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Little Steps is an email course that gives you 30 actionable steps, one each and every day, to help you overcome the challenges you’re experiencing in your life right now.
By letting go of my Grand Design, I was able to create space for other, better and more fulfilling opportunities to come into my life. You may also like these postsThe secret to discovering your ultimate motivation It's so easy for all of us to 'lose our motivation' at times. We might label it as laziness or procrastination at those times when we really don't feel like we're […]Daily Action As a life coach you have to walk your talk and in this episode Paul and Sam talk about examples of what can happen if you do put in a […]Unconsciously incompetent! Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. Saying yes to the ebbs and flows of your business will open doors you never even thought of in the beginning.
Water is the key to life – the lessons we learn in relation to it can help guide us in our business ventures to the most interesting and profitable possibilities while making time for the fun stuff in life.
It certainly can Jeri… I think we need to use a combination of both planning and plasticity, as the women above have said. Get Exclusive Extras!Sign up for our newsletter to score all kinds of free EXCLUSIVES on branding, relationships, entrepreneurship, blogging, social media, running a business, kicking ass, taking names and everything you need to be successful!! When we negotiate a river and go with the flow, we harness the energy that’s already available to us, in the currents. Staying in relationships way past their sell-by date (ouch – done that), jobs that are unfulfilling and drain our life force (tick), and in friendships that no longer serve us (been there too). Sometimes this lull lasts for a few days, but typically it lasts for much […]Stuck in Inaction?

The 3rd episode in their impromptu series on life's ups and downs, follows the progress of Sam & Paul's journeys through boiling point […]How to Tackle Complacency Have you ever felt you've lost your drive at work or you've stopped trying in your relationships? Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. You'll receive monthly VIP exclusives that will help make you seriously awesome and totally rich + get a FREE copy of How to Do It: Entrepreneurship, Blogging, Life, Sex & Money! As it turns out, blog based web design is kind of a big deal and I’m pretty damn good at it. For myself, I always have a back-up plan and tell myself it isn’t the end of the world if a project goes through. This will help you see the forest through the trees and be able to spot trends you need to be on top of. Great point – sometimes running a successful business means knowing when to delegate and when to take control.
Well I have been selling promotional products on the internet since the early 90’s and have a business plan but have learned that you have go with the flow. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. I needed to let go of certain constructs and ideas I’d had and allow myself to be guided by my intuition.
Saying yes will help determine whether your company remains a trickle in the forest or a raging river of opportunities.
Digital marketing starts with a solid foundation – a good, user-friendly, accessible and attractive website.

A business plan is a great and necessary start – but change is inevitable (in my experience) and resisatance is futile (so they say).
I believe there is a balance between a good solid plan but also you need to be flexible to go with the flow.
It’s so important to plan but to be willing to change that plan as well if circumstances account for it.
Trusting that there is a higher force guiding us – if we will only allow it – takes practice and self-awareness. As entrepreneurs, we often live, breathe, sleep and obsess over our companies, for better or for worse; even those of us with exceptional time management skills can find our energy and strategies in the weeds from time to time. As you mentioned time management pros can often get overwhelmed with all the daily things it takes to run a business. To truly go with the flow in life is to notice patterns, energy and circumstances around us – whether they be challenging or easy – and make full use of them. A totally unexpected change of events that was even more wonderful as I got to see a dear friend from New York I hadn’t seen since 2009.
We decide on a course of action and come hell or high water we’re gonna stick with it.

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