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The Mindfulness Group runs once weekly in the Adolescent inpatient Unit and St Joseph’s Day Hospital. There was a strong request from the participants for another training, in which, they thought their friends could participate. Youth SpiritualityWP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck requires Flash Player 9 or better. Ruths adds that unlike some drug treatments, side effects are very rare with MBCT, though “minor side effects, such as a temporary drop in mood before an improvement in mood, are more common but manageable”.
Mindfulness practice helps to observe our thoughts as mental events and not to act on them.

The Mindfulness Group offers an opportunity to experience awareness of the present moment, using all our senses (for example, engaging into small exercises of sense of touch or smell). It is an outflow from my ongoing PhD project; however, this one day workshop was not part of my research. A Labyrinth Walk through a prayer garden at DBYES, Nairobi, getting in touch with oneself, God, and others. Besides the training, the participants were given a copy of the Audio CD on Jesus Prayer, a Journal, a Prayer-bead and writing material as part of a package, besides, of course, two teas and lunch for a cost of Ksh.700 ($9). These patients should wait until they recover to a mild or moderate state before engaging with MBCT.” – Florian Ruths, psychiatrist.

He emphasises that it is important for MBCT therapists to be properly trained to deal with any side effects and support their patients appropriately. Clara Strauss, research lead at Sussex Mindfulness Centre, emphasises that MBCT teachers in training learn to have an attitude of acceptance: “Mindfulness is not about getting rid of negative thoughts, it’s about learning to sit with and tolerate all of our experiences, including difficult experiences, with kindness and compassion towards ourselves.
The mind tends to wander to the past or to the future, bringing unnecessary suffering to the present.

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