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Note from the author: I based this poem on a storm I experienced in Southampton, Ontario, in 2013. Jennifer Hutchison teaches writing and English as a second language at George Brown College.
My voice takes on that peculiar tone of warning, low to start, pitch rising, two syllables made out of a one-syllable name. Experience has shown that the shoulder seasons—spring, or September-October once school resumes—guarantee the best choice of campsites and greater solitude on the water.
The snow in the fields is crisscrossed by finger-wide tracks, and otherwise pristine.  One might imagine sticks dragged by wandering wraiths, absent-minded visitors from the other side, but with no other marks at all, at first I can’t guess what really made these traces.
My own blood pushes up beneath my exposed skin, a constant heat-exchange, a one-sided streaming toward entropy.
From here, I could run out on the ice of the lake, above slumbering fish in the grave-cold muck, their own suspended dimension. I’m in a moving mandala, traces on a membrane that draws and erases itself.  Already, I’ve stood still too long, the cold grasping for me across all these liminal boundary layers. Dave Essinger’s recent work has appeared in Mud Season Review, Sport Literate, Quarter After Eight, and elsewhere, and was listed as a Notable in The Best American Sports Writing 2014.
If it wasn’t for the screened-in porch we would have been eaten alive by mosquitoes every day after sundown, and it wasn’t worth it to complain to the site manager that the air conditioning never worked  – didn’t then, didn’t now.
We were located in what was called the Paul Bunyan State Forest, and the locals had a 40-ft tall replica of Bunyan himself to make sure the point came across.
When Pete died the cabin remained, occupied by other families drawing the same joy from the getaway as we once did.
The cabin sat on Benedict Lake, but we always called it Leech Lake because twice I had come out of the water with leeches attached to my legs, hurdling toward the adults to scrape them off. She scans the eggshell walls, counts the slacks in the wooden floor, positions the ghost of Pete in the recliner he used to sit in, and pieces together a life she had avoided for some time.
We adopted Helgi, a Giant Alaskan Malamute, just three days after Thanksgiving, and by our first spring together I recognized in him a shared personality trait, what I like to think of as tenacity, and what others might call stubbornness. I flew out of bed, banded a headlamp around my forehead, and shoved my feet into the first shoes I could find – my daughter’s garden Crocs.
We had other dogs get quilled before, but Helgi was the first dog that tried to eat the bugger. Five-hundred dollars, forty-eight hours, and one overnight stay at the emergency vet hospital later, he was back to his sweet-natured self: a gentle giant with the tongue of a butterfly.
The first time the vet told us that Helgi had quills inside his gums, through his tongue, and all down the sides of his throat. In the beams of my roving headlamp, I caught him leaping and pouncing around a downed balsam fir, tail raised like a flag.
We had spent nearly one thousand dollars on porcupine quill removal, and I was not going watch the last of our savings slip away.
We found a box the size of a kitchen cupboard and nudged the porcupine inside – he went rather willingly.
Carol Dunbar is a vegetarian food writer and mother of two carnivores living off-grid in the woods of Superior, Wisconsin.
There is a Canadian quintessence to Elmira in that it boasts the world’s largest one day Maple Syrup festival. Bands take the stage of the town’s green gazebo, inside a triangular park, where a marble soldier stands and honors townsfolk lost in both World Wars and Korea.
It would all have the atmosphere of pagan woodland revelry if the small town didn’t have more Christian churches than you can shake a hockey stick at: Mennonite, Pentecostal, Trinity, Presbyterian, Catholic, or The Dan Snyder Memorial Arena. Elmira is settled in the countryside, just ten minutes north of Waterloo: a thoroughly modern city, globally renowned for its techy pursuits. The juxtaposition of Elmira and Waterloo frays the fabric of time (and re-stitches it on an antique loom.) To leave Elmira, on the especially nostalgic New Jerusalem Road, you will surely pass bonneted women selling flowers or produce. One final anachronism, or charm of Elmira: every day at lunchtime, the fire station produces a siren that the whole town can hear. Towns with prominent natives and former residents are asked the cliche “Is there something in the water?” And because of Chemtura, Elmira’s drinking water is actually poisonous. Michael Zadoorian is the author of two novels, The Leisure Seeker (William Morrow, 2009) and Second Hand (W.W. Lynn Pattison, former teacher of the Gifted & Talented in Kalamazoo Pub­lic Schools, attended the University of Michigan and WMU. Not all nests are the same, which we learn when a little peach-faced lovebird takes us to meet his friends. Many animal books tell you about the amazing things that animals can do, but this one goes one step further. Musselwhite teaches children to count from one to ten with her charming collages of little houses throughout the world, including Swiss chalets, Japanese teahouses, and Swedish cabins. Brave firefighters rescued three wolf pups from a wildfire along the Runny River in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.
