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I’m trying to live the most compassionate life I can - for myself, the animals, the environment, and the world at large. October seems to be a month of changes in my life and becoming vegan was one of the best changes I’ve done and it was in October 1997. Seventeen years ago I still listen to the same questions: “Do you find it hard to be vegan?” “Where do you get your protein?” “How about B12?” “Do you eat fish?” “Why not milk?”.
All these tips are for people who already took the decision and are in the first days or months of being vegan, right? Vegan families and raising a vegan child: We’re planning to launch our new section soon!
Another difference is that a strict vegetarian doesn’t eat meat, fish or poultry, they only consume grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits. When it comes to being a vegetarian, sometimes things can get a little bit confusing, because there are so many different categories of vegetarians, like vegans and fruitarians.  It really just boils down to a matter of personal preference and beliefs. Basically the same as Vegan, but they only eats foods that don’t kill the plant like apples, tomatoes blueberries.
Advocates of the raw food diet believe that enzymes are the life force of food and that every food contains its own special blend of these enzymes to help us digest our foods without relying on our body to produce its own digestive enzymes. Scott and I choose to keep our lives simple, with clean, whole foods which nourish and naturally detox our bodies daily.  Energy levels increase when you eat live foods and I found that my 14kgs of extra weight that I carried about during my vegetarian days just fell away once I removed wheat and dairy products from my diet.
Next time, I’ll be talking about why you may not need as many fluids when you consume a raw food diet. By the way, if you haven’t yet downloaded your FREE Raw Food Recipes, then click here to get some easy and delicious ideas to help you get started. It is unlikely I will ever embrace a vegan lifestyle; my passion for burgers is lengthy, storied and well-documented. It may even seem that might make me reluctant to embrace a cookbook focused on vegan recipes. There has been a slowly, steadily growing shift when it comes to vegetarianism and veganism, moving them into the realm of regular rotation for some omnivores.
Hamshaw writes the popular New Veganism column for Food52, a site that began as a way of sharing recipes and has morphed into a place that produces cookbooks, offers a hotline and an online store with all sorts of items related to shopping for food, preparing it and serving it up. From first look, there were some key differences between Hamshaw’s book and other vegan books that have appeared since I started writing this column. I appreciated that few recipes called for alternative ingredients that would be hard to track down or, once acquired, difficult to use up. Perhaps more important than creating an approachable book, she has created an appetizing one. Salads, at least for the purpose of my own approach to trying something vegan, felt like a cheat. For all intents and purposes, there isn’t much to this recipe and my expectations were not high considering the rather simple collection of ingredients. I believed it would be tasty, don’t get me wrong, but straightforward. I’m not going to become a vegan, or even a vegetarian, let’s be honest here, but books like Food52: Vegan remind me that it’s good to step away from the meat counter once in a while. Smoked paprika and chipotle chilies in adobo add a slight smokiness to this dish that brings together hearty beans and a slight sweetness — and nice colour — from the sweet potatoes. Going meatless on Monday is a great way to help the environment while staying happy and healthy. There is a wide variety of delicious vegan desserts out there from soy ice cream to boutique vegan cupcakes. Yes, it is a multi-step dessert but all that preparation is worth it when the flavors and textures combine in your mouth. And a special thank you goes to Debbie who requested vegan recipes for her new husband (congratulations!) – the world needs more vegans! Whether it’s finding the best goat tacos in LA, spotting a well-worn vintage bag in Sweden, or interviewing the “crab man” selling seafood on a corner in Harlem, we tell stories seen from Chef Marcus Samuelsson‘s point of view.

