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It’s Becky from Organizing Made Fun and if you resolved to get organized in 2015, welcome!
Schedule – I love schedules, especially when it comes to keeping as little cleaning for me to do as possible.
Find a Friend – You may need a helpful friend to keep you accountable for getting your house organized and picked up. Don’t Be Perfect – If you tend to be a perfectionist, you may feel it must be perfect or you don’t do it at all. Corporate names & trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective companies.
I keep seeing ideas and checklists all over Pinterest and Facebook for decluttering your home but they require you to do something every day or once a week.
Spring is almost here, so what better way than to get prepared than by doing a little Spring cleaning? I know our kids love to play with their toys, but how much of your child’s toys do they actually play with? Not all of us clean our refrigerators on a regular basis, so what better time than when you are doing your Spring cleaning to clean your fridge and rid it of old, out of date foods, sauces, etc.
Check Out My Interview on Operation Cubicle PodcastRecently, I was interviewed by Agent Jackson on his Operation Cubicle Podcast.
Kristin Bertilson, owner of Queen B Organizing, with some of the products she uses to organize your home or business. Start with a simple 15 minutes a day of cleaning schedule to keep you from losing your mind over trying to keep the house clean. I *know* that my home will never be perfect, and no matter how I try, there will be things that disappoint me about it (darn apartments!), but that doesn’t mean that I can’t try and make it as best as I can!

I just can’t commit to doing something every day or week so I came up with a more generic checklist that covers every area in my house that I can do whenever I have time. It’s all about making your space free of disorder and chaos, so that you can live a more stress-free and organized existence. I’m in the full throes of Operation Declutter myself and I feel like tremendous weights have been lifted. Declutter your car of papers, receipts, trash, and other items that shouldn’t probably be in your vehicle. Take the time to go through your kid’s toys and box up the ones they no longer use or have grown out of. Now you can finally see what you are looking for without having to move out-of-date food around. Clean up your inbox by taking a few minutes daily and unsubscribing from those e-newsletters and mailing lists that you never read.
We understand that most people work for a living, so we are focused on giving you informative articles that can help you juggle work, life, and everything in between. Time to question your thinking, “I might need this someday!” All year long I’ve stared at that cluttered basement–wrapping paper everywhere, half-emptied boxes scattered over the floor, bins of “stuff” that need to be sorted and no sense of order. Everyone can clear it out, one step at a time – just start by taking 15 minutes a day to donate, toss, or clean up. Nothing keeps you motivated to get your home picked up and decluttered like having people over a LOT.
Perfectionism tends to cause procrastination – and neither is going to help get your home organized.
After 5 years and thousands of ideas, I realize I'll never be able to check them all off my list.

You can easily browse your favorite store online, and get this—most stores have their most recent catalog available for download on their site! Read my article on Time to Play for tips on what to do with the toys that you are getting rid of.
These emails do nothing but clog up your email and can delay your attention to important emails you need to respond to. This site is for those of you who like to get the best out of both worlds-personally and professionally.
With a clean inbox, life is so much better (also scrub your social networking followers on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I would bet that most of you end up not even looking at the catalog, and before you know it, another one comes in the mail, then another one. Sometimes, just looking at it all feels overwhelming and I don’t even want to begin the task! They will also become such a blessing when they are older – believe me, my kids are so helpful now and do all their own laundry. Box these items up and hold a Garage Sale, or donate them to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or a non-profit in your area. How to not get distracted when organizing or working & how to stop your attention from waning.

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