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Getting things done (GTD) guru David Allen recently spoke in an interview with The Atlantic about all the things that keep him organised and productive. This week, Brother launched a new range of laser printers and multi-function centres (MFCs) tailor-made for small to medium-sized businesses. Aussie companies were responsible for filing just 21% of the total patent applications in Australia last year, with the USA claiming the top spot. I know that you want to protect your privacy, but it is kinda annoying that you blur out all your reference file topics and your next action lists. Chapter 4 of the Getting Things Done book is concerned with setting up the time, space, and tools to make a start with the whole GTD methodology. Being a network engineer, I already had the labeler and I totally agree with the clear benefits that labeling can bring.
This entry was posted in General Items, GTD, My Review, GTD General on March 14, 2007 by Andrew Mason. About this BlogThis Blog is my journey to organization through using the methodology learned in the "Getting Things Done" Book from David Allen. But smartphone accessory company, Dog & Bone (rhyming slang for phone - get it?) has given the padlock a modern twist with a secure Bluetooth unlocking mechanism.

The redesigned models boast a smaller footprint, faster print speeds of up to 50 pages per minute (ppm) and a 1000-5000 page slot.
To put it another way, non-residents were responsible for most of the innovation taking place in our country. As per The David, I am not afraid to put a single sheet of paper in a folder all by itself.
This is something which I have been waiting with excitement to start, but something that has to be planned. My handwriting is the bi-product of spending my entire youth on a keyboard so utilizing a labeler has always been a great idea for me.
I will include all the information as I go along along with cool little life hacks I discover and use. They also have a modular, scalable design, allowing companies to build on existing units as their business grows.
I’m a firm believer in the idea of forming habits versus setting goals and value the system over the outcome. I try to write down physical, concrete actions that require maybe a maximum of 20 minutes to complete.

As with any task like this, immersion in it makes it a lot easier as you can focus on the task at hand. However, the book also covers people who are not as fortunate and have to either share an office, or utilize some nook or cranny within their house. I have never used a filing system or tickler file and I was very interested in utilizing both as part of my GTD methodology as I believed in the benefits they would bring. It’s really critical to have a parking lot like that, because capture is a very different process than decision making and organising. Basically, I’ve stapled a bunch of plastic folders (with tabs) together and added 31 folded sheets of colored A4 paper to represent the days in a month.
I must admit that it is hard enough being organized in an area, without having to share this area with other members of your family so I am happy I have the freedom of my office.
I was tempted to get the 1 to 31 version as well but this would have not made a true tickler file so I decided to stick with the manual folder tickler system.

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