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Filed Under: General, Most Popular, Organizing, Organizing, Reader Questions About the Author"Hi I'm Anna! Make sure you have Hoarders or Clean Sweep on in the background- seeing those kinds of rooms always makes me want to clean up and get organized!!! In this column, I'm going to share some tips about going paperless for your notes at work or school, but first, I have to tell you why being organized is like dieting.
A diet is nothing more than a set of rules to help you make choices, but you must follow those rules and act on them a certain percentage of the time for it to work.
You have to look to the rules for answers, decision-by-decision, day after day, until there are enough of them on the right side of the equation to get you to your goal. Trying to keep up with the house, work, kids and all of the extra-curricular actives in the household can be a daunting task.
If you are looking for ways to get organized, or feel overwhelmed by the thought, don't worry!
A Monthly To Do List: Looking at your Master list, decide which of those things you want to finish in the next month, and create a monthly to do list. A Daily To Do List:  Every morning, it's a great idea to make a daily to do list, and jot down what you hope to accomplish that day, along with any other appointments or obligations. Bank Statements:  Retain for 1 year, unless they were used for a tax return filing, in which case, you will keep them for as long as the tax return is kept.
Make sure to shred any documents that contain personal information, like social security numbers, date of birth, or any other information that you don't want strangers knowing.
Sign up for our weekly newsletters for new articles sent right to your inbox plus get a free copy of my Gardening and Preserving Journal, just for signing up! These are really awesome tips and I completely agree that making list of the things always helpful.
On shredding old insurance policies, I would suggest saving a digital copy of a homeowner or business insurance policy. Please respect the copyright of this site, all articles absolutely cannot be used without permission and a link back to Little House Living.

You may need to get a house sitter for your dogs or children while you travel for ministry…your home will need to be clean. I am going to make a board for all the things I want to get organized and go step by step to get it done. If you don't follow the diet and exercise plan to a tee, you can very well still succeed (except maybe in the case of Atkins). We have some easy ways to get organized that will help the process seem easy and manageable.
To Do Lists: Creating a couple To Do Lists can help you keep track of everything you have going on.
Writing these things down and checking your list periodically throughout the day will help you optimize your time and keep you on track.
Assign a Set Cleaning Time: Having a clean home can do wonders to achieving a peaceful mind. The way you strewed all the information is good to know and can be good to use.I like the organizing part so I need to be reminded of this over and over. I have experienced many time that listing the things and important tasks helped be to get rid of messes that I would have made if I hadn’t listed the things . Losses may arise after the fact, and without proof of the policy, it is not likely that the insurance company will be forthcoming with a replacement copy.
I love to hear from you and love when you are able to add something constructive to the conversation! Because of where your gifts are taking you, you will need to be able to move through your house with ease…not with clutter. Eating one cookie won't staunch your success, you just have to outnumber the cookie on the one side with the decisions that are in your favor on the other.
Maybe it was mailing a present in the mail and having to pay extra to get it shipped in time.
Life is much more efficient and productive when you have a clean space and an organized mind.

Fears of identity theft, a cluttered mail box, and also the fact it saves trees were contributors in this decision. Whether that's learning how to cook from scratch, checking out creative ways to save money, and learn how to live simply.
Anyone who has tried to lose weight or struggled to maintain weight knows that success has almost nothing whatsoever to do with calorie calculations, and everything to do with the hundreds of choices you make each day.
You don't have to counteract the effects of one cookie so much as you have balance total goal-oriented actions against total contrary actions. Whenever it was… I finalized realized I was throwing money out the window by not being organized.
The Federal Trade Commission explains how to do it safely, online, for 5 years or permanently. LHL reserves the right to delete any personal attacks, rude or offensive language, or anything not deemed family friendly.
At least now we have a bedroom floor and all of my fiance’s socks are corraled and the only thing on the floor are our laundry baskets.
I recommend going through your house and writing down every space that needs a bit of organization, and then adding those items to your Master To Do List.
Having a plan and ingredients on hand will save you time and stress while trying to figure out what to make for dinner. It took a couple of months for it to fall into place, but I haven’t seen one offer since.
Make sure to keep in touch by contacting me with questions and signing up for site newsletters. Cumulatively, it's the answers and resulting actions to all these tiny choices that tip the scale.

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