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In overall format you could describe the Work as an early type of mindfulness training, but with distinctly Western heart and soul and a flavor all its own! While many of the practices are familiar along the path of spiritual transformation, Gurdjieff brings them a flavor all his own. In this e-course, Cynthia Bourgeault will lead you through the practices themselves in a cumulative, sequential way that remains concrete and focused on a practical task. Cynthia Bourgeault is one of the foremost contemporary bridgebuilders between the Gurdjieff Work and the contemporary spiritual sensibility. Full details to subscribe to this very popular on-demand program from Spirituality and Practice available HERE. For a full list of Cynthia Bourgeault’s online courses with Spirituality and Practice please see HERE. We will occasionally send you updates on news and notifications related to The Contemplative Society and Cynthia Bourgeault.
The Grand Celtic Adventure Contemplative Voices Award: Honoring The Rev.
On January 13, 1949, Gurdjieff was in New York City and announced (on what proved to be his last birthday) his decision to publish Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson.
This beautiful, contemplative film, set in southern Italy in the area of the Calabrian hills, takes its title, Le Quattro Volte, from Pythagoras, who lived in Calabria in the 6th century BCE. With no dialogue, the slow action of the rural village unfolds and we enter the rhythm and sweep of life itself. Through languid scenes of nature and a village seemingly of another time we are introduced to an elderly goatherd and his routine of taking the goats to pasture, aided by his dog.

Throughout the film there is the connection of the humans to one another, dependent on each other for food, fuel, spirituality, community. The opening scene of the film is mysterious; we dona€™t know what a large black mound is, what the men surrounding it are doing.
Gurdjieff tells us a man "should constantly sense and be cognizant of the inevitability of his own death as well as the death of everyone upon whom his eyes or attention rests." Without this recognition and the presence it requires we are all subject to the mechanical forces of the universe. If the ideas and perspectives you've found in this article are of interest, please subscribe to The Gurdjieff Journal. I Gurdjieff (1866-1949) was an enigmatic, Armenian-born spiritual teacher whose one-of-a-kind spiritual teaching has been a quiet force in Western spiritual history for nearly 100 years.
Its core program is designed to bring out of the distracted, self-important, self-preoccupied contemporary personality a conscious human being, capable of presence, freedom, and compassionate action. And some of the specialities, such as the Work’s teaching on attention, identification, and self-remembering, are unparalleled in any other spiritual lineage. An Episcopal priest and retreat leader, she participated actively in the Gurdjieff Work for ten years and still remains deeply involved in its teaching and articulation. Gurdjieff summons us to transformation by showing how to focus our attention on the reality of our inner being and the outer life it attracts. This was a complete departure from the practice he had followed for almost four decades of expounding his teaching orally and circulating his writings privately. He brings milk to the local church and exchanges it for "holy dust" swept up by the charwoman that he takes back to his bare room to mix with water and drink. The goatherd dies surrounded by his animal charges, his only witnesses; the townsfolk see him to his crypt without emotion.

Like Gurdjieff himself, she discovered that these practices opened the door to deepening and grounding her own Christian practice, and she has been committed to extending the interfaces through workshops, writing, and now this e-course. The perspective and tone throughout the film is objective; we are not asked to identify with the goatherd in a personal way. It's only at the end that we return to the mound and are shown the process of firing the charcoal.
This 12-part email course created by renowned teacher Cynthia Bourgeault plunges you right into the heart of these transformative practices.
We do not know his background, only that he makes his rounds as he always has and fulfills his role within the community. When he dies a much younger, more vital man takes his place, with the implication that he, too, will live out his life in the same way. Le Quattro Volte ends with the smoke from the charcoal wafting into the ether, mixing with the elements. And the goatherda€™s death is followed by the birth of a baby goat—seemingly the human form devolving to the animal. The kid in turn will be separated from the herd and die under a majestic tree, devolving to the vegetable, and the tree, after being felled to serve the community's revels, will become charcoal, or mineral, that will heat the villagers' homes and cook their food—and so the four times.

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