Learn about the creative and descriptive names for collections of various animals as well as a bit of information about each.
In the United States, kids usually get to school safely by walking, riding on the bus or in cars, or biking. Twenty-six popular cartoonists re-imagine twenty-eight fables from different cultures and traditions, as they did in Nursery Rhyme Comics and Fairy Tale Comics.
Check out these animals that live and thrive in cold temperatures and places, from the snowy landscape of the Arctic down to the ice caps of Antarctica. Henry Ford tried and tried to invent the automobile without success, while Thomas Edison invented dozens of popular things.
Hopper is a brand-new student at the Stately Academy, a school full of clues and puzzles left behind by its founder to challenge the students.
Every season has its own unique attractions, but each moves on to the next in a consistent cycle.
Gary Paulsen is well known for his love of animals, and in this memoir he recounts how different animals have influenced him to be a better person. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin has been to the moon, and now he sees Mars to the next space frontier in our solar system, Mars.
As more and more people move to cities and suburbs, they disrupt the lives and habitats of the animals that had made those areas home. In 1936 Berlin, a rowing team of working-class young men from the American West faced off against teams from Germany and Italy in the Olympics.
In 1993 soldiers forced five-year-old Michel Chikwanine and other boys to train to be soldiers in the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Iron Rails, Iron Men, and the Race to Link the Nation : The Transcontinental Railroad by Martin W.
The gold rush of the 1850s brought out the need for an easier way to link the eastern and western United States.
Semple offers a biography of Allan Pinkerton, a poor immigrant barrel-maker who became America’s first private detective. Most Dangerous : Daniel Ellsberg and the Secret History of the Vietnam War by Steve Sheinkin. In 1971, Daniel Ellsberg, an ordinary government analyst, turned whistle-blower when he leaked the Pentagon Papers. Blindness and other eye problems are prevalent in impoverished countries, despite the fact that there are preventative strategies for the five eye conditions responsible for 75 percent of these cases. Though 18th-century British and American women were expected to stay out of politics, they were tireless supporters of emancipation for slaves.
Wild horses thrived for thousands of generations in the mountains, forests, and deserts of the American West. When we think about the marvels of modern technology, we usually talk about transportation and communication.
The Courage to Compete : Living with Cerebral Palsy and Following My Dream by Abbey Curran.
The Rain Wizard : The Amazing, Mysterious, True Life of Charles Mallory Hatfield by Larry Dane Brimner. Following a severe drought in 1915, the city of San Diego hired alleged scientist Charles Mallory Hatfield to use a secret mix of chemicals to produce rain from the sky. Ants, bees, jellyfish, and other invertebrates are usually not on the list of intelligent animals, but scientists realizing more and more that these spineless creatures are pretty smart. By the winter of 1943-1944, the city of Leningrad had been under siege by the Nazis for almost three years. When he was fourteen, Jack Gantos fell under the spell of a delinquent (but awesome) neighbor who had just gotten out of juvie.
The last time I saw the Milky Way throwing garlands across the night sky was on a moonless night in western Nebraska. I can’t tell you about his death because it’s been chronicled so often it’s reached a point where legend and truth are inseparable bedmates.
If the stories of the time are true – and I have no reason to doubt historian Stephen Ambrose’s research – Crazy Horse entered what was then Camp Robinson wearing a war bonnet, his pony and body painted for war. Afterwards, his father and mother wrapped him in a buffalo robe and secreted his body somewhere on the Plains that he loved.