Being vegan or vegetarian may sound healthy, but if you don't get the vitamins you need it can be dangerous. Raw Vegans eats unprocessed vegan foods that have not been heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celsius).
The macrobiotic diet includes unprocessed vegan foods, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and the occasional consumption of fish. Try Vegan by The Vegan Society: The Vegan Society is one of the greatest source of information for any step of being vegan.
Becoming Vegan: another website full of information, including food, clothes and other products.
Vegan Outreach Starter Guide: free to download (PDF format) and order a copy, this is a great guide covering from basics on veganism to nutritional advices.
Please feel free to contact us if you want to get involved and if you have questions and doubts about vegan parenting! This includes sugar and some wines.  They also avoid non-food animal products such as leather, wool, down, etc. Movements like Meatless Monday indicate that even hearty meat eaters can embrace a night or two of vegetable-centric meals. Most of the recipes are focused on vegetables and grains, well flavoured with spices, herbs and aromatics. At times, flipping through, I’d temporarily forget this is a book that contains nary a portion meat, a hunk of cheese or even a splash of milk.
Only because I could easily make a vegan salad and be satisfied, though, granted Hamshaw’s are much more creative.
I wasn’t sad to have leftovers, which I’ve popped in the freezer for future dinner emergencies.
Pour the mango pudding mixture into the mold and leave to cool before refrigerating until chilled. They believe that foods cooked above this temperature have lost a significant amount of their nutritional value and are harmful to the body.
Make sure if you're going to buy organic you read the back of the package, sometimes food is only 70% organic, and make sure it says USDA Organic on the front.
She likes reviewing new edits for accuracy and helpfulness and fixing grammatical errors through the Spellchecker. I have written about my reasons to go vegan before so I won’t go back to it but I wanted to take a time of my day today to share with our readers who are not vegan yet a few tips to help you to go vegan.
As I’ve said, learning to cook will be really useful and there are many great tips there!
Getting to know about vegan products available in the market is great and you can be surprised by the fact that today there is a vegan version for almost everything non-vegan! What has bolstered that, I believe, is the increasing number of books that are vegetarian or vegan focused but appeal to a wider audience.
Instead, it is a collection of enticing, creative recipes I’d be happy to serve or eat all on my own.
When it came to choosing a recipe to make, I wanted something that might challenge my perception of veganism, get me to think outside of the butcher’s display case. There’s something about the heartiness of the beans, the tinge of smoke from the paprika and chipotle, the afterthought of spicy heat tempered with the potatoes’ sweetness that works incredibly well.
Vegans not only omit all animal products from their diets, but they also eliminate them from the rest of their life. Or in the creche?” “What if he decides to eat meat when he’s older?” As vegans we all know that the list of questions goes on and on. My favorite ones are Vegan Cuts Snack Box (ships worldwide but free shipping in the US), The Vegan Box (Australia) and Vegan Tuck Box (also ships worldwide but cheaper to UK and Europe).

Such is the case of Hamshaw’s, which includes 60 recipes ranging from breakfast dishes to decadent desserts — yes, even a luscious-looking chocolate cake — and sumptuous shots by James Ransom.
There is no need to make your own nut cheese or faux cream, though, yes, Hamshaw has recipes for those for the few dishes that call for them.
Deciding on a chili bolstered with smoky spice and a hint of sweetness and autumnal colour from sweet potatoes turned out to be fitting considering the drastic weather shift over the last few days. I did not even think for one moment about the fact there was no meat, no dairy, nothing but vegetables and a bit of spice. Then add the sweet potatoes and garlic and saute until the garlic is fragrant and the sweet potatoes are just becoming tender, 8 to 10 minutes.
I was a vegan for a couple of years back in high school and I loved it – all except for two minor issues, those issues being pizza and dessert. Then I discovered agar-agar, the plant based substitute for gelatin, add almond milk and a little creativity to that and voila! There are Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians, who do not eat animal flesh of any kind, but they eat eggs and dairy.
I ate a number of bowls over a few days before packaging up the rest to be frozen and retrieved when there’s nothing in the fridge and I’m needing a dish that is warming and soothing. Add the chipotle in adobo, chili powder, cumin, and paprika and cook, stirring constantly, until the spices are very fragrant. Recommended intakes are usually based on 50% absorption, as this is typical for small amounts from foods. And it’s good to have positive conversations with non-vegans who want to learn more about veganism. That means no meat, no milk, no eggs, no honey, and no gelatin to name the biggest offenders. To meet the US and German recommendations you need to obtain sufficient B12 to absorb 1.5 mcgs per day on average. What that translated to for me was no greasy New York pizza and no pastries, puddings, cakes, or ice creams. This amount should be sufficient to avoid even the initial signs of inadequate B12 intake, such as slightly elevated homocysteine and MMA levels, in most people. My first reason to go vegan was animal rights, and then environment, but for years I wouldn’t care about heath. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the sweet potatoes are tender, 30 to 35 minutes, adding more broth as needed to achieve desired consistency. Even slightly elevated homocysteine is associated with increased risk of many health problems including heart disease in adults, preeclampsia during pregnancy and neural tube defects in babies.So Remember to get your daily dose of vitamin B12. When I see that the person is genuine curious or interested, I answer with a more complete speech.
But I know that most of the people who go vegan are surrounded by non-vegan people in a non-vegan world and going to family or friends parties, dinners, school, University, etc can sound like a huge challenge and it might be.
Today I try to connect my veganism with everything: animals (rights, compassion, preservation), our planet (environment, water, rainforest, preservation), yourself and human animals (health, compassion, peace, world hunger).
If you’re going to a party or dinner where you know there will be no vegan options, eat before or after or take your own food if you can.

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