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Sometimes even modern pregnancy tests can get it wrong, giving false negative or positive results. One minute they're contentedly snuggled in the sanctuary of their mum's tummy, and the next they arrive into an overwhelming reality of lights, cameras and action. For women trying to encourage their partners to take more interest in fatherhood, it could be the ultimate incentive. I mean, I know it's natural to be carrying all this extra weight after a baby and human reproduction is wonderful and I should be glad and grateful and rah-rah-bloody-rah, but let me tell you it's no fun to look in the mirror and survey the damage. We were sitting outside a surf club in Queensland wearing dripping wet swimmers and soggy towels, waiting for our kiosk food to arrive. She was my ex's Mum, an excellent lady with grandkids running around everywhere – and we were hanging out during one of those perfect Aussie summers. When I think about those women doing the grocery shopping and picking up the kids in their active wear, I have nothing but admiration.
When Tracy Ryan began feeling nauseous and unusually tired in December last year, it wasn't long until she had an inkling at what might be going on. Government did not extend compensation to fathers despite offers to mothers of babies whose deaths were potentially preventable. After Rosie ate a piece of cake baked with xylitol, Christine was more annoyed than concerned. We've seen a few young kids regretting their sneaky DIY haircuts, but this little guy might take the crown of worst cut yet. At 36 weeks pregnant most women are putting their feet up and getting some much needed rest, but not Chontel Duncan.

Thermomix owners - and ex-owners - have spoken in support of a West Australian woman who suffered second-degree burns after her appliance apparently malfunctioned. A coroner has warned about the dangers of leaving children unattended in bath seats after the drowning death of a little boy. It's a tradition to celebrate a baby's first birthday because it's considered such an important milestone.
The uptake of parental leave in Australia remains very low, despite evidence that shows that everyone benefits. We all struggle with our confidence at times, but it’s how we respond to those moments that really makes the difference! There were side orders of hot chips, promises of ice-cream, and the late-afternoon sun was lengthening the shadows.
My youngest baby is six weeks old and my body is kind of mushy and soft, like a cheap pillow that's been run through the wash.
Swimming is gentle and appealing exercise and I can probably get away with no one noticing a bit of low-key lactating. Those outfits show EVERYTHING, and if the sudden need arises to do weights or sprint to the shops, they're wearing the right gear.
It’s a complete waste of time to worry over what others think of you or what they say about you.
But in spite of my feminism and my commitment to my own positive body image, (particularly in front of my daughters), it can be a downer when the lady in the mirror is so different from the one I want to see. It keeps people from doing their best work, from reaching out to the perfect prospective client, from charging what they’re worth for their services.

I leak breast milk at unpredictable times, like when taxi drivers can't find the airport or whenever Liam Hemsworth appears onscreen during the 'Hunger Games' movies. But there has to be a point where we really believe we tried our best and our outcome is not only good enough, but that it’s actually great! Is the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE casually watching from afar to make sure you don't have any rogue lard lumps?
So today, write down 2 things that will get you out of your comfort zone, either personally or professionally. Too often we won’t try something unless we believe we will do it absolutely perfectly. Well that’s just not going to happen in every situation, so get over that perfectionism and get out of your comfort zone! We have to remember that we are each on our own paths and we can’t let others knock us down or push us off the path or we will never become all we were meant to be!
So you have to put your shoulders back, hold your head high, and pretend you’re wearing a crown! You have to stride confidently into a room, look people in the eye, and act like you are the world’s best at what you do. It’s an odd thing, but even just projecting confidence will actually make you feel more confident about yourself.

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