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Booktopia - Healing Meditations, Healthy Living Audio Audio Book (Audio CD) by Bernie Siegel, 9781401901424.
Sunday 25th October 4pm (UK time) (1pm EDT): A special class as part of the exciting Spirituality Symposium.
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Bli forst att betygsatta och recensera boken Healing Meditations for Surviving Grief and Loss. This recording will bring you on a journey from your earth energy, as it relates to your connection to it, up to your ethereal energy that holds your unconditional love and acceptance of all things. Detox II™ Activates natural detoxification and antioxidant enzymes, protecting from free radical damage. Tum Ease™ High-potency complex relieves gastric discomfort, protects esophageal and stomach lining.
Resveratrol™ Containing three synergistic antioxidants: pterostilbene, resveratrol and quercetin. Ageless Genes™ Dietary supplement with three key nutrients that work together to support vital cellular function.

On this inspiring program you will be guided through several empowering meditations, each a combination of guided imagery and auto-hypnosis. Register HERE for details and join me on Sunday for a taster of how meditation could contribute to your healing and help soothe your symptoms.
Join us for a Global Healing Meditation in which we collectively send healing energy to those who need it most. Ramsey RecommendsSuzanne Somers tells it like it is, to benefit women and help them improve their health, lifestyles, and relationships. These inner journeys are designed to assist you in dealing with negative thoughts, past hurts, stress, grief, and other conditions that can contribute to your lack of well-being. Bernie Siegel tells you how to enhance your health through a combination of guided imagery and auto-hypnosis.
Berniea€™s calm, resonant voice gently helps you experience your own unique qualities, as well as your inner and outer beauty. He guides you through individual empowering meditations that combine guided imagery and auto-hypnosis. Thanks to all I had learnt the first time round, this time my symptoms have been very mild.I write and coach so that all the energy I’ve put into learning about how best to manage and overcome chronic illness will help you too!

Meditation led by Reiki Master and Shamanic Lightworker Alexandra Catchpole, owner of Ancient Luna Healing. These inspiring inner journeys are very inspirational, and each time you listen them you will find new information to help raise your level of well-being. The meditations will be available online, so no matter where you're located, you can join us in spirit at the same time. You should not use the information on this web site for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease or prescribing any medication or other treatments. Bernie's calm, resonant voice gently helps you experience your own unique qualities as well as your inner and outer beauty.

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