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There’s great debate in the meditation arena about how much time you should spend doing it.
The state you’re looking for certainly is an immediate calm, but also a very regulated, stress proof brain throughout the day.
When I sit down and take it past 15 minutes, moving into 20, and even 25 +, I achieve a much deeper, much more integrative, much more protective for the rest of the day kind of state. The Dalai Lama has been rumored to offer a lot of money to anyone in science that can help him replicate the gamma state, which is a state of high brain integration where cognitive performance is significantly powerful, in less than 4 hours (the time it takes him to get there). The longer I go in, the crazier and more powerful the state is, and the subsequent effects.
The mechanism at work here is simply the more complex integration, calming, cognitive control, and deep state regeneration as a result of more time in.
About the author Ryan Ballow is a combat vet turned entrepreneur, Founder of iMobileRescue Inc, Surrogate Labs, and Cortex the Nootropic. Meditation centres in Toronto will ease your worries, heal your soul and leave you feeling at peace with the world.
With free sessions spanning from Etobicoke to Scarborough (with Annex and Danforth locations) and up to North York, you're bound to find a spot near you.
The Kadampa Meditation Centre in Little Italy is actually a Buddhist temple - but you don't need to be a Buddhist to come here and benefit from its practices.
With meditation programs taking place at two locations, one in Davisville and the other on Eglinton West, Mindfulness Meditation can help you with your stress, management of your emotions, sleep and much more. The Nithyanada Meditation Academy in Scarborough not only offers free guided meditation, but also free yoga, Kriya classes as well as Energy Healing. Located in an actual house in the Dupont and Lansdowne area, Yoga House keeps the class sizes to maximum of 5 people so you can really focus on your meditation. True Peace Toronto gathers Mondays at the University of Toronto campus, and Fridays at the Miles Nadal Centre, for no charge.
The Toronto location (at Harbord and Spadina) of Sivananda Yoga Vendanta Centre is just one of 30 worldwide. The Toronto Zen Centre, in High Park, was established back in 1967 as place to practice Buddhism. Located in New Toronto, the Awakened Meditation Centre offers a weekly three-hour meditation course, beginning with yoga and ending with a Zen meal (bonus!).
You'll get all different women and men going to these classes, young, middle aged, old different backgrounds. I like that the article makes these centres more visible and gives people some idea of what it is like to practice there.
Hopefully the commentators who feel slighted at who was listed here will be meditating a bit more along a more generous path, perhaps sharing their thoughts without condemnation. I enjoy the Buddhist meditation classes at Kadampa Meditation Centre Canada and have learned that they function to produce prolonged happiness and not just a temporary peaceful mind.They have many different meditations to increase love, compassion and wisdom and I really enjoy the teachings on how to transform our difficulties into opportunities. We are new in the area, having a Buddhist Meditation Centre in Montreal, we are now offering meditation class, workshops and Teacher training eventually in Toronto, Kitchener and Oakville. I have been practising meditation for 45 years and also teaching for 40 years - oriented to spiritual development and vegetarian life style- Good knowledge of the Hindu tradition and Sanskrit - I derive infinite inspiration from all great spiritual Masters of the past including Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Christ, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Sri Ramakrishna-Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Bhagavan Rmana Maharshi, Anandamoyi Maa Sri Chinmoy and many more - Spiritual world is vaster than space. It will become a refuge of exquisite peace, stillness, and inner silence that you trust and rely on. As you spend longer periods of time meditating, you’ll find that there isn’t anything you can’t lot go of. But eating well, exercising, having healthy friendships, maintaining a work-life balance—these are also key aspects of a rich life. Yes, it can be a game-changer, but you can amplify the power of your meditation if it’s one part of a conscious whole.

