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No more waltzing around supermarket aisles carelessly picking up whatever suits your fancy. The unenlightened can use our the Cost Coachette super-secret, patented method, available to the first 10 callers only.
Into this proven way to absolutely save on your grocery bills, even if you don’t use coupons! Just in case you added any frozen, processed, preserved, or ready-to-eat foods to the above mentioned list…please, reconsider your choices. Throw in a few coupons, special offers, and 2 for 1 deals, and enjoy your newfound savings!
Making a grocery shopping list isn’t always easy, and sometimes can be a downright bore of a chore.
Down and Dirty in the Pile: 7 Tips from a Laundry Pro Helpful tips to get out those troublesome stains.
Creating “Free Range” Experiences That Won’t End in an Ulcer Giving your kids a little room to experience life. Sadly, grocery delivery is not an option in Guatemala, but when I lived in the UK, and didn’t have a car, at first I thought I should go to the store on my little scooter and bring back my groceries. One option I really loved about online grocery shopping was the ability to save your cart for the next time.
And as I said before, you can order during your lunch break instead of playing Candy Crush or engaging in office gossip. And as you are not in a rush to get it over with, you can do a quick online search to look for a coupon for free delivery or a discount on your favorite detergent. Another thing I didn’t like too much was that the guys were always in a hurry and so we wouldn’t check my order together, and in a few rare occasions, some products would not be there. Don’t be shy if you feel like you didn’t get the product you wanted, most of the time they will make it right.
We have a few online grocery shopping places that deliver around here, and I’ve considered it a few times.
I have switched to buying almost everything online, but I haven’t taken the grocery plunge. With my wife on the road and the surplus dwindling, looks like a trip to Giant is in the offing. I've done a load of dishes and washed and dried some clothes  - although I didn't separate the hot from the cold or the whites from the colors (one load, all cold water, no problem -- although that's why she doesn't let me do that chore either).
Now, Maggie -- who has always taken very good care of me, because I'd probably never get around to it -- lives at Giant. So, I'll pull the Giant bonus card from the frame of the bulletin board where I stuck it so I wouldn't lose it. I'm sure they'll give it to me, even though I'm still not comfortable with debit cards -- and I certainly won't use the self-checkout, which has obscure rules Maggie long ago memorized but which still intimidate me.
Food will be mine -- hopefully enough to keep me fed until my wife gets home and resumes her daily jaunts to Forks Township.
Seldom do I tell Maggie how much I appreciate her, but let me take a moment to do just that. Shopping list apps on your phone can help save you lots of time and money at the grocery store. Grocery IQ is a free app that integrates couponing, so you can see what items are on sale before you shop to save money. This app allows you to reuse grocery lists and share them with other people in your family. This free app is similar to the others – it offers synching capabilities with other devices, list sharing, and it has a wide database from which to choose your groceries. The death of a loved one is already difficult enough, but now you’ve inherited their house. To some its a chore to others a bore while there are those who simply adore taking that weekly trip to the local grocery store.  Whatever category one fits into it is a task that is done on a regular basis. Stay to the right.  The same unwritten rule applies to maneuvering your grocery cart through traffic in the grocery aisles as when driving.
If you see someone you know, by all means greet him or her with a friendly “hello” but if you decide to carry on a full-blown 30-minute conversation, take it outside or move out of the mainstream of traffic. When approaching a heaping tower of lemons or grapefruits, make your selection from the upper half instead of the lower half.
Use the tongs and trowels provided to bag bulk items such as nuts, candies, cereals, rolls and other foods from generic bins. Make sure to cough or sneeze into your forearm.  There is nothing worst than a shopper blowing their nose, coughing or sneezing into their hands and then handling the produce. Leaving a dirty tissue on top of fresh produce or anywhere is just pure disgusting and a total disregard and respect for all other shoppers and staff. While similar presentations of its kind often generate feelings of anxiety and a looming sense of stress because adjusting to university is a large step into the next chapter of life.
If you want your finances to survive the current recession unscathed, you need to implement strategies. The first should be the longest, and the second should be about a third of the first (confused? Don’t be tempted to reach out for that package of Hostess Ding Dongs if it’s not on the list. If you’re hungry, you’ll be more susceptible to reaching out for those cream-filled donuts. How many times have you noticed two or three bottles of ketchup in the back of your pantry? After I have created my meal plan, I go through my recipes and see what other ingredients I need to buy.
