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Essentially traditional healing is intuitively guided energy healing, usually in a hands-on format. The Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy™ is an external, non-invasive massage treatment on the abdomen, back, and feet that works to soften musculature, align the pelvic bones, and guide the uterus into its proper position. Cortical Field Reeducation® is a form of somatic education that renews the brain-muscle-emotion connection.
CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on method that releases deep tensions in the body and improves holistic health by accessing the craniosacral system — the membranes and fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. Feldenkrais® Spinal Awareness is a hands-on touch healing method that combines modern scientific discovery with ancient movement systems to improve general health or help with both long-term and acute problems. LaStone® Therapy uses stones of varying temperatures applied to the body to reduce inflammation and bring relief to stiff and sore muscles, resulting in alleviation of chronic and acute problems.
Spiritual Massage is a hands-on healing practice that works directly on the energy body to balance the chakras, cleanse old thought forms, and gently facilitate the release of emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages. Thai Massage uses passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to release tension, balance energy systems, and increase flexibility. Transformational Kinesiology (TK) is a method of self-discovery grounded in the science of subtle energies.
We offer a rich and varied integral learning environment devoted to cultivating deep change in self and society.
A global network of seekers devoted to the belief that we are all capable of the extraordinary. Whatever the reason for this low frequency energy, it is highly advisable to bring healing to this situation in accordance with the highest good of all – so that the humans inhabiting this space are not adversely affected. Prayer is not only the means by which we connect intimately with God; it is a conduit through which his grace overflows into our lives.
Throughout scripture, God interacts dynamically with his people and speaks to them in a variety of ways. Begin the process by scheduling an appointment and filling out the Confidential Intake form. This site has been created by Linda and the contents of this website are protected by a Higher Power.

If you use content from my site without asking or giving credit you will have Karma and your conscious to answer to. A gently supportive and powerful process of deeply connecting to a place inside yourself that "knows," an inner recognition connecting past, present and future, anchored in the body. During the healing session, you will be lying fully clothed upon a massage table, comfortably supported by a pillow and blanket. I will encourage you to gently close your eyes and begin to take some long, slow deep breaths as I do a short assessment of the energy pathways in your energy field to determine where energy is flowing easily and where it is blocked. At the completion of the session, I will quietly speak to you and encourage you to remain still in the peaceful space for a few moments before opening your eyes and sitting up. Space clearing is an energetic healing process whereby areas of stagnant, heavy or negative energy are infused with Divine light and unconditional love. When human beings spend long periods of time in areas of dense or negative vibration, our human energy field is unable to draw in the nurturing, restorative energy that we need to be healthy and happy. In prayer we encounter God, who is perfect, and thus we leave the place of prayer being made more like him, that is, more whole than we were before.
He spoke to Daniel through visions, King Nebuchadnezzar through dreams, Baalam through a donkey, Moses through a burnging bush, and the list goes on. As a dedicated energy work practitioner, I offer my clients in-person healing sessions as well as distant healing by telephone.
To learn more about healing sessions and the specific techniques I use in my practice, please see the links and information below.
I will ask you to hold an intention for the healing – to consciously connect to what you would like the outcome of the session to be.
I will then take you through a short  guided relaxation exercise before moving to your feet.
I will give you a glass of water and there will be time available if you wish to talk about any aspect of the session. This process raises the vibration of the area to such an extent that any negativity is cleared and transformed.
For that reason the ministry of New Hearts Outreach is adamant about praying for and with everyone who comes through.

Perhaps more important than the smorgasboard of ways in which he speaks is the reality that he does speak. I also offer Chaldean Astrology chart readings that can help you understand yourself more and assist you in both your personal and spiritual healing and growth.
I welcome your questions and feedback about anything I have here on my site and wish you a wonderful visit. For example, it may be to bring healing to a physical issue, or to an aspect of your life that is not going the way you wish; to receive clarity around a problem or dilemma or maybe to address an imbalance in your relationships. Holding the soles of the feet to begin the session, before moving up to the ankles, knees, hips, and then through the seven main chakras of the body, I bring energy into your system; clearing and charging the chakras and energy pathways and restoring balance and alignment within the body and human energy field. I will then suggest that you make some space to allow the healing to integrate following the session – perhaps by taking some quiet time in nature if this feels right. In the presence of the transcendent frequencies of Divine light and love, low vibration or negative energy is unable to remain and is cleared and transmuted. This includes 1-2 hour sessions devoted exclusively to listening prayer with anyone who is comfortable with doing so. He is not some cold, distant and detached creater who forgot his handiwork or observes it from afar.
It might simply be to be able to totally relax and let go of any stress you are holding or to connect to your intuitive wisdom and creative passion. And it is our pleasure to announce that we are now expanding our hours of availability into the evenings in order to accommodate more people as well as their work schedules.
Simply call our office to arrange an initial, confidential intake interview and schedule a prayer appointment with our staff.
Thus, the crux of hearing God relies less on whether he is speaking and more on whether we are listening.
It is an intentional effort to quiet our minds and open ourselves up to a number of ways that God wants to interact with us: perhaps a prominent scripture verse, an image, a memory, or something else.

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