I find that my efforts to go slow and be mindful always support and build momentum in my meditation practice as well. You don’t want to sit on the cushion, get blissed out, and then forget about it when you enter the fray of life. Reading books from authentic spiritual masters, studying different meditation paths, following blogs like this one—these are all important parts of deepening your practice. If you were going to learn a new language or start playing tennis for the first time, you’d want a coach, right? During retreats, you abandon the surface of things and live in a deeper zone of self and awareness.
One way to think about it is that retreats allow you to live in an unbroken state of meditation and mindfulness.
Ok, so we just covered 11 different actions you can take that are pretty much guaranteed to help you advance your meditation practice. Get our Meditation Made Easy Beginners Guide along with weekly articles and free resources delivered to your inbox.
Want to join the the community of teachers and practitioners who write for About Meditation? Tim Ferris, author of the 4 Hour series books, among other things, said recently in an interview that the effects of meditation are understood not necessarily immediately, but throughout the day in how your brain functions, which I agree with. Sometimes, for me, a solid meditation session allows me to undergo extremely stressful, super demanding and sometimes non stop situations throughout my day (which is mainly in building and running my iOS device repair company), without breaking down from stress, while maintaining a pretty optimal brain functionality throughout.
First, the integration of the many systems of the brain, which is what happens during meditation, can be achieved faster in some than in others, which could explain a shorter induction period in meditation or shorter meditation times.
I mean, the lights turn on, my calm prevails, verbal fluency kicks on full blast and cognitive speed and regulation throughout the day sticks around. I think a lot of the elements of whether or not you have a good meditation session are extremely important here, and should be considered in formulating expectations about any meditation session.
Many of these places are free of charge, so you don't need to stress about money (see, it's already working), and with group meetings all around Toronto, you won't need to go far. There is a cost to take the various meditation classes, or if you think you'll end up a regular, you can purchase a centre card, which will provide you with unlimited classes. One of their popular programs is the 8-week core program, which takes place three times a year. The general meditation programs for this ancient practice are free to the public, but they also have special focused programs for a fee.
Every Saturday morning they have Satsang class, where you'll get in yoga, meditation and more. The focus of their practice is on the Zen Buddhist teachings of a Vietnamese monk - but as always, everyone is welcome. They offer free group meditation throughout the week from 6 to 7am (just try not to fall back asleep while meditating) and also on Friday and Sunday evenings.
They offer an introductory workshop so you can decide if the Zen Centre is right for you before you purchase a membership.
The centre has a Zen Master and a number of Dharma teachers to lead you through Buddhist practices, or to take you on multi-day retreats if you need a little extra de-stressing.
And getting better at meditation is one of the best ways you can improve your quality of life. Then, you get familiar with the mechanical nature of your mind, which spins out endless cycles of thoughts like a psychedelic production line on steroids. Reconnecting to that intention is always a powerful way to strengthen your practice and re-double your efforts. Often, when you slow down and think about meditation, it’s kind of like making yourself vulnerable to meditative awareness.

Meditating with trusted friends who have a strong intention creates a powerful meditative field.
For me, it was reading the Gospels of Sri Ramakrishna and the Pali Canon about Gautama Buddha. Start meditating today and release the source of your stress with these proven meditation techniques. But he was also saying that short meditation sessions are his thing, and that time constraints make it hard to sit for a while and meditate.
I’ve been able to, particularly with self directed internal programming (aka self hypnosis), get into really deep meditative and regenerative states within 5 minutes. I cannot achieve that state in less time, unless again, all the physiological elements are right and I do some self hypnosis, but generally, I need at least 15 + minutes to really integrate the brain. True Peace Toronto are associated with Thich Nhat Hanh, who I suppose _technically_ is indeed a Vietnamese monk, but also happens to be one of a handful of world-famous Zen teachers. The meditation on Sunday evenings ends with a free vegetarian meal (usually rice and daal).
If you are striving for balance, inner peace, greater focus, less stress, then meditation alone can’t do it.
Bringing that quiet calm focus into the rest of your life is what mindfulness is all about. Sometimes, just thinking about meditation can trigger a memory or connection to a powerful meditative experience.
And I participated in many 10-day silent retreats where we did practice 19 out of 24 hours each day.
And second, you will most likely have a mind-expanding experience that will build your confidence. Frequently meditating with others in this field of awareness can accelerate your development and help you become a better meditator.
Whether it’s a particular person or writer who captures your imagination, it’s important to feed your soul and your intellect. Getting a coach, guide, or teacher who is further along in his or her own practice of meditation can be an enormous help. Before you know it, you’ll look up and realize that you have a meditation practice that you love and can’t live without! Whether you want to relax, stimulate creativity, gain enlightenment, or cultivate compassion and mindfulness, we help you learn how to let go. But I can’t always do that, and the elements of sleep, food, energy, etc all effect the situation. But let me tell you, if you stick with it, there will come a time when you love to practice meditation.
When you do that consciously, you’ll find that meditative awareness buoys to the surface of your being. Was it an experience of your mind going quiet and the beauty that opened on the other side of that? The next thing you know, you’re sinking into the ground of being and falling into a state of meditation.
It’s easy to get doey-eyed with a teacher who helps you navigate this subtle inner terrain. If you show up and there is no meditation class going on then someone on the spur of the moment will join you and do a meditation session for you.

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