Things come up and sometimes you don’t eat dinner at home, or you have leftovers you can eat for lunch the next day. I get to stay home with my kids and my husband directs a Youth Ministry program at a Seminary.

And those days, supermarket websites make it so easy for you to find your products and shop in just a few clicks.
You can spend your lunch hour filling your cart, groceries will be the same price as in the store, and usually you will have to pay a ?3 to ?5 fee to have them delivered to your doorstep.
Often, it would be dark and depressing out there, maybe even raining, which on a scooter is hell, and I would have to go more often because I couldn’t carry all I needed in one trip. Even if you aren’t that computer savvy, after a few orders, you will know where to find your products and how much your need.
Because we are all creatures of habits, and we generally order the same base of items, adding a few extras here and there. By the time you get home and pour yourself a glass of wine, the doorbell is ringing and your shopping is there! You don’t get offered products you don’t need at the end of the aisle, and don’t end up buying that magazine at the cashier.
The gas money and car depreciation to go to the store, maybe if you didn’t have to shop you could even do without a car if your job is close to home! How far do you park your car from said doorstep and have to carry six packs of sparkling water, breaking your back in the process, and having to make two trips under the rain to come back for more? But even then, the convenience of having someone else carry the groceries up to the flat was bliss.
At first, I was a bit disappointed with the vegetables, they would either give me very green produce, or items with a very short life, and I would not have time to eat them all before they get bad.
Some would be billed to me and not be in the cart, and some would be out of stock and not get delivered, meaning if I wanted to make my recipe, I would need a trip to the store anyway.
And every time they answered back, refunding the missing or low quality product and offering their apologies. I’ve found that the money you pay for delivery charges is more than recouped by the amount you save on not being tempted by impulse buys. But we do have a store where you can order everything online, drive to the store and then use the call box and they will bring your groceries to you.
When Maggie left nine days ago, she left behind tons of food, most bought because it was a bargain too good to pass up. And she left enough toilet paper to fill a Charmin factory, plenty of paper towels and lots of laundry and dishwasher detergent. But as Maggie's return slides well into October, and one of the kids threatens to come home from college for a day or two, it looks like I'll have to go to Giant. I'm amazed every two weeks when I tally her shopping experiences into an account log that we can possibly need everything Giant has had to offer. But now I'm down to one egg and two pieces of bread -- the frozen organic loaf from the year of the flood defrosted poorly, so it got tossed.
I'll consider pulling the Sunday coupons from the pile of Express-Times newspapers that are waiting for Maggie to come home and read.
Maggie's always asking for paper and plastic, but I think I'll shyly take whichever they give me. While she laughs at the very idea of me wandering Giant's aisles in search of what's -- luckily for me -- always in the fridge at home any time I seem to be hungry. And let’s face it, we’ve all been here: You get home from the grocery store, you put everything away and then it hits you – everything you forgot to get suddenly comes to mind.
The app features a vast database from which you can choose your list items, and it also shows you what’s on sale.
It features a stylish design and calculates the total cost of your groceries (including tax). A handy feature is the way it categorizes your groceries by type so you aren’t running back to aisles you already went through. When you know what you need, you’re less likely to buy more than that – helping you save money. When “parking” your cart to make your food selection, choose an area that is not directly across from another basket so as not to impede the flow of grocery traffic. How many times have you entered the main aisle of the grocery story and almost had a head on collision with another cart going 30 miles an hour?  Your sheepish fellow customer shrugs his or her shoulders and says, “Oh, excuse me” or worse yet, says nothing at all.
If you are shopping with your baby in tow, please make sure to securely fasten the seat belt. It is annoying to fellow grocery patrons to have to detour around your diagonally parked cart, while you catch up with your friends.
You have better control if you are not pulling your cart with one hand, talking on your cell phone with the other and balancing a steaming cup of coffee on the front end of your cart. Taking an apple, banana or orange to snack on for yourself or something for each of your children with you is stealing if not paid for. If you are unfortunate enough to have created an avalanche by taking a piece of fruit from the bottom, at least let someone know that you have caused a fruit frenzy. When making your frozen food selection, have an idea of what you are going to select before opening the frozen food glass doors. An even bigger faux pas is if you dump a frozen product in a non-refrigerated or even a refrigerated display.
However, if someone happens to have an extra item or accidentally gets in the wrong line, take the high road and let it slide. When checking out, don’t crowd the person in front of you while they are writing a check or entering their credit card and pin number. It’s a courtesy to fellow shoppers to ensure they are not accidentally hit or their car struck by a flying grocery cart. Gather some friends for an evening or luncheon to enjoy great company, good food and refine your dining.
