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When I was a teenager, people who went to therapists seemed odd, like they had webbed toes hidden in their shoes or something. When you boil it down, a lot of our problems amount to blocked energy stored in the body, desperately seeking acknowledgment or release. When I was trying to find a therapist for my kids, I asked one of them how to best get around the stigma of therapy with them, and he said, “Hey, what happened to you is tantamount to falling out of a gigantic tree and landing on your head.
Although my therapist hails from clinically based, traditional training, she has been led to what she calls a “psycho-dynamic” practice, an approach that actively engages the energy of past trauma to heal how it is affecting your life right now.
Each session begins with a powerful ritual of Grounding, Intention setting and Invocation, as a way to bring 100% presence to the session. Sessions include a unique blend of hypnotherapy, guided imagery (or journey from shamanic traditions), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), TFT (Thought Field Therapy), AIT (Advanced Integrative Therapy), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) and Psych-K. I hope this information serves as a guide if you are considering therapy as part of your healing journey. If you have found yourself on the threshold of loss, I blog weekly with tips and tools for the journey that helped me and may help you, too.
The Reiki practitioner uses specific hand placement positions, either close to the body or contacting the front and back of the body, that correspond to the seven major chakras, or energy centers, of the body.
Benefits of Reiki include deep relaxation, feelings of profound peace, security and well-being.
GIFT CERTIFICATESGift certificates are available for any of our services or for any dollar amount toward services. Now that we’ve made a post about all of the different types of crystals there are available, I thought it might be a good opportunity to talk about what we can use them for.
So besides massive amount of Data Storage and Computing Technology, Crystals also can have an effect on your body too. Before we begin, let me share with you this prerequisite to using any and all of your crystals: Let them sit in the sun for several hours before you use them, this will charge them with the life-bearing energy of the sun, and it can be fuelled through the crystals into you. Spirit Water is the name I use for water that has had crystals sitting in it for an extended period of time. When you go to bed, take 7 crystals (one for each chakra), and line them up under your mattress where your body would be when you fall asleep. If you are a part of everything, and there is suffering happening all around you, one of the best things you can do is to create a transformation and healing in the world around you. Previous Post38 Awesome Crystals for Spiritual GrowthNext PostThe Reunion Between Mama & Baby Elephants will Warm your Heart!
A hasta mudra is a gesture or positioning of the hands to channel and direct energy in the body.
Yoga is a spiritual practice and offers practical healing applications that benefit even those who aren’t spiritually oriented. Since hasta mudras work to change the energy in the body and spirit, it’s best if you incorporate conscious breathing with your practice. It also helps to set a positive intention as you form a hasta mudra and concentrate on this intention during the practice. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged hasta mudra, increase energy by Suzanne Morgan. Only 13 percent of SELF readers meditate regularly, but two thirds of you say you’d be willing to give it a try.
There may be no quicker way to trigger the magical relaxation response (and all the good genetic changes that come with it) than by controlling your breath.
79 percent of depressed people who responded to a mere placebo had avoided relapse even after 12 weeks, the Journal of Psychiatric Research reports.
Those Sun Salutations, Downward Dogs and Chaturangas are your ticket to much more than sexy curves and a lean body.
What we know People who attended only one 90-minute yoga class a week for 16 weeks reduced their back pain by two thirds and their pain medication usage by 88 percent, according to one study in the aptly named journal Pain. What we know People on antidepressants who added thrice-weekly yoga for two months said they felt less depressed, anxious and angry, University of California Los Angeles research notes.
Which type to try If you’re in a slump (but still fairly fit), energizing poses such as Sun Salutations may lift you out of it. How it works Anxiety and depression pop up more often in people with eating problems, says study coauthor Amber Frye-Johnson, a research scientist at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis. What she says The former Spice Girl says Reiki—in which a healer lightly touches you, supposedly transferring energy—helped her cope during the delivery of her youngest daughter, now 3.
What science says Studies are mixed and subjects were women who exclusively used in vitro fertilization.

