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Tonight we are having the last of the three sixpack purchase I made not too long ago from the Village Liquors in New Lenox. Makes one wonder how and why they decided to name a beer after an African monkey, a Belgian style beer at that. I would agree with others that, compared to Chimay, this beer is a cheaper but worthy contender. The Golden Snub-nosed Monkey is a Chinese monkey and can be also referred as the Golden Monkey. Golden Monkeys have been on loan display in foreign countries for many times, attracting the adoration from people of all countries. The mascot of the First Guizhou Youth Games is a Guizhou golden monkey named "Jinjin", signifying the golden age of the youth. Only found in Ecuador, northern Peru and western Brazil, the marmosets, or aye-ayes, are the smallest monkeys in the world with a height of only a dozen centimeters and a weight of about 100g.
Don’t let the 12-ounce bottles and the kitschy artwork fool you into believing that this is just another attempt at faking a Euro-style brew.
The Golden Snub-nosed Monkey is endemic to a small area in temperate, mountainous forests of central and south-western China. According to records in the Japanese Royal Annual, Emperor Wuzetian in the Tang Dynasty presented to Japanese Temmu a pair of living giant pandas and 70 pieces of fur of the animal as a national gift in 658 A.D. The label depicted an east Indian style monkey with six extremities, three of which were positioned over its face as in the Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil depictions.

Soon thereafter, it felt as if the back of my throat had been sanded smooth with a high grit sandpaper.
Snow occurs frequently within its range and it can withstand colder average temperatures than any other non-human primates.
During the period between 1957 and 1982, a total of 23 giant pandas were successively presented by China to nine countries – the Soviet Union, North Korea, America, Japan, France, Britain, Federal Germany, Mexico and Spain. Yunnan Golden Monkeys live in the depths of Chinese fir forests in the snow covered mountains of Yunnan-Tibeten areas, with the population of about one thousand. The remaining extremity positions, as well as the overall meaning of the artwork is up for interpretation. I’m now learning the importance of the road trip (beer run) to get the full appreciation of what’s out there away from home.
And once again, a beer made me glad to be alive and able to experience this wonderful taste. Not uncomfortable at all, but a reminder as to the taste effects of perhaps the spiciness  of this beer. There was no discernible hop slap at the swallow, but there was a nice crispness going down. The family groups band together with others, forming troops of 20 to 30 individuals in the winter and up to 200 individuals in the summer. Furthermore, Fuwa Jingjing, one of the five Fuwas as the mascot of Beijing 2008 Olympics Games, has been created with the giant panda as the prototype.

The most widely known species is Sichuan Golden Monkeys that are distributed in Sichuan, Shaanxi, Hubei and Gansu. I remembered the price I paid for a couple of Chimay bombers a while ago, and this was still a deal. They live in broadleaf forests or coniferous and broadleaved mixed forests 1400-3000 meters above sea level.
My choice for tonight’s review was Golden Monkey Tripel Ale brewed by the folks at the Victory Brewing Company out of Downingtown, PA. And like the Giant Panda, the Golden Monkey is unable to bear scorching heat and can survive severe cold. The Golden Monkey is a gregarious animal that live in family groups, with the biggest herds of up to 600 individuals. Their main food includes tree leaves, tender branches, flowers, fruits, bark, roots, insects, birds and bird eggs.

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