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Energy healing promotes health and wellness in the body, brings harmony to our emotions, clarity and inspiration to our mind and aligns us to the joy and passion of our soul.
Cost of session is $90 – for those experiencing financial stress, a more flexible fee structure may be available.
Cost of these services will vary according to the situation, call me to chat about your needs.
On that August night, my husband came home to our cozy New York apartment, sat down, and told me, behind a smother of hands and hunched shoulders, that he’s in love with another woman. What was clear was that he would not leave her despite the ten years we’d spent together, despite the love he still felt for me, despite the mistake he knew he was making.
And so, this man whom I loved with unbridled completeness, ran a sledgehammer through my life. As it happens, the reverberations of that blow rippled out, unceremoniously taking down other pillars I had come to rely on for my sense of stability and well-being. A week after my husband’s declaration, my spiritual home, the yoga studio I practiced and taught at nearly every day for years, closed with twenty-four-hour notice. After weeks of treading water and binging on my stories of “poor me,” I realized that, despite my best efforts, life just kept coming at me.
I realized that I had a choice: I could keep shutting it out and wallow in misery, or I could open up and receive it. In doing this, I discovered that what was breathing nourishment back into my soul and calling me forward into living again was none other than my senses.
Without doing anything dramatic, without making lofty resolutions or steeling my willpower, I began to heal. In opening, despite the pain and miserable facts of my life, a new awareness took hold: our senses are portals to the soul. They are our inborn pleasure centers, receiving and transmitting sensory data—pleasure and pain—directly to the soul, where it is translated into information for the soul to use, to learn from, and to grow from.
Like a salve on a wound, senses can nourish and calm an achy soul and administer cooling bandages to a broken heart. So, I made the decision to nurture my senses and give my soul what it desired, even if it meant that my senses brought in pain, or ugly sounds, or smelly feet.
Because I learned that when my body aches from too many hours at the computer, I can still look to the blue sky and take cool drinks of water. Because when I’m wracked with disappointment or the sting of failure, I can still feel warm water on my skin.
Because when I’m overwhelmed and wrung out from demands and deadlines, I can still breathe in the smell of a hearty stew and hear the kind words of friend. About Heather ReesHeather Rees is a career change coach and strategic ally for women who want to do work that is meaningful to them.
This is so true after my breakup, after an 8year relationship I was in a dark place but god help me every sunrise and sunset is more beautiful than last one. Its true but it has been 7 months I feel same, things have not changed I feel its takes time to changes.
I’ve just booked two weeks away to a secluded beach house to learn to love all the good things around me and try to heal myself and move on. Thanks Heather, that is really a new concept to me than even when things aren’t going great I can revert back to my senses to ground me in some way.
I know what it’s like to lose someone close and to be in a dark place mourning… where healing and letting go seems virtually impossible. 7 years ago (today) one of my cousins passed away due to diabetes complications at the age of 26. I was shocked, stunned and angry… I couldn’t believe how young people like that were gone so soon and WHY?!

