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Join Carolyn for a webinar on child-friendly guided visualization techniques filled with rainbows and rocket ships. Self Illumination meditation is a meditation technique that involves visualizing energy and light in the body and mind.
The practitioner uses the consciousness to explore the body and find areas of emptiness or parts of our being that seem lifeless. To really reap the benefits of your practice, they key is to remain acutely aware to present moment, rather than letting the mind wander.
A class can either be a great chance to stretch or sweat or build strength, or serve as a transcendent experience as the mind and body move as one. The hour spent breathing and moving with the mind and body engaged in a partnership, is what allows you to come to a place of total relaxation. While experiencing a particularly good Savasana, this is an approximation of how I’m feeling. YOGANONYMOUS is an open platform that allows teachers, studios, event promoters, and bloggers a place to interact with the community at large - we'd love to have you in the crew.
These deeply relaxing Mp3’s are a wonderful way to experience the soothing and calming nature of blissful music and Guided Visualizations.
Then did you know that extensive scientific research has shown that music recorded with certain rhythms and beats per minute (BPM) aid the ultimate relaxation and that Guided visualisations bring wonderful, natural benefits to our immune system and help with deeper, revitalizing sleep patterns. This Soothing Mp3 is exactly what you need to release Stress from a busy life, guiding you on a journey to peace and calm upon your own personal island. An added benefit of using the above relaxation media is that you can take it with you on your mp3 player or phone, so that you can use it to relax throughout your day. Participants will learn about the benefits of guided imagery, as well as practical ways to create a child-friendly environment for guided imagery and relaxation.

Only thing I’d add is guided imagery, like the stories you can find in my book, Imaginations: Fun Relaxation Stories and Meditations for Kids! When your focus is on your breathing and how it feels to be in your body, that's when the magic of yoga begins to take shape. You surrender to the earth and it can feel as though your body falls asleep, which is entirely different from the way you fall asleep at the end of a long day. It’s not quite an out of body experience, but I do notice an alertness in my mind as it begins an exploration, all while the body is quite heavy with rest. Yoga is a practice, and its gifts are equal to the care and presence you give to your practice. Our relaxation music and Guided visualizations have been professionally recorded and produced to the highest standards using musical techniques, natural sounds from nature, Tibetan singing Bowls and rhythms which will help you to achieve a level of Relaxation that you may not have experienced in a very long time.
It incorporates gentle ocean sounds with soothing musical landscapes taking you to Tranquility. Taking you on a Blissful journey through nature, with beautifully recorded natural, calming sounds, as you are Guided on a calming walk through a wonderful meadow, overlaid with soft musical themes, to finally wash away all of your Stress and negativity within the sounds of a pure mountain stream. Taking it’s roots from simple Therapeutic, Meditative practices enabling you to release from negative, stressful events. Using simple meditative practices alongside musical landscapes, the natural Healing vibrations of Tibetan bowls, complemented by a colour therapy visualization, takes you gently to a blissed-out and tranquil state.
When you sit on a train, lunch in the park, or go for a walk, the possibilities are endless.
Participants will also experience a guided visualization leaving them calm, relaxed, and ready to share guided imagery with children.
I had noticed near the end of the practice in Pigeon Pose, that I was feeling particularly open that day, in both the physical and mental sense.

It made me realize what I love about Savasana at the end of a truly conscious, present practice, is that the moment of rest allows my mind and body to operate independently of one another.
You physically relax into the ground, acutely aware of the heavy pull of gravity and allowing that to hug you in even closer. As the body begins to drift away to a blissful world of much deserved sleep, the mind remains awake.
I feel like my mind is active, but that it couldn’t tell the body to move even if it wanted to. Guided imagery for kids can be found in my new book, Imaginations: Fun Relaxation Stories and Meditations for Kids! Mind gently places the body into bed, slowly extricating itself so as to not interrupt the body’s peaceful slumber. Instead of that being a scary feeling, it feels almost like a mental reset––a reminder of the separation between the two systems which work together to provide us with the experience of being a living, breathing, thinking person.
But instead of leaving the room, the mind has a moment, gazing lovingly at the body while it's sleeping peacefully––so vulnerable, yet beautiful. When you begin to "wake" from Savasana, it's as though you're starting over, and are re-teaching your mind to control your body’s motor functions.

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