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Step off the mat and get to know your expressive side as you learn how to tap into your creative instincts and connect to your practice in a joyful, expressive and creative way. Through creative exploration and expressive arts youa€™ll be given a unique opportunity to a€?goosea€™ all that charges your life and kindles your creativity. Come join this truly shape-shifting three week seminar where we will facilitate a space for you to focus your thoughts and develop your vision and define your purpose. Invite this four week seminar on discovering and developing your creative process into your life.
One-on-one coaching and consulting that re-kindles intuition, creativity and creative flow; enriching your personal and work life.
Reconnect to nature and spirit by realigning with your role as a creative conduit and cultivate wholeness in a fragmented world through the use of vibration, sound, toning, drumming, journeying and movement. Redefine your relationship and understanding of creative flow through body spirit movement, improvisation, drumming, sound and play. Explore the possibilities of our problems as being a sacred medium for creative solutions through innovative collaboration, group brainstorming, focused intent and vision.
Discover and explore a cutting edge and visionary approach to business, economy and commerce as a path of awakening through redefining business as intentional enterprise. Using the ancient wisdom of indigenous peoples, we raise positive vibration and promote healing for ourselves and for each other using Djembe drums. A delightfully inspiring experience that melds collaboration and creative expression with mindful observation of nature. In today’s fast-paced, increasingly secular society, it’s harder than ever to be a Christ-like—not just to attend church and read His Word, but to truly live surrendered to Lord. We are tired, we are busy, we are distracted, and so many of us desperately need help to relearn how to receive and abide His Light. Christian Meditation is different than traditional meditation in that believers are meditating on God, his presence, his glory, and his Word.
When Christians run from the idea of meditation in fear that it will leave them vulnerable to satan or to other evil spirits, they forget what meditation really is in the simplest terms. Since we meditate every day, whether we intend to or not, it follows that Christian meditation would be a natural, accessible way for us to achieve our spiritual and emotional goals. Develop a greater sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and learn to discern His voice, leading, and unctions. Christian meditation allows you to take the reins and direct your own thoughts back where they belong: under the authority of Jesus Christ and God’s Word. All the headaches and the lower back pain, the tension in your shoulders that keeps you up at night, and even the knots in your stomach when you make a rash decision have one thing in common: they are attempts to communicate with you. Through Christian meditation you learn how to recognize emotional pain so that you may release it and allow yourself to heal in God’s love and presence. The Lord’s return is fast approaching, and many of us still have a long way to go when it comes to our faith. What are the benefits of Christian meditation?There are countless benefits to Christian meditation.
Control Thought Life- Ephesians Chapter 6 tell us to cast down every fiery dart that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and bring every thought into the obedience of Christ. Promotes Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being- Just like we rest and cleanse our outer and inner bodies, our minds also need to consistent rest.
Is it ungodly for Christians to meditate?I believe that Christians who are opposed to Christ-centered meditation don’t reallyunderstand the practice and its benefits. Our greatest inspirations and truths come during times of quietness, stillness, openness, and reflection- all components of meditation. Why do Christians need to control their thoughts?Every individual lives by what I call an internal life or mental script that determines their actions and mindsets.
What should I do after the meditation end?At the conclusion of each meditation, turn off the CD player and spend some time in silence just abiding in God’s presence. My mind begins to wander off, what should I do?During the meditation, refrain from trying to memorize everything you hear. Why do you encourage deep breathing exercises?Deep breathing exercises provide an excellent method to relieve stress and rid yourself of toxic emotions that inhabit your body.
Cultivate community, playfulness and perspective as we celebrate the relationship between mind, body and creative spirit as a way of life.
Set your life intentions while surrounded by nature as we explore creative story, body movement and create unique vision boards.
All this talk of creativity and ita€™s quite possible, most folks dona€™t even know what creativity even is- let alone think they have it!
A Sanskrit word for circle, the mandala is often a repetitive, concentric geometric design.