It gets extremely lonely to look at life through this perspective… in order to let go of the pain, we need to focus on getting better. Lin28a achieved all of these effects by increasing the production of several metabolic enzymes and enhancing metabolic processes that are normally more active in embryos. If the results, published today in Cell, carry over into humans, the researchers think reactivating the gene could speed up post-operation healing processes. There is nothing to say it’s impossible that we could naturally re-engage this part of our physiology. In all living creatures including humans, is an activating enzyme that is re-triggered, the negatively charged bacteria is only one way to activate this gene. D-briefBriefing you on the must-know news and trending topics in science and technology today. Do things that you set aside during your relationship to be done later because you didn’t have time then. It had been a full summer: family visits, plans for a cross-country move, barbecues, and plenty of travel. Well, not so much in those words—they actually came much later—but to save you a longer story, we’ll keep it at that. At times I’d get a surge of energy and suit up with determination to do something about my situation.
No matter how much I resisted and whimpered, the sun rose, birds sang, and babies still made me laugh.
I started with small things: feeling the comforting weight of blankets piled on top of me as I vegged out on the couch, tasting the bitter sweetness of chocolate chip cookies, seeing the texture and hue of the landscape I stared out into.
Opening our sense portals to the deluge of pleasure that surrounds us, and filling our souls with the fullness of ease and nourishment beyond our imagination. She is also the creator of the newly released Soul Revival: a Return to Your Senses – an exploration of the senses to spark creativity and reconnect with the soul. I really needed to hear that it’s okay to take some time to put yourself back together again. I came through 15 nearly unrelenting years of pain and loss, self-doubt, and the occasional plans for suicide.
So instead of reflecting on all the great times we spent together, I was bitter and angry pushing away those alive and kicking… The whole notion of building new connections with people, focusing on healing and feeling better – seemed surreal. Scientists since Darwin have tried, and failed, to figure out this apparent fountain of youth, but new research suggests a gene called Lin28a could be the key. It would seem as if that wouldn’t be against natural selection, as well as entirely within the realm of possible. I recently learnt from my dying mother that she was aware of the sexual abuse taking place in our house by my step father over a period of 12 years and yet did nothing about it.
As are things like feeling textures of common things around you, taking one mindful bit of food with eyes closed, appreciating what you see right now and the beauty it has. So again i do not understand how this sensory healing things works, i just cannot relate to it. If you have ever seen a photograph that made you smile or heard a joke that made you laugh, you have experienced a sensory moment.
I married a man I did not love and did not care when he had found another woman 13 years later. Nearly 4 years after my heart was shattered I can now say that it takes time, patience, kindness, and conscious application of loving self-care.
It starts to paralyze you as you start to think ‘time never heals, it stings you twice everyday’.
Do everything that your boyfriend or girlfriend never let you do or you didn’t do to keep your partner happy!

I dealt with the abuse years ago but learning that my mother knew and did nothing has just shattered my world and left me reeling.
So much of what I learned I had known before, but it took going to meetings to really understand it. To ease your pain, seek out the sights (a rainbow) and smells (fresh baked bread) and sounds (wind chimes on a lazy afternoon) that give you peace or a sense of hope. But, in truth, we change in tiny increments, moment to moment, that slowly weaves a fabric whole. Researchers thus wanted to know if reactivating this gene could restore regenerative abilities in adult animals. Especially if you consider the dormancy of this gene could be a side effect of diets, environment or a myriad of other physiological affecting facts. Cry as much as you can, you feel will the hole in your heart filling up again as all the bottled up emotions start to flow out; it will let out all the pain and grief you are feeling.
Taking care of the pet will mend your heart subconsciously, and you wouldn’t even realize when you got over your heartache. What my problem is, is that both of us were so strong-willed, that only one of us had to be on top.
Loving awareness, a heart-felt prayer for guidance and patience go a long way in creating a life that is grounded in meaning for you. Now he’s in a new and improved relationship with a woman he met 3 weeks after we broke up. AND I PRAY THAT ALL THAT PAIN WILL TURN FOR YOUR BETTERMENT AND YOU HELP OTHERS GOING THRU OR WILL GO THRU. Breaking up with someone you love sounds cruel and the pain it brings with itself is even more unbearable. A dog, cat or any other pet that you wish to have will take your mind off from the breakup and you would not be able to even notice when it happened. You now have time to go out with your friends and do all the crazy things that you used to do.
Once you have achieved your set goal, you will be rejoicing in its attainment and the thought of breakup will have been long gone. Don’t be scared to date again because until and unless you fail, you can never taste victory. But, if looked at positively, it means that something better and greater is waiting for you. You can party till late night, go for movies, check out girls or boys, and go on a road trip. So falling in and out of love is a process that ultimately takes you to your perfect person. This is a very passe saying but is true ‘if it was true love, it will return back.’ But this doesn’t mean you have to keep waiting all your life for it and keep nudging your head into the wall. And when you find one, you realize that those were trivial relationships and don’t matter now.
I feel that I must be the stupidest woman on the planet to allow a man to mistreat her so badly and yet, still love him.

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