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Credit + Disclosure+ All images posted on the Justina Blakeney Blog are taken by me, or otherwise credited with source. If I can make those seven things happen this year, I know I’ll be on my way to a more organized situation at home (and my studio!!) which would make everything a halluva lot easier.
I totally get people thinking that you’re organized simply because you work in home decor. Don’t over schedule yourself – plan time before your meetings to prepare, and plan time after to review and add to your notes.
Choose the right person for the job – If there is a project that is spending too much time on your list of things to do, it may be because it’s outside of your skill set.
Choose the right time of day for the task – if you have a project that requires a lot of focus, choose to work on it during a time of day that you are less likely to be interrupted. Reward yourself – when your priority items are complete, reward yourself with something you enjoy, perhaps a walk around the block. That being said, don’t only take breaks when you’ve completed a task, if you lose motivation on a task, take a break and come back to it with fresh eyes. Build time into every day to focus – shut off your phone, turn off your email, and review the projects you’re working on. And most of all – if your quest to be more organized for 2013 falls off the rails, don’t give up. That's a question I ask my colleagues and friends every so often to get ideas for this column. If I were to write a beginner's guide to getting organized, it would lead off with one absolutely essential piece of advice: Break down your projects into smaller pieces. The real secret to being organized is figuring out how to get yourself to do the actions that are necessary for the organization to take place and continue going forward.
The positive and actionable goal focuses on what you want to be able to do ("find emails quickly"). Keep track of all your to-do lists for a week at a time with these colorful printables from Artsy-Fartsy Mama. If small-scale organization is on your list of resolutions, then these color labels from Craftaholics Anonymous are perfect for you. This is an example of a widgeted area that you can place text to describe a particular product or service. When teens get to middle school and high school, it becomes crucial that they know how to organize their own school work and home work. Maybe some of you have taken to google or pinterest to find the answer to getting more organized. To begin, take some time (a few days or more) to write it all down and figure out the main overarching categories. You get the idea, but what’s important here is to remember that getting organized takes a little work up front.

Setting a deadline and meeting it because you dissected it into small tasks gives you a sense of accomplishment. As with anything you want to work for, it’s about setting goals, breaking them down into tasks and then getting it done. That having been said, I do occasionally use contextual affiliate links which means I may receive a commission on sales of some products that are linked to. Sit down on it to take shoes off, and slip the shoes underneath on the shelf to keep them organized. I covered these glass canisters in a pretty fabric so that so matter what’s inside, they still look visually cohesive and more like a decor elements than a  storage bins. I recently moved around my apartment (moved my bedroom from the upstairs to the downstairs) just so that my clothes hamper would be closer to the washing machine. With a 14 month old, 2 dogs, a cat, and a husband that has no idea how to put anything away, it is up to me to keep the house…manageable. Although a little different, people seem to think that because I am a perfectionist that A. If there are action items you are responsible for, make note of them and build them into your schedule.
We all start out thinking we’ve discovered the ideal way to get organized, and then find that it’s just not working. You have to be able to define the actions—and that's what breaking down a goal is all about. The goal seen through a negative slant just restates the problem that your email is messy and you're unhappy about it.
I seem to have multiple planners going all the time and would love if I could consolidate into one! I have been reading your blog for about a year now and I have to tell you how excited I am when I see your email in my inbox !
You can also use other WordPress widgets such as recent posts, recent comments, a tag cloud or more. Giving them a spot in their room to organize their papers is a great way to keep it out of the other places in the house.
And in the process of doing that I’m sure you found a lot of answers, ideas, theories and all those pictures.
If you want to be more organized and stay organized, it’s about setting goals, breaking down the goals into small tasks and then being consistent by following a system you set in place.
This tends to be the hot spot in any home no matter what time of year, but especially in January as we come down from our holiday high and head into tax season.
And to keep you motivated, breaking down the big main category into smaller tasks will not only move you in the direction of your goal, but also keep you motivated. If you’re feeling the lack of motivation (we all do sometimes!), consider recruiting a friend and tackle your clutter together.

Love the ideas of breaking it down, focus on one room a month and not shocking your system all at once.
With exception of images of my daughter, feel free to use images from my blog for non-commercial use, but please link back to my blog and credit this source, and other sources, appropriately. I think the key to keeping organized for me is to have a spot for everything, and for that spot to be easily accessible.
Keep only the two to three pairs of shoes that are in current rotation in this spot, and the rest out of sight in a closet or shoe storage. Baskets are also great for collection magazines or loose change, plus I just love the look of them. I don’t want this to make me sound incredibly lazy, but I figure that if we can make thing easier for ourselves, why not? Along comes a few too many hectic days in a row and there goes my clean desk and perfectly planned week. Once you have your main categories listed, break down each of them into doable, realistic, small tasks. I have learned to no do that unless I know I have time to waste and I'm really looking for inspiration.
The minute it becomes annoying to put my clothes in a hard-to-reach (or hard to open) hamper, my clothes end up in a mountain on a chair. This year, it is a goal of mine to not only get organized, but to procrastinate less and take the extra 30 seconds to actually put something into its rightful place.
I’ve been looking at the cards I’ve gotten over the years and the other day I was thinking about how they were taking up space and that I should probably get rid of them, only to be held back by the thought that those were special messages written in those cards! Figure out what your teen has a lot of, and find a storage solution to get things off of surfaces, and into a permanent home. The minute I have to go out of my way to put my shoes in my closet when I get home from work, the more likely they are to just remain on the floor right where I took them off. Of course, I will likely keep a select few, but now, I will take pictures of most of them and toss the others. If you tend to work faster and want to get it done, break it down over one week’s time by giving yourself one job each day. Maybe at the end of the month, when you’ve tackled one main goal heading, treat yourself to a girl’s night out to celebrate your success! Given all of this, when Target asked for me to come up with some tips for home organization I thought this was the perfect time to actually think about what I could do for myself (at my studio and at home) that might really change messy habits that I’m in. Do you spend 20 minutes or more hunting down an item that “I know I saw somewhere!”?

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