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I almost broke down crying from the vast amount of love I suddenly felt for everyone in my life. I realized in that moment, that I had been blocking my truth, and one of my greatest gifts: the vast capacity to love people, fully and completely, for who they are.
I spent years believing I was so introverted that I could only "handle" small doses of people, even the people I loved most. I believe it has everything to do with allowing myself to just open and love the hell out of whoever is in front of me. I invite you to see where you may be blocking connection, depth, and the open flow of love.
Interactions are draining when we're not really connecting, or we feel like we're not able to show up fully. Hold your hand over your heart and think of an experience or person that makes you feel tons of love.
Another great exercise is to imagine opening the door of your heart, just a little bit at a time. It’s impossible for me to go a day without seeing someone complain about their lack of time on my Facebook newsfeed.
I eat the same breakfast everyday, I go to the gym at the same time, and I know exactly what I’m doing the first hour of each day. If you’re interested in learning more about this topic then i highly suggest you pick up the book The Power of Full Engagement. I’m getting my shit together and stackin up some cash to get started with my first campaign.
WOW dude, I just cam across your blog a few days ago and reading almost every article on here, I don’t know why I didn’t find your blog earlier! This shit is one of the only few blogs that really love to read, enjoy and has valuable shit in it. Your blogpost has turned my thinking and I will surely use it in my everyday planning, thank you!
Are you so extremely tired all the time that people just dismiss you as just lazy, even though you know you're trying your best? Is your constant tiredness and fatigue jeopardizing your job, your relationship and your health? Do you suffer from so much low energy level that dragging yourself to the dinner table seems like a chore? Do others find you uninteresting and uninterested, when the real problem is that you're just tired? In fact, you would hardly need drugs-fatigue is one of many side effects of a lot of medications!
Except some of these products also "crash" you to a new low that makes you want to "climb" up again..
There was a recent case [2014], in which a teenager died from an overdose of caffeine powder to be exact! While coffee itself is not an unhealthy product, some people get jittery after consuming coffee.
But here is a more serious consequence of trying to beat fatigue and tiredness with coffee..

Would you believe the reason some people are tired all the time, is because they refuse to rest? As I always stress, there are few deadlines in life, except those man has imposed on himself! Natural foods high in natural nutrients, especially B-complex Vitamins-foods such as Moringa. In fact, the Center for Disease Control says sleep deprivation in the United States, is an epidemic!
Lack of vitamin D is a risk factor for depression; in fact, those with low vitamin D levels have an 85 percent higher risk of depression than those with the highest levels-as reported in the International Archives of Medicine. If these tiny enegry generators are not efficient, how do you think you'll be able to beat fatigue? An effective protocol for beating fatigue and tiredness has to have good nutrition as its major component..
But nature has a solution for that in a plant product that is maybe, the most nutrient dense natural food on earth-MORINGA!
Then, there are sugar substitutes, such as Aspartame-a product that was rejected 16 times by the FDA..
That is, until political intrigue and corruption, put this poison on your family dinner table!!
And this is what you ingest everyday in your coffee, sodas, teas, ketchup, mustard, foods-even in your medications! No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc. Try these natural, science-backed methods to rise and shine when your fourth cup isn’t cutting it—or if you just want to try a chemical-free high.
Suddenly, my heart opened wider than I'd ever felt it open, and my body started to shake from the intensity of the love that was flowing through me. If someone is meant to walk alongside me as a partner in this life, they'll have to appreciate this about me, not be threatened. You can love and appreciate the checkout girl at the store, the rude delivery driver that drops your pizza off, and your most pain in the butt client.
Through her Mastery program, she merges the worlds of personal development and branding to help men and women build passion-based lives and businesses they love. What’s interesting is that we all have 24 hours in a day, but some people just get so much more done. It could make sense to get rid of those customers because they’re a lot of work for less money.
If I have a campaign in 10 countries, I’m going to focus most of my testing and attention on the 2-3 countries with the most volume because that affects the bottom line the most. Avoid Decision Fatigue – Obama eats the same food everyday and has 12 identical suits in order to simplify his life.
By wasting less energy on low value decisions, I have more energy when I need to make bigger decisions. Eliminate the non-essential – Evaluate how you spend your time and energy and constantly ask, is it worth it?
I’m more focused eating better food to help me reach my long term goals than to eat junk and satisfy an instant-gratification craving. Take Regular Breaks – Work 25 minutes and take a 5 minute break, or work for 50 minutes and take a 10 minute break.
Sexual Transmutation – This is a really deep topic and my friends at AsianEfficiency wrote a lengthy article on the subject.

You Could Seriously Make Thousands of Profit a Day, Traveling the World, and Designing Your Own Lifestyle. And by exhausted, I mean totally and completely shut down, staring at the ceiling in my bedroom, because I needed to "recharge" in order to deal with humans again.
I've been to networking and business meetings, play dates, events, had my best friend in town for a weekend, traveled, talked on the phone with multiple people every day (and even one night for seven hours), and have barely been home. It will transform the energy of the situation, leave you feeling more alive and open, and help you further tap into that love you have inside. Click here to access her free Foundations for Unshakable Joy™ video training series and learn the unexpected trick to transforming your life with one single question! They’ll sacrifice sleep, eat junk food, and load themselves up with sugary drinks in an attempt to overcompensate.
Ever since I’ve added routines to improve my energy levels, I rarely get burned out from work now. An example of this in the business world is that 80% of your profits can come from 20% of your clients. Making too many decisions can sap your energy so the President routinizes a large portion of his life. Only 2% of people can perform better when multitasking, and you’re probably not one of them. I had fun of course, but I realized the time I was spending was robbing energy away from my other goals.
I want a girl that makes me a stronger man, not someone that’s constantly draining me.
What made me actually implement some of these habits is understanding the science behind them and reading studies. You’re expending a lot of energy in the gym that could be used for work instead right? Honestly, I really had a great time reading your tips on how you can increase your productivity, especially taking out procrastination on your part. It still overwhelms me sometimes, but I just breathe into it and allow it to energize that love even more.
It makes sense then to focus more on servicing those clients, and trying to find more clients like them. Instead what you’re doing is continuously switching tasks which is far less productive than just focusing on one. When I started practicing yoga all the instructors started preaching the value of inversions.
Then pay attention to how open it feels with others, and practice continuing to crack it wider each time you're with another person. The next time you're with someone, just focus on loving them, opening your heart, clearing the blocks, and just sending love and appreciation their way. I have the most energy and motivation during that time so I want to use it on my most important tasks.
The basic idea is it reverses the flow of blood to your head and therefore gives you a huge, natural rush of energy.

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