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Of 900 men surveyed by Midan Marketing, nearly half say they do at least half of their household’s grocery shopping. Midan also ran the numbers for Quartz and found that the same percentage of women surveyed do the majority of grocery shopping and cooking as men, confirming the idea that there is much more gender equality in these activities than there used to be. But even if there is increasing gender parity when it comes to buying and preparing food, women are still responsible for the majority of household duties. Last weekend, I read that I’m no exception at all, but rather a member of the fastest growing demographic in food retail. Isolating personal care products by gender is one thing, but should these findings really transform the food retail experience? The increase in men took place as grocery stores were, I assume, constructed and arranged for the female shopper. While there are hundreds of “in-store strategies” being used across the globe, some of the most commonly used ones are listed below. Did you ever notice how often the cereal section is directly across from the sweets or desserts section? It’s not a coincidence that all the so called “premium” products are so well placed on the supermarket shelves.
Just like the light at the end of the tunnel, the bargain at the end of the aisle often seems too good to be true. It is also interesting to note that the cost of putting products up on “special offer” is usually met by the producers, not the supermarkets.
Some of the in-store marketing plans for the future seem to have come straight off the pages of a Science Fiction novel. The bargains in the supermarkets are usually on the products that are thrown messily onto shelves or into trolleys, priced with big reduced stickers. You’ll be amazed at how much you can change by just buying what you need rather than what you think you need.
Privacy PolicyWhen you sign up for one of our information services, we will never pass on your contact details to third parties, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Al final, con unas pautas basicas y algo de informacion sobre componentes e ingredientes beneficiosos y perjudiciales, podremos hacer una compra de forma inteligente, sin dejar al azar decisiones que, a corto o largo plazo, pueden danar nuestra salud. When hurrying through the store, it is easy to try to buy nutritious foods but actually end up buying less healthy alternatives.
Whole grain foods, such as breads, pastas, and rice, are healthier than their refined alternatives because they are better sources of fiber, protein and many vitamins and minerals. Some packages of ground turkey contain nearly as many calories, fat, and saturated fat as lean ground beef. Moral of the story:  when in the grocery store, choose foods with few added ingredients, choose a variety of whole foods, and focus more on the quality of the foods you are eating rather than calories and specific nutrients. The DC Ladies are a fabulous group of women from the Washington DC Metro Area who have each had a passion for writing with a specialty background.
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Complicated recipes, overflowing grocery carts, and nightly cooking can be roadblocks to healthy eating. In addition to avoiding the grocery store when you're hungry, a small study found that shopping when you're tired can also impact your choices.

People who eat most of their meals at home are typically healthier and are better able to maintain a healthy weight compared to people who eat out frequently.
When you feel your creativity lacking, taking a walk can help you find inspiration, according to a small study from Stanford University researchers.
A new survey found that only 25 percent of employees with paid time off took advantage of it in 2013. Of that group, more than half do all of the shopping and 46 percent say they are responsible for cooking all of their house’s food.
Writing the list, buying the food, and preparing it for her family was once the sole domain of a wife.
I enjoy the actual process of going to the grocery store, pushing a cart up and down the aisles under the bright glow of buzzing halogen lights, picking out my favorite staples, perusing the best deals, trying a new item or two. You go into your local supermarket to pick up a pint of milk and a loaf of bread and come back out with a trolley full of shopping. Usually, when mum or dad stops to pick up cereal, the kids have enough time to focus on the sweet things across the way and start pestering their parents for them.
This means that as you’re walking around, the things you can’t avoid facing are the products which will cost you the most money. Video cameras, heat sensors and audio-recorders are being used at home and abroad to determine shoppers behaviour. Even more bargains can be found if you just shop carefully and spend some time comparing prices. Cuando vamos a una tienda o a un supermercado, tenemos que decidir entre numerosos articulos que, aparentemente, se parecen mucho entre si. Si cogemos dos productos, uno en cada mano, deberiamos ser capaces de distinguir que es mas beneficioso y adecuado para nuestra salud. Beware of the following “traps” when you’re grocery shopping that can hinder your attempts to eat healthfully. However, if a product says “wheat,” “multigrain,” or “whole grain” on the package, it may not be made with 100% whole grain!
Therefore the food manufacturer can determine if his food is “natural.” While I believe this term will eventually be regulated, make sure to choose organic if you’re aiming to purchase sustainably grown and produced food. If you are avoiding gluten for health and digestive reasons, there are now many gluten-free breads and pastas to meet your needs. If you are looking for a former DC Ladies Contributor look for their name in the tags or search box.
A small study from the University of Bath found that working out 45 minutes a day leading up to the holidays can help counteract some of the effects of overeating. The study, published in the journal Obesity, found that just a single night of sleep deprivation makes you more likely to buy higher-calorie food if you shop the next day.
Kickstart your post-game recovery with the tropical shake recipe below to rebuild your muscles and rehydrate your body.
If you're eating most of your meals at home, you're already one step ahead of the rest, but there are still things you can do to improve your diet even more. On a given day, more than 80 percent of women spend time doing household chores such as cooking, cleaning, or household management, compared to 65 percent of men. The truth is, supermarkets work very hard to get you to buy more than you need through clever in-store marketing.