My memory of this place, the sky and the man, is filled with scattered fragments – a black butterfly, black-and-white magpies, and dark blood dripping from the bite of a black fly. On a summer evening I watched the sky turn from powder to deep blue to blackest black and wondered at the days when Crazy Horse sat astride his pony amongst the Ponderosa pine on the bluffs beyond, watching the buffalo graze in the White River Valley where the Camp now stands.

The hawks still swoop low to the ground here, the blustery wind sweeps the air every afternoon and the spirit of the warrior-archer flies through this place as surely as the constellations cross the sky. She has also worked as a writer, editor, and translator for the private and public sectors. It’s a comfort to know that other people who enjoy this place treat it with respect and pack out their garbage. This trip, the weather is perfect and we’ve paddled around the island’s often-dicey southern point. The sun glints in my eyes as a large, black shape ambles across the rock towards our makeshift table.
Her short fiction and creative nonfiction have been published in literary journals, newspapers and anthologies including The Fiddlehead, The Antigonish Review, Grain, Whitefish Review, The Los Angeles Review and Coming Attractions 15 (Oberon Press, 2015). He received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and now teaches creative writing and edits the literary magazine Slippery Elm at the University of Findlay.
Mom’s foot a balancing act on the pedal, ever so lightly pressing down as her own sinews pushed back. I pulled the windows open, turned the ceiling fans on high and lugged the crushed ice from the car to the coolers, hoping to stave off the sweat already running down my back. The first few times we made the trek up this way it was somewhat of a tradition to pose for pictures in front of the statue, and we were each sure to pack at least one flannel to do our best lumberjack impression.
And it no longer made sense to Mom to make the trip with Pete gone, which she chalked up to work and the economy. We were too young to detect his trembling hand,  his patchy skin, the extended belly; each summer it got more noticeable, but since we only ever saw Pete once a year she knew there was nothing she could do to stop him.
I don’t know how much blood was taken from me, but I know Mom and Pete threw their heads back in laughter at the sight of me waddling like a duck fearing my legs would have to be amputated.
Though there was no physical stain, there was a slow trickling of life that left us all, seeping from the veins we shared. His work has appeared in Nanoism, Literary Orphans, Unbroken Journal, WhiskeyPaper and the Journal of Microliterature, among others. Weighing in at 124 pounds, Helgi – Icelandic for ‘celebration’ – is an outdoor dog the size of a small pony with fur frosting white. Three weeks prior, when the porcupines came out of hibernation, Helgi came onto the porch, paws bloodied and head slung low. I broke off a spiney branch from the deadfall and wielded it like a jousting stick to prod my dog.
That was when I finally accepted that as long as Helgi was our dog and that porcupine was in our woods, Helgi would continue to get quilled.
My husband took the kids and drove six miles up the road where they opened the box and let him waddle free.
I had found a country vet willing to inject my dog with tranquilizers for a reasonable fee while I removed the quills.
Her work has been published in Literary Mama, the Midwest Prairie Review, and in the anthologies Writer’s Read Vol. Arthur Street is bisected by a line of smoking tents that dish out pancakes, back bacon and grilled corn. He died an Atlanta Thrasher in 2003: a passenger in the Ferrari that teammate Dan Heatly crashed. Elmira, meanwhile, has a robust population of old order Mennonites, who provide the steady ambience of jingling bridles and clip-clopping horse-and buggies. Norton, 2000), and a story collection, The Lost Tiki Palaces of Detroit (Wayne State University Press, 2009). Pattison’s poems have appeared in The Notre Dame Review, Rhino, Atlanta Review, Har­pur Palate, Rattle and Poetry East, among others, and been anthologized in several venues. For example, some birds make their nests by the water because they find their food in the water—but while a kingfisher digs a hole in the bank of the river, a grebe builds a nest of plants that floats on the water. Readers can count not only the houses but other details in the scene, such as birds, trees, and pets.
The wolf pups were taken to the Alaska Zoo, where friendly zookeepers and veterinarians helped the wolves recover and grow strong enough to move to their home in the Minnesota Zoo.
