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Have you had to pay a late fee on a bill because it was buried under a pile of papers and you didn’t find it until 2 weeks after the due date?
I could make a list a mile long explaining why it pays to get organized, but I think you are getting my point.
One of my pet peeves is how little importance we put on our homes and taking care of them and our family compared to how much importance we put on the outside world. Before we start puffing up our chests with pride because we aren’t that bad, consider how many of us have trash cans full and running over or desks and tables piled with junk mail and magazines that should be thrown out? We protest and carry on about how we are destroying the environment that we will be passing on to our children and grandchildren, but what about our children’s present environment? We get overly involved in church, community and things outside of our homes because they provide great excuses for not taking care of our main responsibility — the care of our families and homes. To add to their confusion even more, they are told to pick up after themselves as they watch mom and dad leave their own shoes laying in the living room where they took them off, along with empty pop cans, dirty dishes, and magazines. Anytime you try to improve yourself there is the chance that, at first, it will not come easy and you will be tempted to throw up your hands and quit. One of the main excuses we use for not getting organized is we don’t know where to start.
Finally, I decided I needed to practice what I preached and, using sheer grit, I made up my mind to clean off just my fireplace mantle. Get It absolutely free, along with weekly tips and recipes delivered directly to your inbox!
Yikes, I guess I better get off this computer, (although your articles and website are slightly addicting) and get to sorting that pile of papers next to it.
Jill, What about when you have older children (22, 16, 13) who have had to do chores since they were 2, but still leave messes everywhere? I have always said the person who comes up with the answer to this question Debbie would be a billionaire instantly. With kids as old as yours and with your husband thrown in you may have sit them all down and (not in anger) tell them what it is doing to you. Sometimes it’s just a matter of if someone wants to go do something fun then you say great but no one is leaving this house until the kitchen is cleaned, laundry done or what ever.
One other thing that helped with my teen son and husband was I would write a specific list of things I needed done down on paper and left it on the table for them to read. But it is also like you said part of it is you just need to be constantly training them and realize there is going to be a certain amount of reasonable messiness. Create domestic bliss, spring clean, get stylish, and cook up a treat with the gracious, Brini Maxwell. French artist, Nathalie Lecroc paints the contents of handbags in her project Antholegy de Sac.
You can find out more about Jennifer on her website, pick up a copy of her book from the My Craftivity Shop or join in her 2009 Organize Challenge. Snippets is the free online magazine from Cut Out + Keep featuring the best in indie & DIY.
Exploring the worlds of music, fashion, art & craft, our writers cover the things they love and we're always on the hunt for new contributors. If you'd like to take part or just have an idea for a cool story we should cover, get in touch! This year is off to a great start!  My new Filofax planner has taken my organization to new levels…and that’s an awesome thing when you’re trying to balance a family, homeschooling, an Etsy shop and blogging.  I’m sure you have your own list of things you juggle on a daily basis, and you might be looking for a couple new ways to handle it all. There are a few different sizes but this one is easier for me to write in…I write kinda big!  Some people even use more than one so they can keep one in their purse and one at home.  Whatever works! Can you tell I love sticky notes??  I always have a few sizes available and there’s plenty of room for them now. I’ll show you the rest of my planner and how I customized it to organize my world with just a few supplies. I have tabs along the side and top of some of my most used sections.  A little washi tape and a label maker made it easy. Since this photo I’ve been adding important dates and birthdays.  Do you like kraft paper?  There’s something about it that makes me happy. I simply stick it to a page in the right section of my planner and leave it there until I do it.  Then, I toss it!  This keeps me from having a long running list with lines all through it looking all messy. I’ll share more of this planner in the future.  I just had to show it off while it’s super fresh and ready to organize my world.
Do you have a special system that works for you?  Do you use a planner like my awesome Filofax?? I also make some of my own bits, one being my front cover (or dashboard) made from lace printed vellum. I’ve been looking, looking, looking at all of the wonderful Filofax pins on Pinterest and got a bit overwhelmed.
Working on my planner (following your ideas) and thought I’d let folks know I bought an adjustable 6 hole punch.
About the puncher you have mentioned, the reviews say it does not do a good job for Filofax A5. I love being organized like this, but is it ever a pain in the butt to use these books when you’re left handed! Because it's impossible to stay on top of everything going on without writing things down, people are getting inundated with more and more paper every day. Even many of the PDA's (personal digital assistants) and software programs available, are of very little help.
It took some time, but after researching, tweaking, testing and evaluating, I was finally able to develop a system that I'm thrilled to say is easy-to-use, comprehensive, organized and low-priced! I am using the chore chart for my family to see what needs to be done and see what I've done so far.
