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After your body has slept all night, repairing itself in your sleep, you need to start your day off right by replenishing your body with a healthy breakfast to get your day started off right.
You can also try 100% whole wheat toast with low calorie margarine, light cream cheese, peanut butter, honey, etc.
Try eating fresh fruit like an apple, an orange, slices of honey dew, cantaloupe, watermelon with your breakfast.
Trying using soy milk on your cereal, after awhile you will acquire a taste for soy milk and it is very good for you. I like to start off the day with some whole grain cereal, orange juice, and maybe 1-2 egg whites.
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One of my favourites at the moment that does all of the above, and leaves you with plenty of energy is below. Avocado (eat with a teaspoon), some berries (I like raspberries), some rye toast with almond butter, and washed down with a cup of green tea. Other options are omelette with ham, tomoato, spinach etc, forms of eggs on rye or wholemeal toast, my protein pancakes (search this site for them!) Smothies – greek yoghurt, avocado, protein powder, coconut oil, or at least just grab a protein shake!

If I could take a tomato, avocado and cheese omelet out to dinner, feed it some wine and take it home with me and watch a movie, I would.
I love breakfast so much, that there have been days that I’ve had eggs in the morning, pancakes in the afternoon and waffles for dinner. So any time someone new comes to Harrisburg, be it a band or a friend, I’m often quick to recommend a handful of great breakfast options. Here, in no particular order, are ten great places to get a good breakfast in the Harrisburg area.
The first thing you need to know about this place is that it is NOT the Riverview Diner anymore. There’s nothing classy about The American Dream, both literally and figuratively, and this diner embodies all of it.
My favorite part of this place is the Eggs Benedict options, specifically, the Crab Benedict. Again, another place which I wish were closer to downtown Harrisburg, The Skyline Family Restaurant has it all. Remember to always start your day off with breakfast, you will thank yourself for it when you start to feel great during the day. We were in one of the furthest units from the water, however we still had a lovely view of the ocean. Because for as underwhelming a town that Harrisburg can be, we are fortunate to have a good smattering of breakfast choices.
When this structure was known as the Riverview Diner, I swore it off for years due to terrible service, cold food and hair in my eggs. It’s a classic train car diner perched at the intersections of Route 22 and Herr Street just north of Cameron in Harrisburg. The Keystone is, at it’s heart, a greasy spoon with all of the glorious prestige that comes along with that designation. Dodge City was recently featured on Restaurant Impossible and went through a menu and aesthetic overhaul, but fortunately, the breakfast went mostly unchanged.

No matter if you are eating out or eating at home, here are some ways you can make healthy breakfast choices. Try adding fresh fruit to your cereal for jazz it up and give you a sweet taste to your cereal without adding refined sugar to it. You will find that this type of breakfast will fill you up and keep you going until your next meal. Actually preferred where we were because we were across from a pool so it was a short distance for my kids. Supply your body what it needs and you will notice the difference in energy, flat stomach and health. But under new ownership for about two years now, the Yankee Doodle Diner is one of my favorite breakfast spots. My buddies Chris Hoke, Adam Kline and myself used to duke it out over the Foursquare Mayorship of Roxy’s. Conveniently located just off of I-283 heading to the airport (or Target), this is another example of how a once sub par diner went under new ownership and became something pretty darn good. A creative menu featuring specials daily, burritos, omelets, waffles, pancakes, eggs, oatmeal and cereals served by a super friendly and always entertaining staff, this place keeps impressing me. And where the Keystone and American Dream simply slice em up and throw em in a frying pan, the Skyline seasons their home fries. Tons and tons of microbrews lined up neatly in a few coolers just as you walk in the door, a full bar (for those Sunday morning Bloody Mary’s) and dozens of pancake options. ANYWAY, this is another sort of off-the-beaten-path breakfast option that’s just up the road from the must-avoid Perkins at The Radisson just off of the Camp Hill Bypass and barely two minutes from the intersection of Front and Forster streets at the Harvey Taylor Bridge.

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