According to “supermarket psychologists”, people react positively to the healthy colours and smells of fresh fruit and veg. Again, the big brand owners pay for the end aisle spots as they’re the best selling spaces.
Some of the new developments are even simpler, and you may have noticed them as the advertising that now decorates the shopping trolleys and baskets in some supermarkets.
The mission of RedBranch is to empower children & parents to make healthy lifestyle choices. Por lo tanto, cuando echamos productos al carrito de la compra, en realidad lo estamos llenando de decisiones. Normalmente, solemos pensar que si algo es mas barato es de peor calidad, pero dicha calidad no la determina el precio, sino las propiedades de cada producto. By law, a package can say “whole grain” as long as it contains more than 51% whole grain by weight. The DC Ladies has everything you need from business and career to beauty, fashion and food; each topic fabulously put together with you in mind. The kid in the shopping cart is yelling, the dog is running and the bags of food the mother is holding are ripping out at the bottom. Putting them at the entrances ensures that the first emotion we have when we walk in the supermarket is positive. The products might be on special offer, but they still might be more expensive than the unbranded alternatives. However, once again, you will find that if you take the items that are on offer and compare them to similar products, you may still be paying more than you have to. Estas se veran influenciadas por lo que creemos que es mejor para nosotros, ya sea por su comodidad, por su precio o por sus propiedades.
Asi, para no perdernos cuando leamos la etiqueta de un producto, vamos a ver paso por paso en que tenemos que fijarnos.
Gluten-free bread and pasta are not lower in calories, and you won’t do yourself much good choosing the gluten-free cakes and cookies! Mothers also report being more exhausted than fathers, part of which may be due to the fact that men are able to get three more hours of leisure time each week. As well as this, the “one-free” in the offer may eventually just end up as waste in the bin. Sin embargo, muchas veces, la falta de conocimiento nos provoca una inevitable indecision e incluso nos puede hacer elegir un producto poco apropiado sin darnos cuenta. Analizaremos productos de higiene y belleza, de hogar y limpieza, de alimentacion y de maternidad y bebes, para desglosar de cada apartado todo lo que tenemos que saber sobre los productos especificos dentro de cada seccion.
If the first ingredient (and subsequent grains listed) says “whole grain” or “whole wheat,” then you’re likely ok.
Start by following the below advice from Amanda Carlson-Phillips, vice president of nutrition and research at Athlete’s Performance, who tackled three common Halloween-turned-healthy questions. Rather than look for low-fat foods, choose less processed foods with minimally added amounts of salt and sugar, then enjoy smaller portions if you are watching your weight.

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