In section 2 of the Easy Organizer, the Daily Planner helps me to say, ‘No, I don't have time for that.’ I can see how my day is going to go. As I mentioned earlier, most planners on the market offer a calendar, and a few very basic forms, such as a To Do list and a calendar. Then, the makers of these products make even more money off of you, since you have to keep purchasing expensive refill pages. The average hand-held computers on the market cost a few hundred dollars--I've seen some for $500 and $700. On the other hand, the Get Organized Now!™ Easy Organizer is the most complete planning and organizing system available on the market.

In fact, if you buy the digital version, you can print your own pages right on your own printer. In 1996, I moved to Wisconsin, and founded Get Organized Now!™ I have literally helped thousands of individuals and businesses get organized since then. You won't believe how organized you'll be when you start using your Get Organized Now!™ Easy Organizer! We're so sure you'll love the Get Organized Now!™ Easy Organizer that it comes with a 60-Day Money Back guarantee. If you don't feel the Get Organized Now!™ Easy Organizer has delivered everything we promised, then we don't want to keep your money.
So often we go out to eat because our kitchens are such messes it is impossible to cook in them.
How often do you have to pay fines on your taxes because your paperwork is so disorganized? We get all up in arms about air pollution, yet most homes have more polluted air inside them than the air outside. The garlic, onions or fish stuck on the dirty dishes piled in your sink and all over your counters.
I think one woman I knew, decided to make her home a landfill to save the city’s landfill. Have you ever noticed how, if you ask your child to do something, he moans and groans and makes all kinds of excuses, but if a neighbor or a friend asks him to do the same job he willingly does it? I don’t totally agree with that but I do know that every generation of children has its own different kinds of stress.
Instead of concentrating on teaching our children so much about the environment and world peace, we should work harder at giving them a loving, orderly and peaceful home to grow up in.
The kids are told to clean up the mess they left in the kitchen when, right next to it, are the things dad left out when he fixed his sandwich and the pile of un-rinsed dirty dishes mom left on the counter.
Moving, in and of itself, is a chaotic mess but, to add to the chaos, their septic system failed the week they moved in.
I’m just saying be careful not to make your home and the care of your family a low priority on your list.
We can become so overwhelmed that it can actually paralyze us mentally so that we can’t figure out what to do. While I was doing that, I noticed some other things in other areas that I didn’t want to forget to box up, so I started gathering those things together. Next, I’ll give you some specific tips to make your cleaning and organizing efficient and painless! I KNOW I have staples for the stapler somewhere and I refuse to go buy more until I get this cleaned up, because they are probably under there! You would be amazed at how sometimes just telling your family what they are doing is hurting you and you just can’t do it any more will cause your family to step up to the plate. For some reason they responded to the written list better then to me nagging and telling what I wanted them to do. I know of a well known woman who teaches how to get organized and she has these detailed schedules of what should be done each day and she has helped a lot of people but I have also talked to people who have gotten frustrated with her method because she implies you should be able to have a perfectly clean house and get these thing done everyday but the catch is she has no little kids at home and is older. I never had to remember because like you said they were always more the willing to remind each other.
Again, I don't like to procrastinate so I start early so that it is almost done by the time spring gets here.
If you don't let go of these things you leave little room for new or things to come into your life.
I am literally elbow deep in post-its, hole punches and various pages and such as I put together my 2014 planner. I also make ‘pocket’ pages out of fancy cardstock to hold loose notes and coupons!
I have a planner that looks like a filofax and I have been wanting to decorate the pages with washi tapes and all but I’m worried I might get addicted to decorating the pages and not actually get anything done in my to-do lists haha!
Whether you are single, married, raising a family, have your own business, or are a stay-at-home mom, there are a lot of tasks to do, and so many things to remember. You have to make a grocery list, so you scribble down a few items and stick the list on the fridge.
One day I timed how long it took her to enter a name, address and phone number into the device--over 7 minutes!
Even though I am at home all day, I want my daughters to know how to do laundry and learn to keep a neat home and environment for family and friends to see!
That's not worth the amount of money most of these planners go for--some $50, some $100, some even more than that! You can simply copy them on your own copy machine, or get them copied at your local office supplies store. To start, I worked for 10 years with Dun and Bradstreet’s Nielsen Media Research in New York City as an organizing and management specialist. Now when my husband says, ‘What am I suppose to do today?’ I say look in the Easy Organizer.
Knowing where to find things right away and having a very simple way of entering the info--many kinds, in many forms--is such a relief. Keeping in mind that going out to eat is one of the leading causes of debt, you can see how just having a clean organized kitchen can help save a lot of money. But all too often, we think nothing of leaving empty food wrappers, pop cans, and assorted papers everywhere at home. It is so much easier to think about the future than to deal with the reality of the present. Years ago most moms had to work in the fields or factories for 12 hours a day 6-7 days a week with no paid vacations or holidays. You can say no to all those extra kids activities or to the extra things that others ask you to do. It too is hard to answer this question with out knowing what all has been tried and other things about the situation. We get in habits, routines and ruts with out realizing it and until someone (usually mom) collapses or has a nervous break down nothing changes. She also says she didn’t start keeping her house clean until her one child was grown.
