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People tell me they have nothing to be grateful for, I reply to them you are alive, you can walk, you can talk, you can see, you can smell, you can touch, you can read, you can write, you have water for free to drink and wash your clothes and wash yourself.
If you use this step correctly it is a great exercise of how to apply the law of attraction. Everything is created by you and you can change everything you create, but please everyone be grateful it is free and easy. Recent CommentsTonedef Entertainment on Keep Your Personal Relationships Private On Social NetworksTonedef Entertainment on Stop Planning! Become A Subscriber To The Break Your Shackles Now Newsletter And Begin To Learn To Live A Life Of Freedom And Empowerment. The law of gratitude is an organic concept, thus our actions (which are governed by our thoughts and feelings) and the universes response to those actions are continually parallel. Deep and continuous appreciation will result in achieving a complete realignment with the law of vibration and gratitude! The closer you are to the source of that which provides for us , the more wealth, health happiness and love we will receive. Gratitude is another positive thought which will not fail to be felt throughout the entire universe! Today more than ever it is hard not to notice the short-comings of world governments and politicians that seem to let us down time and time again. Keep in mind though that the world without these systems of governments would be a very lawless and anarchistic state. Without authentic feelings of appreciation the possibility of becoming abundant in any monetary sense would also be impossible.

The more money we have, the more we can show people we love them, we can bring value to their life and in the love we get in turn will bring joy to ourselves. Take a look around you and make note, be it mentally or better yet, list all the things that you have to be thankful for in writing. This is a wonderful visualization meditation, that will guide you through the techniques that will directly influence the manifestation of your dreams, by naturally increasing the vibration of gratitude within yourself. One of the laws of the universe, is that whatever energy, vibration or frequency we send out, we attract more of it back to us. This step raises your vibration and brings you into harmony with the energy of the universe. As soon as you use the power of gratitude correctly things will fall into place and your life will improve. It also can be defined as a readiness to show appreciation and a willingness to demonstrate reciprocal kindness. The universe’s response to this vibrational frequency is instant, returning more to be grateful for.
We are better off to be grateful for those people, and if a change in focus is in order for you to feel this, by all means do it now. It is better to be thankful that politicians and governments are in place, because the order that does some from their existence will help to fulfill all of our own personal desires for abundance. Beyond the things we require for mere survival are the things we seek in fulfilling our full potential. The better our health is the more effort we can put into creating things and in turn see more monetary gain from things we love to do!

Therefore, by sending out high vibrations of gratitude, we attract more of that vibration to us and find ourselves having more things to be grateful for. You probably have food to eat, you have stores that bring food in daily and are easily available, you have transport, you have great nature. On the other hand complaining attracts more to complain about, I used to work in a place with lots of negative people and they always complained, I had to balance my energy around these people which I called my emotional plaques.
Money, good health , deep love and relationships are essential to us becoming who we truly want to be. To express gratitude deeply, is one of the fastest and simplest ways to manifest your dreams and desires and that is what this visualisation meditation will help you do. You can not gain more health, wealth, success if you lack gratitude for what you already have. They miss the fact that you need to be grateful in order to attract more stuff to be grateful for. So remember you become what you think, so be careful what you think as it shapes into reality.

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