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As you pass through a rainbow gateway and get transported into another time, an enchanted place, a higher reality..
The Faerie Light guided meditation has been created to guide you on a mystical journey, taking you to the magical realms inhabited by the faerie folk.
The Higherself Attunement CD has stories and guided meditation that have been created to help us to access long forgotten memories of the time when we were still in the spirit world.
The Freedom guided meditation has been written for anybody who believes in an afterlife, but who in this life is permanently disabled, bed bound or terminally ill.
I have just listened to this CD for the third time and it's true - it does get more powerful every time I listen to it. By registering, you may receive account related information, our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month.
By subscribing, you will receive our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month. With the stresses and strains that modern living imposes upon us, we could all do with the occasional opportunity to take time out to rediscover the magic of childhood. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your guiding spirits for the wonderful Angel warrior CD. It is more than good it is excellent, this meditation is very powerful, and i would recommend this to anyone, who feels they want to get rid of ties from anyone who is not wanted in your life. Another amazing meditation.I had a big issue with a person and after doing the Angel Warrior med, the issue disappeared and a feeling of peace came over me. Rachel has connected with her Spirit guides and Angels to bring you this beautiful guided meditation.

As Rachel leads you gently into this meditation, you are surrounded by a bubble of pure brilliant white light and you rise up to meet your Angel.  You will then be left with your Angel for a while, a time when you may wish to ask your Angel questions, or for guidance, before  your awareness is gently brought back into the room. Not only does this connect you to the fairy realms but most importantly it is a chance for you to heal mother earth, as well as receive blessings for yourself. I believe that before we were born, we were invited to participate in the planning of our new lives. I bought Freedom about two and a half years ago when we were losing our 34yr old daughter in law to cancer. Suddenly (and without any conscious effort on my part) my jaw suddenly relaxed - which may not sound much to some people but for me is frankly miraculous as it is usually rigid with tension.
As someone who has been seeking divine guidance in a world that seems to want to destroy healing lights I think I have finally found my protection. Every lightworker, should be using this cd to cleanse and clear themselves on a regular basis, it is also very good for healing any disharmony. 27.5% of you have not experienced healing, 25% have received with just 5% of you giving but not receiving.
I have never come across a meditation like Fairy Lights that genuinely gives the healing and love back to mother earth - well done Robbie - well done! From the security of the spirit world we were able to see a much wider picture and taking on such conditions as tragedy, disease & pain may have seemed like the perfect way to work out past karmic debts and to achieve maximum soul growth.
Asking for 'help' with a specific area with which one is struggling within the meditation is - to me - the crux of the cd - and Robbie presents the whole thing effortlessly.
I felt - and can continue to feel - a gentle healing energy dissolving away my stress and the tension it causes.

No charging knights in armour here - just quiet reflection, searching, finding and learning.
Healing is such a lovely way to keep your Chakras balanced and I urge you all to give yourself the love you deserve and have regular healing.
Are there parts of your personality, character or intellect which you would like to enhance? The usual prayers for protection at the start and finish make one feel secure and the gentle music and caring 'tone of voice' makes it flow beautifully and easily. The music, the voice and imagery are just perfect for me and this CD is bound to become a firm favourite for me. It IS relaxing but with it's wonderful short prayers (for protection etc) at start and finish, and the way it leaves one alone to 'find things out etc.' now and then without any talking, makes it a truly delightful and valuable tool for anyone looking towards their more spiritual and magical side. I find that the meditation and Reiki I receive are helping me along my journey and to Robbie and Neil H. You have to buy this lovely cd to experience not only the sheer escapism of this magical adventure but also the deep healing beauty and value of it's words, story, (superb) music and sound effects.
Robbie has the most comforting voice and I have asked for this meditation for my final hours even if I am unresponsive.
It was then that my Spirit told me "We are already at war; why do you think that so many Healers, Mediums and Lightworkers are going through such hard times at the moment?

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