The son born on odd date cleans it out on odd days and even day son does his on the even days.

There are some things I wait for - like cleaning the carpets when I can open the windows but most of it can be done early. I’m leaning toward the one that opens up to each seven day week (I like to view the entire week in front of me). And because of these I created a shop on etsy for printable planners =) You can take a look if you want: Sorocashop. I spoke to customers, family, friends and associates to find out what would make their lives easier. I think every home manager should go to her Easy Organizer every day and see what comes next. Throughout my tenure, I managed the data analysis department, worked with hundreds of television stations and advertising agencies, and developed effective, productive systems for my clients and staff. Have you bought something very expensive and used it once, only to have it break, but you couldn’t find the receipt to return it?
I can tell you 101 ways to get organized but if you don’t get up and do it, it will have been a waste of my time and yours. Then there’s the mold growing in those towels that are piled on the bathroom floor and, by the way, could all that stuff on a dirty toilet be making the house smell bad? Many of us also leave piles of old newspapers and magazines laying around from one end of the house to the other. She had no less than twenty milk jugs and piles of empty cans and cereal boxes thrown on the floor. If a child is raised in this type of atmosphere, he will have a better chance of growing up to be an unselfish, loving and responsible adult who will naturally be concerned for the world outside of his home, too. After reading it, she decided the best thing she could for her family was to put them up for adoption. Then they had to come home, do the laundry with no washer and dryer, prepare 3 meals a day from scratch and clean and sew most of their family’s clothes. Make a list of what needs to be done and then let the kids and dad pick, choose, and decide who does what and let them come up with ideas of consequences when the jobs don’t get done.
Also once you find something that works, if things after awhile start going back to a mess again it may mean it is time to change to another method.
By the time the nice weather gets here I am ahead of the spring cleaning game and ready to enjoy the nice weather.
After checking the Filofax pricing, I think I’ll go back to Walmart and buy the boring black one I had in mind.
Right now, I’m using a spiral bound organizer, but I like the binder so I could add in my own pages.
I’m inspired to go back to the paper system that always made me feel on top of things!! I get all my paper on etsy from a swell shop called Kiddy Qualia… not only are her products top-notch, the shop owner is a doll.
So here are some things for you to think about and hopefully help motivate you to get started. Did I mention the dirty laundry piled everywhere, the neglected cat box and the piles of smelly diapers that haven’t made it to the trash can? We need to get serious about making our family’s well being at home our top priority.
Children can much more easily deal with what happens in their outside world if they have comfort and peace at home. We can’t always have control over the world outside of our homes, but we can make their lives easier by giving them positive environments inside our homes.
If you are ill, if you have a new baby or 4 children under the age of 5, if you have a child or spouse that is ill or if you are in the middle of moving, your housekeeping standards cannot be as high as say a woman who lives alone with no children.
Just be careful that you don’t allow yourself to use different excuses to keep from doing it.
In the same way that you expect your kids to just say no to drugs, you also need to refuse to give in to peer pressure. I always say God had a reason for giving us our kids for 18 years at least because He knew that until one day before their 18th birthday we would still be training them and sometimes then they don’t get it.
Don’t do it in anger but just in a matter of fact tone of voice that says this is just the way it is going to be period. As long as you have kids at home there will be some amount of struggle in keeping things pulled together. You want to keep track of the movies you want to see, or the books you want to read--another sheet of paper. People get angry at the president because there isn’t world peace, but how can you expect there to be peace in the world if your own family is living in conflict and chaos all the time. We were able to get the pictures hung, the furniture arranged and some knick knacks in place. Just say no when others ask you to do something that you know you don’t have time for. When an area of my home or office starts to seem to cluttered I get into what I like to call "Hoe Out Mode".
If you forget about it then let it go.What about people who live in a shared space with other messy people or kids? A friend gives you an email address on a sticky note that is now attached to your computer monitor. Planners with nothing more than a calendar, To Do list and maybe an area to jot down some birthdays. I am a minimalist so I don't have a lot of knick knacks but I still need to declutter on a regular basis.
There are always clothes and toys my kids have outgrown, or files that are outdated, papers I no longer need etc.How do you keep track of your to-do's? They feel less burdened by their clutter and more energized when they are done.Do they manage to stay organized first time round?
Studies have shown that children that are taught to be organized will grow up to lead more productive lives.And finally, advice for staying organized at work?

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