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What are your summer plans?  Are you heading out to the lake, a road trip or sticking close to home?  Whatever your plans, we know that the new issue of Garnish – the magazine is going to have lots of fun summer ideas for you.  Look for it in this space soon!
Is it the middle of May already?!  Time to start thanking those men and women who spend all day with your children…their teachers.
It just so happens that the mini apple pies that they sell at Starbucks fit perfectly into our large nut and party cup.  It was meant to be.  We added in of our Say What? Solution: Reach in your drawer and grab something from your snack attack box graciously given to you during Teacher Appreciation Week by a caring, and understanding, parent.
As a teacher for multiple years, I was on the receiving end of many lovely and wonderful gifts for various occasions and as a momma now who is experiencing giving gifts to teachers for the first time, I wanted to make sure that I give gifts to my kids’ teachers that they will love and enjoy for years to come. I’ve rounded up 15 teacher gift ideas that would have been stand-outs to me {let me beat a dead horse now and say ALL gifts are appreciated and cherished}.

As always, I have lots more inspiration on my Pinterest, especially the Teacher Teacher board! I think a few of these would be great ideas for teachers…I wouldn’t mind getting one or two of them (I teach 5th grade), but most of them are cutesy, and not really for a male teacher, you know? On the recent posts page (this is on page 3) there is a picture of what looks like an ice cream kit or gift box. As a teacher, most of those gifts look really great, but I have to say……NO MORE MUGS, please!!!
Who knew that strawberries could look so good!      Be sure to check out the rest of post on Jaime’s blog here. I can tell you from personal experience that I certainly did not go into the profession to expect gifts from my students and their families and every single present that was sent my direction was received with lots of love and appreciation.

They create lesson plans, grade papers and take courses to learn materials to teach their students. Dig deep and think about what you know about your child’s teacher or have your kidlet so some undercover work. Most give their child’s teacher an end-of-the-year gift and lots of schools also have a Teacher Appreciation Week or Day as well. We’ve also found some great Student Appreciation Gift ideas to say “Thank You” to your students too.

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