and it is only logical that I might need more Pitta than you will ever need. However, that is what Rangai and 3 generations of men before him have dedicated their lives to doing. Or, their dominant energy weakens and they become attracted to foods from other energies which further zap their dominant force. He uses homemade homeopathic remedies and recommends recipes which alleviate symptoms like muscle aches and flues. Essentially, toxins within and without the body which unnaturally affect energy have to be eliminated. Rangai says our lives and commitments make it impossible to escape stress, what we can do is reduce the amount of time we spend worrying about stress. Join us as Nancy and Sandra build on the concept that the human physiology is an ecosystem.
Familiar western food prepared with Ayurvedic principles." I already have another book by her "The Ayurvedic Cookbook" and have found the information on the different food groups and individual foods invaluable and really don't know why it's taken me so long to get this one.
I would have never thought about adding nutmeg or honey to my mashed potato, but I can tell you I will be doing it again, it was so delicious! Chili is chill and increases Pitta not matter if it is in a curry, pickles, tacos or a pasta sauce. Typically, these institutes endorse only their own techniques and ideas and it is very difficult to verify their authenticity. I live in an apartment downtown and walk 3 blocks to work and you most likely live in a home and drive to your work.
My ears hear differently than your ears and my mind responds to music differently than you. That’s alright, Rangai says, as long as your life expends all of the Pitta, or Vayu, or Kapha energy you produce. It is a qualitative, holistic science of health and longevity, a philosophy and system of healing the whole person, body and mind. I also had broccoli, summer squash (the cute little yellow ones) and snow peas lightly cooked in butter and then tossed in lemon juice and pepper. The way we think, the things we eat, the way we spend our free time all effect our wellbeing and are all things that we can control. Homeopathy and Polarity therapy are two of the many natural healing systems now familiar in the West who have their roots in Ayurveda. Their mission is to assist people in untangling the root of the problem and plant seeds of vitality and happiness. But when I cook I am thinking about what I am using, how I am feeling, what my doshas are and try to use ingredients that I know will not aggravate me in any way. When you want to give up, when you feel disheartened I will be there to support you, to keep you motivated and help you, and when you have a breakthrough I will be there to share your joy and inspire you to reach for even more.
When mankind started suffering from various diseases the wise men like Bharadvaja learnt from Indra the knowledge of medicine. Of course there are times when I will eat or cook with something I shouldn't but I am still mindful of what I am doing and will undoubtedly notice how my body or mind reacts afterwards. Gradually the huge amount of knowledge accumulated was divided systematically into different branches. It's like when we eat a big piece of cake or drink a bottle of wine, we know we shouldn't but do it anyway. It's OK to be naughty sometimes as long as it's not always and you balance it out with lots of healthy food that is right for you most of the time.

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