Her presentation covered all of the changes that should be expected, yet provided helpful suggestions and potential solutions to all of those situations, and that made me feel prepared rather than panicked. And, as yet another Cost Coachette bonus, available only to readers of this page, you will look younger when you shop using our cost savings techniques. If your first column has 30 items, the second should have 10 – duh!) If your second column happens to be longer than the first you’ll need to trim the fat – literally!

If you notice you are buying a lot of the same items, you could make a master list you photocopy or add to a grocery app.
If impulse buys are a big part of your grocery budget, shopping online will take care of that for you. The extra ?3 to have the groceries delivered is a small price to pay compared to your car and gas money. Some posts on this site may be written by guest authors and may include links to external content. She even showed me where to put the fabric softener, although I screwed that up the first time through anyway. She should own stock in the company -- in fact the company should give it to her for all the money she's given the store over the years. But then I met Maggie and she proved through coupon-cutting and bonus-card collecting that she was much better at this than I. Then I'll rationalize that's far too much work for what I need to get, so the coupons will expire in vain. Or maybe you just went to the store to pick up a couple items, but you leave with a cart full of things you might not need. You can also keep track of your grocery list history, so you can easily create similar lists each week.
With a built-in dictionary, you can create your shopping lists faster, and the dictionary will remember the unique things that you buy.
Recipe suggestions are another cool thing about this app; they allow you to add groceries to your list right from the recipe.
When approaching a grocery intersection, slow down and look both ways before proceeding with caution. The same rule applies for a jar of pickles or anything else you may have spilled or broken in the aisle. Standing in front of the products for 20 minutes, with the door propped open while you decide what to buy is a bit annoying to others trying to grab and go. Once even slightly defrosted the product must be thrown out for health safety issues.  Wait until you reach the check out stand and give it to the cashier or bagger. It’s happened to all of us and you would certainly not appreciate a rude comment from the man or woman standing behind you. Tapping your feet or putting your entire grocery cart on the conveyor belt will not make the person in front of you write their check any faster. That, and her presentation was interactive to involve the audience instead of just reading off of the powerpoint. You are at work, thinking that after those excruciating 9 hours in your cubicle, you still have to go to the supermarket, face the after-office-hour crowd, fight for the last salad, queue at the cashier for 15 minutes, and carry your groceries home.
No stress, no traffic, no “let’s check again the laundry aisle and look for that detergent I didn’t find the last time”. Weekday mornings 8am-9am, when I’m at home anyway and Little Skint can help to put it away before she goes to school – a favourite job of hers! I'll write a list, I'll get in my car, which has only been driven once since Maggie left, and I'll go to Laneco -- or whatever it's really called -- to get some food.
While you’re creating your list, several autofill suggestions based on the first few letters that you type will appear for a faster process.
For toddlers and older children never let them ride under the carriage on the rack meant for heavier items.
Multiply that by the number of people who do this a day and then by seven days and then for a year.
If you are feeling especially gracious, you might consider taking it back to its original home in the refrigerated area. On the other hand, don’t take advantage of the express line if you are outside of the item limit, unless motioned to the cash by the cashier.
When it is your turn, have your coupons ready and your wallet pulled out of your purse or pocket and be ready to complete your transaction. Her simulations were of real-life situations that could very well occur while at university, whether it is a conflict with another student, or receiving a lower-than-expected mark on an assignment, and they provided solutions that could be applied. The rows of freezers offering tempting frozen delights that need only be popped into the microwave for instant gratification. I used to make the same meals every week, but once I browsed our favorites, I realized I had a lot of easy recipes I could go to.
To help save more money, this app features eCoupons that helps you to match your list to available store coupons.
That can come to a staggering amount of loss for the grocer and that gets factored back into the pricing of items to cover losses. All in all, a lovely and through presentation that succinctly summarized all of the predicaments and changes that university life will present. You don’t have to be a chef to make homemade vegetable soup, and it doesn’t take that long, either. If it’s going to be a hot week, I tend to stay away from dinners that need to cook in the oven.
Eggs, sports drinks, cereal with fiber and snacks with fiber and other stuff with fiber that I can't even quite describe. So, go back to your list and cross out all those cans of Campbell soup, and add some fresh vegetables, for crying out loud.
To help you save money and time while grocery shopping, here are the top grocery list apps you can get for your phone. If you must munch, bring an extra item to the cash to be weighed to pay for the eaten item.

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