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The authors hadn’t intended to come up with nine specific choices but realized as they collected their stories that these nine choices came up over and over again and that each of these choices supported and developed the others. Assuming full responsibility for your actions, thoughts and feelings and the emphatic refusal to blame others for your own unhappiness. The ongoing process of looking deeply within yourself to assess what makes you uniquely happy, apart from what you’re told by others should make you happy. The decision to approach life by creating multiple scenarios, to be open to new possibilities and to adopt a flexible approach to life’s journey is a key factor of being happy. The choice to be honest with yourself and others in an accountable manner by not allowing social, corporate or family demands to violate your internal contract. February, the month of love or the month that constantly reminds you that you're not in love, you haven't met Mr. Treat a friend, imagine your best single girlfriends face when sheA¬†is surprised with a friendship bracelet or necklace, I'm lusting over everything from the Allumer range.
Allumer have offered one of their charm necklaces as a Valentines prize to one lucky reader. Flavourmag is your fashion, travel, movies, music, news, entertainment and lifestyle website. Guys, girls, young adults and and older people alike are constantly becoming unhappy in their relationships as they keep listening to others to meet outsiders’ expectations. Apparently today, trust means knowing your partner doesn’t pull some bullshit behind your back. If you feel the constant need to always check up on your partner, then you need to tone it down and get your insecurities in check. This may sound very scary, but you need to give in to this fate because you cannot change people; you cannot control people and you certainly cannot mold somebody into a version you like. Do you see how too much time is wasted on changing each other when it should be about spending time together, create proper memories and ultimately be happy that way?
If the alignment is off, and you become unhappy, then just say bye bye, fuck off and move on.
This is going to contradict most conventional relationship advice, but then again, most relationship advice out there sucks to the core.
You need to be selfish, meaning to say you are allowed to watch out for yourself and still take care of your own needs, all the while being fully honest with yourself.

When you watch out for yourself and start taking care of yourself in a relationship, you become happier and with happiness, you’re able to spread that happiness to your partner.
Even the most successful marriages out there consist of couples who take time apart and know when and how to build their own world. Not having your own space is how repression of emotions start as you don’t get to do the things you love. You were born with a brain to make smart decisions, so use it, even if you’re in love.
Sometime along the way, in between trying to take in advice or seeking comfort from your friends, you need to make the hard decisions yourself.
Relationships may require a lot of effort and sometimes, it requires a LOT of effort to battle through the hard times, but that’s only a given. The rest is up to you, but by that I mean the rest is up to you to use your damn brain and common sense. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. Being happy is a decision that you can consciously make meaning that you are in charge of your happiness.
Aside from publishing a bevy of life improvement guides, Dr Prem runs a network of 50 niche websites that attracts millions of readers across the globe. Right, no one will be surprising you at work with a massive bouquet or bursting through the window with chocolates. One of these stunning and ironically disheveled jumpers from Spotted On Celeb are practical and cuddle you all warm with a loving feeling. Since Patti and the Millionaire Matchmaker sprang onto our screens, matchmakers have become the new personal trainers. When Gaia isn't sharing her views and wisdoms on Flavourmag, she regularly hosts fashion and high end singles events in Central London.
Cultures have evolved with the current generations and a lot of bullshit, like how infidelity has become somewhat acceptable. Way too many are fearful that things run out of control or don’t turn out the way they want. It is inevitable that you’ll be unhappy and it will show in your mood, face, vibes, energies or whatever.

And if you can’t do what you want from time to time, you can forget about being happy. All your emotions are at stake and it’s vital to stick by your own standards, beliefs and values. I’ve had friends telling me about how unhappy they are with their boyfriend or girlfriend as they go on and on about what he or she had done. There are 9 decisions that extremely happy people make and these are explored in How We Choose to Be Happy, by Rick Foster and Greg Hicks. Thus far, Dr Prem has traveled to more than 40 countries, addressed numerous international conferences and offered his expert training and¬†consultancy services to more than 150 international organizations. But all is not lost, rather than writing off the celebration as a money making scam by the card industry, lets embrace St. If you've had enough of meeting weirdos on Tinder then you might find the personal touch the way forward. You only have yourself to please, so indulge with your favourite beauty products, a rom com, the most gooey desert, a little wine, sounds like an amazing date to me. We make dumb ass decisions we never expected to make and end up doing stupid shit that hurt ourselves, and others. Because relationships, romance or love even are based on simple, fundamental principles that are pretty much no-brainers. You need to go forth again and create more memories with another someone who is ready to align with you. It will rub off on your partner and that’s when you two get into arguments and misunderstandings. He also owns and leads a web services and technology business, supervised and managed by his eminent team. Normal clubs and bars have a slightly sad and desperate feeling about them so try doing something different. As well as offering a female friendly place to shop they run classes to put you at the top of your sexual game for when Mr.

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