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Whatever your circumstance may be, you are probably asking yourself how can I turn this mess around and be debt free? Since you no longer have those pesky monthly loan payments anymore, it’s now time to update your spending and savings plan. Some people, specially the ones who are pursuing a spiritual path, often think that materialism and money is not good, as they believe money is the source of evil. If virtuous people are prosperous, the world will become a better place to live in as many people can be benefited from their generosity and will to do good. In fact getting money is not so difficult, you just need to know how to prepare your system and how to look for it.
We believe that the steps discussed here can help you reach your target effectively and in a shorter time. First of all if you are applying to work in a company, look at the highest salary of the employees. When you want to start a project or invest in a business, ask yourself that if something goes wrong, can you still handle the risk or not?! Think! Update your budget by writing down your current expenses, and subtract that amount from your income.
Financial advisors recommend having savings to the value of three to six months of your expenses. Some employers offer matched payments on 401(k), 403(b), or 457(b) retirement plans, generally up to a specific amount or percentage.

There is a saying that what you give, you shall receive. We cannot reap what we have not sown! This is the practice that many successful businessmen do including Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Warrant Buffet. When you donate, do it wisely. Actually it is not really matter that what you buy is expensive or cheap, but it should be a good quality product. If you buy something just because it is cheap, it might not work long and you may need to change it again. If the highest salary is not what you are looking for, apply for another company, another job. Most of the times failure happens because of not planning out the details well and inability to calculate the risks well.
You may use positive affirmations to be able to attract money easily and more effectively such as “I am prosperous and happy, ”“money flows to me like a river,” “money rains on me like a waterfall,” “money comes to me easily and abundantly,” so be it. Unfortunately you've made some mistakes along the way (like tax liens, a law suit or bad business debt) and now you need to know how to dig your way out of the mess without a shovel (i.e.
The extra money you now have should be reallocated to accounts and assets that help you reach your financial goals and remain debt-free.
This fund helps protect your financial stability if you lose your job, your car breaks down, the air conditioner dies in the heat of the summer, or something else happens that sticks you with an unexpected expense. Accelerate your retirement savings by increasing your contribution up to the amount your employer matches. You just need to follow the steps and the results will follow. Whatever you do, from whatever background you have come from and wherever you are right now, you can become prosperous.

It is better to use tithing for spiritual and educational scholarships, training people for new skills and supply projects. If you use most of your income to pay for the loans and installments, there will be no money for savings, tithing and fun.
Don’t go on a shopping spree to celebrate; use these tips for life after debt to help you stay on track and live a responsible, fun debt-free lifestyle. Automate your savings to this fund by establishing or increasing the percentage of your paycheck or a specific dollar amount into a savings account.
You just need to have a clear target, intention and plan and make yourself follow certain instructions. Even if you have a strong desire and you use several techniques such as visualization technique to achieve your dream, if you are not karmically entitled, you will not achieve it. In this way many people can get benefited. And remember that when you tithe you also should be willing to receive. If you just wan to give, give and give but never willing to receive the prosperity energy cannot flow to your life.

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