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Finding your sunscreen soul mate is the key motivating factor for using it regularly, experts agree.
As a general rule, SPF 15 blocks 93 percent of UVB rays, SPF 30 blocks 97 percent and SPF 50 blocks 98 percent. It means the sunscreen provides protection against both UVA (wrinkle- and cancer-causing) and UVB (burning) rays.
Since rays can still get through sunscreen, companies are now including antioxidants such as vitamins C and E and green tea to help mitigate damage. 7 Health Problems Fixed by Food19 Science-Backed Superfoods10 Superfoods for Spring7 Health Problems Eased by ExerciseFall Skin FixesA Sunscreen Pill From Coral Compound? Cyclocross started in Europe more than one hundred years ago when cyclist were looking for a way to stay fit in winter.
Cyclocross requires the power of a sprinter, the speed and endurance of a time trialist, the bike-handling skills of a mountain biker and the tactics of a road racer. It is not surprising that cyclocross has become the fastest growing part of the sport of cycling in the U.S. Events foster a festive atmosphere and encourage everyone to have fun while racing as hard as possible.

Problem is, that labeling rule only went into effect in December and stores still sell inventory made prior to it, notes Steven Wang, MD, director of dermatologic surgery and dermatology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Basking Ridge, N.J. If you don't want to bother applying a serum that contains them beneath your moisturizer or sunscreen (Dr.
While regular tanning or getting several bad burns when you're young raises your risk of skin cancer, Dr. If you have a family history of skin cancer or are vacationing in a tropical spot (where the sun is especially intense), go for 50 or even 70.
So if you're shopping and there's no broad-spectrum mention, check the ingredients for zinc or avobenzone, the only two that provide top-notch UVA coverage, he says. Consider hitting the beach or pool in the morning instead of midday (when sun is strongest), and bring an umbrella and a tightly woven long-sleeve shirt. Moy says, what's critical is that you put on sunscreen these days: "Since skin's ability to repair itself decreases with age, your risk is even greater if you burn now." Good thing you're using it! Stick with these smart tipsa€”and check out our product picksa€”to make sure you're as protected as you can possibly be.
So to be as safe as possible, you still need to reapply every two hours and after a swim, even if you used the water-resistant kind, says Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.

Instead of that old advice to use a shot glass--size dose, all our experts recommend applying two coats. Try Neutrogena Beach Defense sunscreen spray broad-spectrum SPF 30 ($11; at mass retailers). Moy, "80 percent of the skin cancers I remove are on the nose." Other commonly missed areas include the feet, hair part, ears and chest, as well as the backs of hands and legs. Ditto for spray formulas: Hold the nozzle close to your skin and spritz, moving slowly up and down until you see a sheen, then go back over the area. For your face, apply a pea-size drop to each cheek, your forehead and your chin, then smear in.

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