Included are illustrations for a mischief of mice, a flamboyance of flamingos, a tower of giraffes, a prickle of hedgehogs, and twelve more.
A monarch starts as a tiny egg on a leaf in Canada, and grows into a butterfly strong enough to migrate 2500 miles. For example, a shark will vomit up its stomach to get rid of undigested stuff and then re-swallow its stomach. Find out what characteristics of polar bears, arctic foxes, emperor penguins, and more make them suited to living in the cold. Ford, sixteen years younger than Edison, was frustrated by his own failures and wanted to know Edison’s secret. After Hopper gets into a fight with Eni, they become friends and set off to solve the mystery of their school. He relates anecdotes from his life about the entertaining, intelligent, and helpful behavior of his dogs, horses, birds, and more. Aldrin encourages his young readers to think about Mars, not just as a place to study science or a vacation spot but as a place to make a new home.
This book follows an organization that rescues all sorts of wild creatures who have been injured or made homeless; it treats their sicknesses and injuries, rehabilitates then, and then sets them free again into the wild. This book describes the personal challenges each of them faced during the Great Depression, the odds they overcame in making the team, and their triumphant finish.
This graphic novel memoir describes the horrors of this time, as well as how he escaped from the militia and how he has now made a life for himself and his family in Canada. A cross-continental railroad was proposed, but the task of crossing 1800 miles of plains, deserts, and mountains seemed insurmountable.
The 7,000-page set of documents recounted all of the actions that the government had taken during the Vietnam War—and revealed the deceit carried on under four presidents over 20 years. But advances in refrigeration have saved lives—and more than by just keeping food from spoiling. She writes about her life and her decision to compete in beauty pageants despite her disability. Unfortunately, the resulting downpours left destruction in their wake, and the city’s leaders refused to pay Hatfield for his work.
Despite their relatively simple brains (or the fact that some have no brain at all), they show an amazing ability to solve problems, remember things, and learn.
The winter was cold and brutal; people burned anything they could to stay warm and resorted to eating their pets (and each other) to survive.
He decided he wanted to be just like his new hero, but ended up with way more trouble than he bargained for in the process. Bands of darkness ran river-like through the streaming starlight, the interstellar dust playing hide-n-seek with the stars beyond.
Given the name Cha-O-Ha at birth, in manhood he took another – Tasunke Witko – Crazy Horse.
What I do know is that on a May day in 1877, the Oglala warrior rode down out of the pine bluffs and surrendered his band of nearly three hundred starving families. Within months of Crazy Horse’s surrender, jealousies and intrigues amongst Indian factions, a gullible Indian agent, and an Army fearful of a potential break-out, led to his death.
Ambrose said it was a fitting stage for the tragedy that would be played out and he was right. I like to think it’s as brilliant today as it was on that September day in 1877, when the most feared of the Sioux warriors drew his last breath. With its panoramic crimson sunsets, white sandy beaches, and grassy dunes, its beauty is unparalleled and draws throngs of visitors to its shores every summer.
Our first close encounter with a bear took place more than twenty years before on another island—Vancouver Island.
There’s a large plate of rock, the same runnelled granite that is found throughout the Georgian Bay islands. The day is relaxing but night is best on Franklin, the moon a slender white paring amidst a fizz of stars.
We sat in the backseat calculating her trepidation by the number of times she turned the radio down or adjusted her grip on the wheel. As a family we had driven the 8 hours here every summer when we were younger, staying a few weeks with Uncle Pete and his kids, Tommy and Louise, and getting away from what Mom called “the hazards of the city.” Chicago was nice, yeah, but it seemed like there was salvation in those days spent among the trees, mimicking the calls of the loons as they glided atop the lake. In truth, it was too hard on all of us, but in time, Ann and I were able to exact the memory of our uncle from the cabin itself, dividing our hearts into tiny compartments that stored the traces of his image behind tightly shut doors. Six years ago he stopped himself, passing out on the floor and never rising again, discovered by his daughter several hours later. As a hunter, you can always tell from the quality of his barking what he has cornered, and at four a.m. His face wore a thick beard of quills, the ivory points long and tipped elegantly in black. The third time the quills were confined to a crowded patch around his snout; the fourth time I was so disgusted I could hardly look. I shone my light along the tree big as a canoe, and there was the porcupine, scurrying in circles with the halo of his quills pulsing like a shivering star. He was larger than a school globe but with a small face, and he held his hands in front of him fretfully as he hustled away. I had never done such a thing before, but the vet and his assistant taught me how to use the tools, how to fold back his lips and check along his gums, how to recognize signs of broken quills and squeeze them free.