What she says Love has been known to spend two to three hours a day chanting repetitive prayers created by ancient yogis. What she says Thurman has reportedly donned an orange carnelian necklace to boost vitality.
What science says “Can we say from a scientific standpoint that a gem can help your body?
Lifting Hands Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, hands hanging down in front of thighs.
Triple Heater Stimulator Feet together, clap hands in front of forehead and rub palms together for 10 seconds to create warmth (as shown). Needles for blood pressure Acupuncture so terrified me that it should have made my blood pressure worse. I’ve heard of white coat syndrome, in which vitals get worse simply because you are in the company of a doctor. Qigong for cancerI was 32 years old and five months pregnant when doctors told me I had colon cancer. The instructor told me this is not a once-in-a-while thing; to heal myself, Qigong would have to be part of my life. Hypnosis for stomachacheThe gnawing pain in my abdomen arrived one morning and wouldn’t quit. As this energy seeks a way out of the body, we tend to push it away or dilute the energetic flow with denial, alcohol, drugs, food or perfectionism. It made sense and the visual was very appropriate to me because it’s exactly what the experience felt like.
I think of her as more of a healing sorceress because she searches the globe for the most effective healing modalities and integrates them into her practice. Every session is unique, relying on the healing that the body is seeking in that moment, utilizing the mind+body connection to interpret energy and bring about the highest good for healing.
From there, it is guided by a combination of consulting the inner advisor, or wisdom self, and applied kinesiology.
Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. The goal is to channel Universal energy through the body to restore the whole person to a balanced state. Literally, just having the crystal on you is a charged piece of earth which will give you energy throughout the day.
Lay a bunch of Crystals on your body as seen in the feature image above, and just lay down and relax for half an hour or so.
Allow a pitcher of water to soak with some crystals in it throughout the night, or even just for an hour or two before you drink it. Throughout the course of the night, your body will energetically connect with the vibration of the crystals, and you will wake up feeling fantastic! You may find that today’s mudra may only need to be held for seconds or try holding the mudra throughout your meditation.
It’s because yoga and similar mind-quieting methods have the potential to work as well as many medications at treating what ails you. The relaxation response causes cells to release micropuffs of nitric oxide, a gas that dilates blood vessels and stabilizes the immune system, Dr. Instead of fostering a quiet mind, meditation sets off a mental ticker tape of to-do and should-have-done lists. A study in The Journal of Neuroscience shows that if you are feeling discomfort and are given a placebo you believe to be a painkiller, your mind will instruct your body to release feel-good endorphins. In a recent study of 50 adolescent girls with eating disorders, scientists found that an hour of yoga a week for eight weeks reduced subjects’ symptoms and their overall preoccupation with food.
A 2008 review in the International Journal of Clinical Practice found that there aren’t enough solid studies to show that Reiki works. But the ancient Eastern practice, also known as Chinese yoga, can ease a long list of ailments, including heart disease, bone loss, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes.
I think part of what made my pressure drop in Jason’s office was the opposite—a sort of kindness syndrome, in which a medical professional gives you the time you need, puts his hands on you, looks you in the eyes and tries to understand you.
I used it until, after five years of pain, a new doctor finally pinpointed the cause: an intestinal parasite. Chronic pain sufferers who listened to music for an hour a day for seven days reduced their hurt by 20 percent, according to a study by Sandra L. Despite the good explanation, my kids were not fond of therapy, and I honored their resistance.

I am cheering you on to seek a professional who utilizes a dynamic approach that fosters the mind+body connection and whole-heartedly nurtures you. For me, it’s all about the healing: to create a radiant healing energy for others who have befallen a similar fate. Did you know that all of our Computer Technology is based off of the core Element that Crystals are? You can wear it on a bracelet, a necklace, a belt buckle, or even just put it in your pocket. The crystals will create an energetic infusion with the Water and the structure of the water will align energetically to the vibration of the Crystals.
I have tried this dozens of times, and I have shared it with many people who always have the exact same results. This gesture not only increases and nourishes physical strength, but also psychological strength. Hasta means “hand” in Sanskrit and “mudra” comes from the Sanskrit word “mud”, meaning to delight. By activating parts of the hand, a hasta mudra opens up channels of energy and sends messages to the brain.
But in a study in NeuroReport, researchers discovered that the prefrontal cortex and the anterior right insula, areas linked to attention and sensory processing, were thicker and more robust in those who meditate. Benson compared the genes of 38 people, half of whom meditated regularly and half of whom never did. Yoga also promotes better sleep, and the more soundly you snooze, the fewer pain chemicals your brain secretes. Still, the lying-still-for-30-to-90-minutes part of the therapy may help you chill out, which could lower your blood pressure and heart rate. Five months later, however, a larger review in the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found needles had no effect. Chanting confers all the benefits of meditation and helps blood flow in two parts of the brain that regulate stress, Nuclear Medicine Communications reports.
Shoulders relaxed, pretend you’re hugging a giant beach ball against your chest (as shown). Still, I told them I wanted to deliver the baby and then focus on the cancer—I had gone through eight miscarriages, and this time, I was really having a baby. He told me about qigong, and I went to our local wellness center and joined a class called Chi-Lel Qigong. I write about it here because I think it is an important healing tool: a way to delve below the surface and unearth invisible forces that wreak havoc in our lives. Honestly, you’ll never feel the need to drink Coffee again, Spirit Water feels so good to drink! A mudra is a seal as in sealing your connection with the Divine or sealing energy in the body. Keep in mind though that while hasta mudras can offer great healing, no mudra is a substitute for medication or medical attention. Controlling for other factors, he found that genes associated with stress-related illness behaved differently in the two groups. If even that’s a stretch, you can reduce stress simply by doing daily chores more mindfully. But I’m even more grateful that for those few hours, over those few months, it helped me.
The master taught us to direct life energy: We used meditation and hand movements to direct the qi to our body parts. The right kind of therapy can be instrumental in the journey to wholeness and create possibilities for a better future. The brain relays your bliss to the endocrine and autonomic nervous systems, lowering your heart rate and blood pressure and goosing immunity. It seems meditators’ genes were essentially telling their body to stress less and age more slowly.

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