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Anything that’s left over in your plastic grocery bag (food wrappers, cash receipts you don’t care about, and so on,) is now garbage that gets recycled or thrown away.
If I sort through the items in my purse once a week, it really is easy to stay on top of it. Cleaning out my bag and I just found some cute pumpkin erasers I used as BINGO markers in a fall activity in Sunday school. The strangest thing I found in my purse though when I switched on Saturday was a rock I grabbed to throw at a pigeon. Okay, I found a dried, swirveled up, petrified french fry in an inside pocket and I haven’t eaten french fries in months! Ever since I had babies and started carrying a diaper bag (28 years ago) I can’t leave the house without every object necessary to sustain life. I cleaned out my purse and nothing too strange, other than the fact I keep underwear in my purse (kids underwear not mine). OK, I recently cleaned out my purse (before the challenge) and I found a Babel Light Laughing Cow Cheese Round, completely wrapped and in tact – I am guessing it was in there about 3 or 4 weeks. I cleaned out my purse on Friday and threw away a couple handful of receipts that could be lived without.
Powered by DataLife Engine © 2014 - We do not host any files on our server, all files are hosted on the Internet. November 15, 2015 by Tabitha Dumas Leave a Comment Are you ready to have a peaceful Christmas with less stress? In fact, December 26th has become my favorite day of the year because you get to sit back in your new pajamas, eat leftover breakfast casserole and enjoy the fruits of your labor!
We can do this together through my Facebook page where I’ll post some ideas and my projects, or better yet in my Take One Step Facebook group for a more personal touch. Start off by making a list of the areas in your home that need to be cleaned and organized. If you schedule a little bit of time for cleaning, you will be much more likely to actually follow through.
Cleaning can get pretty boring, so it may help to do a little cleaning while you are doing something else.
It’s hard to think of cleaning and fun in the same sentence, however, with a little imagination you can turn your drudgery into something enjoyable. It’s a lot easier to get working when you know there is a reward waiting for you at the end. They say that Cortez burned his ships at the beginning of his conquests, to motivate his men and take away any alternatives.

I was sitting down with a couple of young, got-it-together moms, brainstorming areas of the house that they needed help with getting organized. Oh I remember the days of stepping on Barbie’s shoes and seeing my living room covered in car tracks. As you are sorting through toys, realize that the reason they are often so hard to organize if there are probably plenty of things that your kids no longer use floating around in there.
When you are done with this process, you will have a bag of things to recycle, a bag of trash (how did garbage get into the kids toy box? Oh – and to keep track of all those Birthdays and other special celebrations, for members of my Facebook Page you can download a year of beautiful calendars to track.
This is also when I go through receipts I’ve carefully placed in my wallet (or, more likely, the ones I’ve quickly thrown into my purse…) and random notes or other pieces of paper.
Just grab a grocery bag and start sorting while you’re waiting for your kids to get out of band practice or while you’re on the phone with your mom. I recommend you keep in your wallet only cash, receipts, checkbook, and credit, debit, and gift cards. When I stepped outside the door, the pigeon flew off and I must have just slipped the rock in my purse.
I just got a new zebra purse for my birthday and had to clean out my old purse to put things in the new one. I don’t know that I found anything all that strange, but I certainly found a lot of suckers and toy cars! My passion is inspiring and encouraging women to offer their best gifts to the world--whole-istically, confidently and strategically--and look good doing it. There is a seemingly endless list of demands in life that keeps us busy and there are plenty of things we would rather do when we actually get a break.
If you really want some motivation to get your home in order, you can try the same strategy (without burning anything!) Plan an event at your house and invite your friends. Well, when it comes to cleaning up your home and getting organized that may not always be true. The toys seemed to take a life of their own and movie around at night after I’d cleaned them up. Your daughter who keeps a vet office worth of stuffed animals has different needs than your so who collects Matchbox Cars. I use these in conjunction with my stockpile of birthday and anniversary cards to stay on top of sending a little love. If you’re away from home while you’re sorting, just put these items into another bag to put away when you get home.

Everything goes into one of those three pouches or into your wallet (or in rare cases, onto your key chain). I just want you to have a clean purse that is functional and doesn’t give you a hernia. I actually have a small portfolio that I organize my receipts in and go over them at the end of the month!!!
I didn’t find anything good at all in my purse although I did notice my wallet had fallen out in the car. These women are looking for help that takes into account their free-spirited outlook while providing tips and tricks they can easily follow to live a more organized life.Kathi Lipp, author of The Husband Project and other "project" books, is just the author to address this need.
Read the blog, find me on social media, attend a gathering or come on over to my home studio for a MakeUpdate.
It can be really hard to fit cleaning into a busy schedule and even harder to get motivated to actually do it.
Just having a list can be motivating, however, each time you cross an item off your list, you will feel good about what you’ve accomplished and more motivated to cross other items off. 15 minutes may not seem like much, but it is much easier to commit to than a bigger chunk of time and a whole lot better than doing nothing. For example, why not fold a little laundry while you are watching TV or tidy up the kitchen while you are talking on the phone. Probably the simplest reward you can offer yourself at the end of your hard work is a clean and organized home.
Once the invitations are out, you are guaranteed to find greater powers of motivation to get things cleaned and organized.
If all else fails and you have some extra cash, you can always hire someone to do the cleaning and help you get organized.
My purse isn’t usually too cluttered but we did have a busy MOPS meeting today so I threw everything into my purse on my way out to pick up my girls. Getting started is often the hardest part of any task, so once you get started, you will likely continue cleaning for longer than 15 minutes.
I am using a version of your three pouches– I have one with a ribbon attached that holds my cell phone and my daily notebook so I can find them quickly. Even if you stop after just 15 minutes, at least you got something done and kept your good habit going.

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