We will tap into and explore the edges of creativity through writing, drawing, movement, music, sound, play and more. A profound life altering journey that sets the groundwork for understanding how one creates and navigates through the world in an artFULLY way. Gift yourself time and space, to reflect and create amongst other compassionate women, just like you! We cannot truly grow spiritually or fulfill the great commission if our minds are constantly filled with distractions and mindless chatter. Many Christians today view meditation as a new-age or pagan phenomenon, closely related to witchcraft, secularism and anti-Christian, but these beliefs are false. What opens you up to evil is unbridled meditation—that is, a sense of focus and obsession that operates outside of your control. Your body and your soul know deep down what you need to do to fulfill God’s Will and to grow close with him, and when you are walking down the wrong path, you grow ill.
Christ-Centered meditation can bridge the gap between where we are now and where we need to be in order to be prepared for God’s return. As a long time member of a 12 step program I was introduced to God, then over time led by the Spirit to Christ. Meditation helps us to still our minds so that we can observe the subtle or unconscious thoughts that we’re thinking. Many of these mindsets, which originated from youth, were embedded in our subconscious minds and we’re often not aware they’re there. For most people, you will want to linger with God indefinitely because it’s a simply wonderful feeling. Just relax and bring your mind and body to a state of stillness and oneness with God’s spirit by focusing on your breathing and keeping your mind free from distractions.
Emotions become toxic when they create prolonged depression, oppression, or worry in our lives. During our retreat, we'll explore different ways to play, express and move through the world. The act of creating mandalas aid in creating a sacred space to focus, meditate, heal and be exposed to our natural creative flow.
A profound and life altering journey that sets the groundwork for understanding how one navigates through the world.
Youa€™ll have well-deserved opportunities to dis-connect from everyday life in order to re-connect with your inner nature, surrounded by the beauty of sun and sea.
Because of this, it has become easier and easier for satan to weaken our lines of communication with God. Meditation, like the written word, is a tool that can be used by any person for any purpose, and one of its most divine purposes is to strengthen and clarify your relationship with the Lord. Living with and meditating on the Lord is the perfect way to take the first step back into his Light and grow in greater intimacy with Him. I came to realize that the meditation I had been doing, while surely helpful, was not what I needed as a born again Christian. We need to mentally detox from all the mental clutter, messages, and information we’re constantly bombarded with. Even though we receive Christ as our Savior, our conditioning, scripts, patterns, and habits don’t leave or change automatically. On many occasions God may impress upon you a word, phrase, scripture, unction, or even a vision.
Meditation works progressively, so the longer and more often you do it, the greater benefits you’ll receive. Lotus and the Butterfly Womena€™s Grief Retreat is a collaboration between Drama Specialist, Sally Kinka, Grief Therapist (TBA) and Expressive Artist and Creative Process facilitator Annelies Gentile. Well, leta€™s just get down to brass tacks and talk about What the Bleep Creativity really is and really isna€™t. Mandalas were used in ancient traditions for the same reasons and show up in architecture, art and in nature.
Side effects definitely include giggling, happiness, artistic expression, bursts of spontaneous dancing, cool new friends, oh, and nap-time yogaaah.
Wea€™ll explore and retreat through story, music, movement, writing, yoga, meditation and visual art. Wea€™ll explore and retreat through guided experiences of movement, writing, story, play, yoga, meditation, visual art and finding inspiration through Mother Nature. The Bible even uses the word “meditate” many times, each time encouraging us to pray and reflect upon the glory of the Lord. We all meditate everyday when are minds are singled-focused on something for an extended period of time.

The more time we spend in God’s word and abide in his presence, the more we take on his character and likeness. It is during times of quietness, stillness and reflection that we’re in the best position hear and commune with God. At that time, I will either open the Bible and try to locate a chapter or passage that relates to that particular word or phrase and read it intently looking for any meaning currently relevant to my life or circumstances. Your spirit will absorb God’s Word being spoken, so you don’t have to focus too heavily on it. You can literally release these emotions from your body by identifying them and consciously eliminating them through deep breathing exercises.
Side effects may include giggling, happiness, artistic expression, bursts of spontaneous dancing, cool new friends, oh, and naptime yoga nidra. Take this time to un-plug from technology, connect with human beings and be free to be YOU! There are different methods used to meditate on God but our goal is to create a more fruitful walk with the Lord. In Luke 19, when Jesus went to Zaccheaus, the tax collector’s home, it is said that Zaccheaus told Jesus as a result of his visit, If I has wronged or cheated anyone I will repay them back with interest. They have never examined their internal dialogue and live by reaction instead of purposefully. Some forms of meditation encourage participants to empty their minds in an effort to connect with thesupernatural world. Because of our busy and hectic lives, we don’t take the time to be still be enough so that we can observe our thoughts and challenge, eliminate or alter them in accordance with the Word of God. If you make the meditation a mental exercise, you are trying to control the outcome and may feel frustrated and stressed in the end.
It will help you to recognize mental clutter and negative thoughts or emotions that are trying to invade your mind. Meditation can help you to observe the mental chatter in your mind so that you can eliminate and replace them with God’s word and rise above lower level consciousness. Consequently, we continue to struggle just like Paul stated in Romans 7, we know what to do, but we just can’t seem to do it.
During and at the end of the meditation you should experience a sense of peace, well-being, and the serenity with God.
As you reflect on the emotion, reflect on what thought or action led to your uneasiness or pain. Just like taking your daily vitamins, you can’t see them working but you feel the positive effects in better health. When Mary and Martha had Jesus over as a dinner guest, Martha became upset because Mary wasn’t helping her with the preparations.
However, Christian meditation encourages believers to be still before God so we can dwell in his presence, focus entirely on Him, and quiet our minds so we can fully embrace His Word.
We may listen to an inspiring sermon and get excited for the moment, but before long it wears off and we’re often back to our old behaviors.
Jesus told Martha that she had many cares, but that Mary had made the better choice, to dwell at his side, and it will not be taken away from her. By meditating, we learn to look objectively at our thoughts and learn to take authority over them instead of the other way around. Come one, come all and leta€™s get to the bottom of this crazy freaky phenomenon called creativity!!
If you can identify the thought, you can work through it and the destructive emotions associated with it. During deep breathing, each time you exhale, mentally say…I release and then insert the emotion you want to release.
Continue to repeat the exercise until all vestiges of the toxic emotion are gone and your peace of mind is restored.
The Cd Divine Delay and God’s Blessings and Abundance have really helped me to take control of my thought life. I have been able to take it One Day at a Time with the spending and it really has worked (most of the time)!…Please keep doing what your doing.

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