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Many people have discovered that the mind-body connection is very important to their health and well being. Guided imagery meditation scriptsMany people have discovered that the mind-body connection is very important to theirhealth and well being.
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In guided imagery meditation, a person will focus on a particular image or scene, such as a sunset. Guided imagery meditation is a form of meditation in which a person focuses on a particular series of images or ideas and uses that as the focal point for the meditative process.
Also called guided meditation or visualization, guided imagery meditation is a process in which someone meditates while focused on a particular image or scene.
Guided imagery meditation is often led by a particular person, who may speak to one person in meditation or a group of people. Guided imagery meditation is also commonly used for health care, often in addition to medication and medical treatment. This type of meditation is one of the most common and is used by many different health practitioners for a wide range of mental and physical conditions and is commonly used for stress and anxiety relief.
This type of meditation can also help to promote healing after a trauma or surgery (for example) by guiding the patient through different healing images and scenarios. This type of meditation can be done with the assistance of a health practitioner or therapist who is familiar with it's use, however, it's also commonly done alone with the assistance of CD's or other audios. The information presented on this site is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. By using the mind to control the body, many unpleasant life situations can be improved, such as stress, pain, overeating, anger, and addiction. By using the mind to control the body, many unpleasant lifesituations can be improved, such as stress, pain, overeating, anger, and addiction. While the individual is working through this process he or she will use only their mind to stimulate their senses. There are many forms of this healing technique used today, but the end goal is always a form of positive change.
Many times forms of stress and anxiety block our self esteem and creative process, and when this happens we need to take steps to heal ourselves of these negative emotions.

This can involve multiple people, often with one person leading the others to guide the imagery and concepts on which they are meditating.
This is usually a somewhat complex or ongoing scene, in which a person focuses on different sensual aspects of the environment and moves throughout the imagery.
There are also a number of websites that provide scripts that can be read during meditation, or audio recordings that can be listened to for guidance. Meditation in general can be used to enhance relaxation, through deep breathing exercises and the ability to clear the mind of worries and thoughts that increase tension. Someone undergoing cancer treatment, for example, might use such meditation to visualize the process of healing and the elimination of cancerous cells. Other benefits can include feelings of happiness, anxiety relief, and pain relief to name a few. If youare interested in using your mind to help your body, guided imagery scripts can beincredibly beneficial.While you can do a lot to improve your life on your own, you can also benefit from theadvice and wisdom of professionals. Guided meditation therapy promotes positive mind growth, relax your soul and can complement many of your existing self -help programs. One of the most common uses of this type of meditation is for relaxation, often going beyond deep breathing and instead creating a mental place of relaxation. The effectiveness of such guided imagery meditation can vary quite a bit, depending on the images used and how well a listener can focus on the guidance and create a mental reality from the words. Guided imagery meditation, however, can be particularly effective since it allows someone to focus on a particular concept. A person suffering an asthma attack might visualize constricting passages in the lungs opening, allowing air to pass. Guided imagery meditation can also be used for healing and health issues, often as a way for a person to feel a sense of control over his or her own body. The guide might include details about the look of the sun reflecting on the waves, the feel of sand between the person’s toes, the smell of the ocean, the sound of waves scurrying up and down the shore, and the taste of salt on the air.
This can help the person more easily eliminate potentially stressful thoughts and enables that person to create a scene that he or she can revisit quickly and easily to release stress and obtain a sense of calm. While the medical effects of such meditation may be debatable, they often help a person to relax and feel a sense of control over his or her own body during potentially painful or difficult treatment. Through visually imagining the images and situations you are guided through, many different benefits can be received including deep relaxation.

They type of visualizations used will vary based on the reason for the meditation along with the preferences of the guide.
Though some people are naturally charismatic, the rest of us need helpwith public speaking! However, if youfind that you are suddenly thrust into a position where you must speak in public, a scriptcan be very helpful. Then you will backtrack and imagine all the steps leading up to thatperfect speech: writing the speech, practicing the speech, dressing for the event, traveling,there, getting up on stage, and, finally, delivering the speech. The script will lead you tofocus on imagining yourself expressing certain qualities you might not have thought ofon your own, including poise, stamina, confidence, and even assertiveness. Even ifyouve never given a speech before, if you can imagine it effectively, you can suddenlyfeel very experience in this area. Imagined experience and real life experience arent allthat different, in terms of how your brain recalls them.Overcoming Addiction. Guided imagery can be very helpful in overcoming the desire toindulge in self-destructive or addictive behavior, including addictions to smoking,narcotics, sex, self-harm, and overeating. In all cases, the script targets the same thoughts.Negative thoughts about your need for a certain substance or behavior are replaced bypositive thoughts about your strength and ability to live your life in full control of yourthoughts and actions.
Following the script, you will be able to place yourself into a calm,relaxed state where you have the mental clarity and freedom to imagine the life you wantto live, free from addiction. Once you have imagined how it feels to have this ideal life,to be confident, joyous, healthy, and in control, you will be able to begin to experiencethese qualities in your present life. There are many thoughts and behaviors that can bereal addictions, though they many not seem that way at first. Any compulsion or desirethat interferes with your health and productivity could be seen as an addictive behavior.Dont limit the applications of the script!

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