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Are we supposed to be grateful for our roommate who doesn’t clean the sink, or our boss who doesn’t appreciate us?
However, the advice is a SHOULD in itself: we SHOULD be grateful to the person who criticizes us. For me personally that last question is really what this book is about and the only meditation exercises in the book that I ended up trying (and repeating) are closer to this question, than to the others.
The meditation exercise I find myself repeating every morning, and every time I don’t feel to good is the following (p. Sitting down on a meditation cushion or chair, take a few deep breaths to bring awareness into the body.
Become aware of the breath, and as you breathe in, feel whatever sensations arise where your fingers rest on the chest. Imagine you are breathing as if the breath is entering the body through the chest center, almost as if there were a conduit right into the heart area.
Eventually it will feel very refreshing and enlivening, as if the breeze were going right through you. Subscribe to my spritual book reviewsEnter your email address:Your email address will not be used for anything else.
The more Julie’s husband stepped away, the more Julie started to notice all the ways that he wasn’t meeting her needs. I don’t know what’s bothering you today–if you’re worried about a relationship, or worried about your kids, or worried about money. One day, when her children were still preschoolers, Julie looked in the mirror and felt as if she didn’t recognize herself anymore. Happiness is having what you want, which is only possible when God helps you to want what you have.

If we stop at that first half–having what you want–we’ll always be unhappy, because our wants are unlimited.
My happiness is a gift I can give my husband--because then he doesn't have to fix anything!
Tomorrow I want to share with you my Top 10 ways for creating happiness–and thus giving your husband the gift of a happy wife! Nine Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage will start shipping August 18–but you can pre-order it now!
She used to be a confident woman with drive and dreams who could take on the world; now she was a mess who was always angry. And when you possess those, you become happy.So, in other words, happiness is a by-product of something else. It was tough for Julie–she had to learn how to bring God into her daily life and how to set up systems so that she could cope with two difficult preschoolers. It’s just a snippet of what’s in the book–seriously, there’s so much more–but I hope it will help you.But today I wanted to let you know that I learned a lot while writing this book. And everyone who preorders, or who orders it on August 18, will be able to get a whole bunch of free downloadable goodies during all my parties I’m planning for August 18!
Practicing one meditation exercise for a week or even longer is probably just what the doctor ordered for many of us. But let’s make sure that we put the onus for fixing those problems where it belongs: with ourselves and with God, not with our husbands. We are, at heart, envious people.What we really need, then, is for God to change our hearts so that we want what He has given us.
Happiness isn’t the first step at all; it’s something that only comes after we wrestle with God.

I have struggled with many of these issues, too, and this one in particular has been a journey for me.  I hope you can take this journey with me. Just keep watching this blog, or stay in touch through my newsletter so you don’t miss your chance to get your goodies, and come to a bunch of fun parties on the day! It started with a lot of health problems, and ended with a personal struggle I’ve been praying through and agonizing about. It’s not a pat answer because it always applies.Ladies, we’re all going to go through periods, like Julie, when we are exhausted and stretched beyond our limits. And what’s bugged me the most is that I can’t share that personal struggle with Keith in the way that I want to, because it’s not his struggle. He doesn’t feel the same way about the issue as I do (it’s not a marriage issue, by the way. But they can’t feel it in the same way that we do, and they can’t always fix it.But men like to fix things. To be our big champion!But isn’t being our champion God’s role?If your husband doesn’t get as riled up or as upset about something as you do, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. He can just love me, and have fun with me, and dote on me without feeling like he’s somehow doing something wrong.

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