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The impressive Buddha Hall in Magoulades with many different meditation workshops and open events.
Yoga, body-listening and other courses are offered at Casa Lucia, in the Sgombou area near Tzavros. Matangi Yoga offer a relaxing beach holiday in Agios Georgios beach, in combination with daily yoga courses literally on the beach. Meditation has been growing steadily in popularity over the last 10 years or so, but there are still plenty of people who dismiss the simple practice of mindfulness as nothing more than a waste of time.
Everyone seems to have an opinion on the definition of meditation, and there certainly plenty of definitions that are thrown around. Meditation, while it may look simple, can be a bit more difficult than you think until you’ve learned to do it correctly. Something important happens during thoughtless awareness — the stress-producing part of your mind is whisked away, and it happens without having any negative effects on your alertness, or on the effectiveness of your meditation practice.
Over the years, meditation has been found to support optimal health and wellness, both physically and mentally. The ideal time for most meditation practices is just 15 minutes twice daily (once in the morning and once at night). Rather than focus on 15 full minutes of meditation (especially if you’re new to the practice), start with just two or five minutes instead.

Instead of trying to fit meditation into your daily routine, do the opposite—make meditation your base and build your day around it. A holiday is the time to dive into yourself, connect with nature and others, relax and wind down.
In the seventies it was mostly hippies and backpackers who came for their vacation mostly to Pelekas and started nude bathing in the surrounding beaches (Myrtiotissa, Kondoyialos, Glyfada, Yaliskari).
After all, with all of us leading such busy lifestyles, who has time to waste on, well, doing nothing but sitting around?
However, rather than engaging with them like you normally would, simply acknowledge them and let them float by.
Ramesh Manocha, an educator and researcher in the Meditation Research Program at the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney Australia, calls this authentic meditation. Meditation isn’t about focus, concentration, visualization, or trying to escape your thoughts. It has an effect on the neural circuits throughout your brain, which then has an effect on your response to certain situations. Wherever you are, meditate (but please don’t do so while driving or in any other situation where closing your eyes might cause harm to yourself or someone else). She enjoys helping others navigate the rough waters of celiac disease and gluten intolerance to find their own path to wellness.

And yes…being in the moment is, oddly, one of the most difficult things for the average person to achieve. It’s all about the act of letting go and giving yourself to your inner silence for a while. You’re simply balanced, stress-free (if only for a few moments), and enjoying the now, rather than focused on stress, your job, and the numerous other things that may be screaming for your attention.
When you start with a shorter amount of time, you’re more likely to stick with the practice entirely.
You might not think that a few minutes of mindful awareness could ever help you feel better, but it can—and it’s great for your overall health, too! More and more people are coming to Corfu to benefit from the positive energy of the island that is evident everywhere. The nature is rich, the olive groves radiate absolute peace and quiet, plants are everywhere, growing next to, on top of and under each other, insects are humming happily, birds are having a party in the trees and the sea is always crystal clear and inviting. It’s the perfect place for meditation, the perfect place  to feel you are one with everything!

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