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I created this healing meditation so that you can journey to the Angels as often as you like in safety and comfort at the times and places of your choosing.
As you imagine yourself being drawn to the heavens by healing light you will arrive to find that you are surrounded by golden beings.
This healing meditation is an effective way to support well-being and health both emotional and physical.
I found this wonderful guided healing meditation on YouTube and I wanted to share it with you.
If you fall asleep that’s okay just let go of all what is bothering you and feel yourself drifting into the soothing sounds of this healing meditation. When you come out of it you can write down your experiences in a journal or just remember the feeling. If this guided healing meditation made you vibrant and peaceful then share it with your fiends on Facebook. The Healing Your Past meditation has been created to try and help heal painful memories, which for the most part lie buried dormant deep within our subconscious.
This guided meditation will help you balance and clear blocks on an energetic and soul level.
As you listen to this meditation, your unicorn will help you balance the energies in your energy body and chakras, which is a wonderfully relaxing and soothing practice.
As representatives of a very pure cosmic realm, unicorns are gifted healers who love to be of service to those highly sensitive to energies. This is a meditation you can listen to as often as you wish, especially in times of heightened stress and sensitivity, and anytime you feel the need to reconnect with your true self to bring peace, harmony, and magical happiness back into your life.

If you must interrupt the meditation for any reason, please make sure you ground yourself well by bringing your awareness fully back into your body, doing some breath work, stretching, going for a walk, petting your cat :) Etc. Should you experience any discomfort while listening to this meditation, stop listening and continue only once the resistance has dissolved. I thought of how much you might benefit from sitting here in meditation with me, offering up your own emotional pain to the night sky and replacing that pain with a sense of peace and emotional expansion. When we let go of the hurt and pain that sits in our heart, we find ourselves better able to heal, better able to accept positive energy and change, and we more easily move towards inner peace, health and happiness.
This entry was posted in Healing, Lightworker, Meditation, Metaphysical Stuff and tagged emotional healing, emotional support, free guided meditation, free guided visualisation, guided meditation, healing emotional pain, heart chakra healing, heart healing, heart healing meditation, meditation, Nicole Cody by Cauldrons and Cupcakes. I’m just about to do the meditation but before I do I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am and have been over this last year or so for your sharing and caring. As you begin gentle deep breathing I will say a prayer on your behalf where I ask the Great Spirit to keep you safe and protected for the duration of the meditation. As they open one by one like the soft petals of a flower unfolding they will start to absorb the surrounding healing energy.
As they step through the mist you will know them to be Angels that have come to administer healing to your mind, body & spirit. Each time I listen to it I feel many hands gently working on areas of tension and pain in my body. Positive affirmations in a light meditative state  guide the way to a journey of inner calm and allows you to target specific areas that you want to heal. Their presence is very gentle, peaceful, and loving, and will help you reconnect with the joy of the child within.

Should you be suffering from a serious psychological or medical condition, please consider seeking the help of a counselor or medical doctor. Although this meditation has been recorded with love and with best intentions for your healing journey, channeled material can sometimes bring awareness to suppressed emotions and hidden aspects of ourselves associated with painful memories—which naturally causes the ego to resist. The dark sky twinkled with stars, and I knew how easy it would be to offer up my pain and torment, and to find peace and calm again within my soul. It will take eleven minutes, but I’d leave a little time either side, just to get ready for the meditation, and then to sit for a few minutes afterwards, integrating the energy of the meditation before you step into the rest of your day. Then all you need to do is sit or lie down, make sure you are warm and comfortable, and follow along to the sound of my voice.
You are always thinking of others even though this is such a crappy time for you yet you still give out wonderful inspiration. I feel able to relax and let go of all tension, worries and any emotional 'baggage' I have picked up and carried with me during my day. If this happens, work with your breath to bring your presence and awareness back into your body, call upon Archangel Michael for protection or pray directly to God for healing, and continue only once you feel completely safe and comfortable. So I found myself rugged up against the cold night air, sitting on the steps of my veranda at the farm, looking out over the night-time landscape.

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