When it’s all over, and volunteers are sweeping the streets, over sixty thousand people have visited Elmira, spiking their blood sugar and nourishing the sticky bonds of community in the name of boiled tree sap. You can wake up in the middle of the night and believe yourself a Victorian Duke or Duchess, before realizing that a Mennonite is just getting his grocery shopping done at the twenty-four-hour Foodland, where he will shop under halogen lights, buy in bulk, and pay with a debit card. There is a one-room school, from which boys in caps and suspenders, and girls in long dresses of muted pink and purple, go to and from, walking on the side of the road, swinging metal lunchboxes, or skates in the winter. He is a recipient of a Kresge Artist Fellowship in the Literary Arts, Columbia University’s Anahid Literary Award, the Michigan Notable Book award, the Great Lakes Colleges Association New Writers Award and was long-listed for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.
Nominated twice for a Pushcart Prize, she is the author of two chapbooks: tesla’s daughter (March St. Readers are encouraged to understand that no one type of nest is best for all, but that each bird’s nest is best for it. Just follow the numbered, step-by-step instructions and you’ll be able to spin a web like a spider, protect yourself from pesky insects like a capuchin monkey, and trap fish like a blue whale. The book follows the monarchs as they fly over Niagara Falls, over villages and cities, plains and rivers, to the mountain forests of Mexico –where they will rest for the winter before the long journey north—a trek that will take several generations to accomplish.
Some cross wild rivers or climb mountains, use ziplines, and even maneuver through disaster zones.
When he met with the famous inventor, Ford learned that the secret was to “Keep at it!” and his persistence finally paid off when he invented the Model T.
Though he does not sugarcoat the events in this book, it is not too graphic for middle schoolers. Two railroad companies eventually began laying track, one from the east and one from the west.
He became Lincoln’s most trusted spymaster, and his spy network was the basis for the Secret Service.
PW says the book reads “like the stuff of spy novels.” Sheinkin’s book can open up discussions on patriotism and conscience.
This book explains the workings of the eye how eye problems can be fixed, and presents true stories of people who have regained their sight through the efforts of Seva Canada. This book tells the story of 14 women from history to today that have been committed to this cause and responsible for advances in the fight against slavery. This book looks at the history of refrigeration, from the harvesting of ice during the winter to its importance in scientific breakthroughs such as the discovery of superconductors and the possibility of in vitro fertilization. She reflects on how her disability affected her life growing up and what it feels like to win a major beauty pageant. This book discusses the life and legacy of Hatfield, as well as the controversy surrounding his work.
This book is an excellent source for research and reports, in addition to being a fascinating read.
In the midst of this, composer Dmitri Shostakovich wrote the Leningrad Symphony, a composition that buoyed the spirits of the people under siege.
The brightest area seen from my Earth-bound perch was in the direction of Sagittarius, the Great Archer, who moved relentlessly across the southern sky.
While he lived, his name cast a dark shadow on the Great Plains as powerful as the Great Rift running above. With Sitting Bull’s escape to the safety of Grandmother’s Land – Canada – the great Sioux War ended..
I had our infant son on my back when the three of us somehow came between a cub and its mother on a narrow trail in dense bush.
We’ve been coming here for three decades, sometimes with our children, more recently by ourselves. A patch of sandy beach is just big enough to land a canoe or air-dry on a towel after a swim. The mid-model Ford teetered, accelerated then coasted to the rhythm of so many years rushing through her head. The porcupine ended up on our porch, standing in the corner like a chastened pupil, his back to the world.
