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Now, I’m attempt­ing to get rid of the last bit of ves­ti­gial, non-cloud-friendly tech­nol­ogy that we’re using — filesys­tem back­ups and auto­matic AMI bundling. The good news is that once I’m done, our servers will boot faster, be eas­ier to back up, and hope­fully, more resilient. 0Hockey Scoreboard StandardTurn any computer into a realistic hockey scoreboard at very low cost. Unfor­tu­nately, we started when the ser­vice was very young, and that meant it was dif­fi­cult to back up our instances.
We had a prob­lem where our server was crash­ing dur­ing the backup process — first, the backup would eat up any free space on our root device, which would then slow the site to a crawl as it got stuck at 99% cpu usage.

I switched us to this ser­vice for our main two data­bases (a blog and a forum) and so far it’s run­ning smoothly. This requires cre­at­ing a new EBS vol­ume, for­mat­ting the vol­ume, copy­ing the entire filesys­tem to this new vol­ume, snap­shot­ting it in the AWS con­sole, and then cre­at­ing an image from the snap­shot (also in the AWS con­sole). Then, I would reboot the instance only to find MySQL was unable to start because the device was full.
I just had a search and I can’t even find the source any more — this was at least two years ago. C-MOR IP Video Surveillance SoftwareFree NVR Video Surveillance software C-MORAcer ASPIRE ONE KAV60 Drivers UtilityGet Acer ASPIRE ONE KAV60 drivers.

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