Helgi’s head is bigger than my head, and it was like rooting around inside the mouth of a lion, but I did it. Others filter through the quaint streets on foot, passing by driveways where locals sell jam, pussy willow, or the contents of their refrigerators and attics. When Snyder’s family made the short walk from their house to the church (the one without ice) hundreds of boys and girls in hockey jerseys lined the street and clacked their sticks against the pavement.
There are many others who lack celebrity but are formidable with their intelligence and character.
His work has been published in The Literary Review, Beloit Fiction Journal, American Short Fiction, North American Review and Detroit Noir. Press, 2005); Walking Back the Cat (Bright Hill Press, 2006) and a book, Light That Sounds Like Breaking (Mayapple Press, 2006). Readers will learn about coding as they work their way through this exciting graphic novel mystery.
Aldrin’s ideas are intriguing, and he might just inspire a budding planetary scientist or astronaut.
Sandler tells the extraordinary tale of the workers who toiled to build the railroad over rivers and through mountains, the corruption of the railroad companies, and the impact that the railroad has had on Native American culture. Seva works in the world’s poorest places, and thanks to their work, has helped over 3.5 million see again. But courageous people are trying very hard to reverse this, most notably, young people who feel a kinship with these often misunderstood creatures. This narrative nonfiction, which SLJ says “has all the intrigue of a spy thriller,” recounts the life of Shostakovich, the history of Russia in the first half of the 20th century, and the drama of Russian courage in World War II.
But a bayonet through the back and into the kidneys brought him to the ground and to his death.  It’s said that overhead, a passing hawk screamed. We made it back to camp safely, but the memory of our fear—the other possible outcomes our imaginations conjured up—still sticks with us. We’ve packed up and left the city three hours behind, manoeuvred through the busy harbour, and paddled the open-water crossing. The lichen here ranges from a brilliant pumpkin colour to saffron; the sky and water gleam shades of cerulean blue. This was always Pete’s vacation spot – a tiny row of cabins in Minnesota, in a town which no one cared to remember the name. I threw myself between them, standing in too-small shoes on a steep grade littered with woodland debris, wearing a stupid nightgown. I pulled the quills, plunked down my money, and drove home with our mighty warrior passed out in the minivan. This is the game’s percussive song of sportsmanship, commonly heard when an injured player is taken off the rink, or in this case, into the hands of the Lord, The Keeper. Perhaps because of the Chemtura Plant, which manufactured Agent Orange for American napalm strikes in Vietnam.
The authors warn that you might not be successful the first time you try; just remember that practice makes perfect. After reading this quiet picture books, encourage children to look for other numbers as they encounter the outdoors. Each chapter is similar to a debate: Foes go first, fans respond, and then the author asks, “What do YOU think?
Over the years, we’ve circumnavigated the island, clockwise and counter-clockwise, and used it as a jumping-off point to paddle to smaller, more remote island chains farther offshore when the weather’s been right—the Minks and the McCoys. Storms and wind buffet this place and so the trees lean inland, some bare of branches on their exposed sides. We snuggle into our fleeces as September warmth is edged back by autumnal chill, listen to the rustles of small nocturnal creatures preparing for winter ahead.
His writing could very easily be the best thing Elmira has helped to produce, excluding that which you drizzle on pancakes. Is it a friend or a foe?” The great format, with terrific illustrations and information presented with a gob of humor, will make this a popular choice. Also known as the Freshwater Fury, it assaulted the shores of Lakes Huron, Erie, Superior, and Michigan from November 7 to 10 and claimed the lives of over 250 people.
On occasion, we’ve been lazy, paddling no farther than the first unoccupied campsite we’ve come across, quick to sling a hammock and uncork a bottle of wine. We fought and hollered in the dark for what seemed like twenty minutes before we ended up close enough to the house to wake my husband and two kids. For all of its residents, and the bucolic imagery it has furnished my mind with, I’m proud to call Elmira home, even as I travel beyond its pastures.
When a weekend opens up on short notice, or we just need to get away without much planning, Franklin has been our go-to place. I can distinctly remember sitting in traffic to evacuate town, as horse and buggies fled to safety along the shoulder of the road, leaving my parents and me in their dust.
With all that in mind, if we could travel forward through time, to the year 2100, I would love to learn that these two cultures cross-pollinated.

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